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Supercharge Your Magnificence?

And, What About Connecting Way More More Powerfully with Your Tribe You Know You Can Help Most, & Genuinely Contribute & ‘Make a Real Difference’
While Growing Your Business Abundantly at the Same Time?…


Does this sound like you?


images (25 x 21)Are You a Heart-Focused Entrepreneur,  or LightWorker & WayShower in Life Transformation fields, with a driving, compelling Purpose & Commitment to helping others really improve their lives? Do you have a strong desire to ‘Make a Difference’ & contribute to helping change our world?

images (25 x 21)   Do You find You struggle with expressing Your True, Unique & ‘Authentic’ Voice in What You Do?

images (25 x 21)   Do you feel challenged when it comes to describing or explaining what it is You actually do & offer?… You find you just can’t quite sum it all up in a nutshell’  & make it sound really enticing, powerful & awesome… 

images (25 x 21)   Are you uncertain how to ‘stand out’ from the crowd of others who provide similar offerings & services to You?

images (25 x 21)   Are you perplexed as to why you’re not reaching, finding & ‘attracting’ enough of the right type of clients who are an ideal match for what you offer, or even understand what you offer?

images (25 x 21)   Do you even know what it is that’s specifically ‘Unique’ about what You offer

Or maybe you do know, but you’re just unclear, & know something is still missing in the way you communicate your offering & message to others…You feel you’re not conveying it effectively enough in the way you’d really like to, or getting it through to those you tell it to, that has resonance & impact

You know you have amazing abilities to help others, & impact their lives positively. You see, experience & ‘feel’ your gifts & talents, energy & mere presence in their lives helps them to not only ‘feel better’, but you have the power to help them improve & heal their lives…

You know you’re capable of way more, & you feel called to step up, BE more, & DO more

You want to more powerfully step into Your ‘Authentic’ Purpose

You no longer want to just fade into a beige, colorless, nondescript, blancmange background or get lost in a faceless sea of others providing similar services.


Do You Want to Change All This, But Don’t Know How to Do It?


Would you really Like to ‘refresh’ & hit the ‘reset’ button in how you present What You Do, & genuinely stand out with Your ‘Offering’, Your Gifts, Your Special Message, to help others & the world?…


 If this Sounds & Feels Like YOU, then it’s Time for Your

‘Authenticity Breakthrough’ & Harness Your  One-of-a-Kind

‘Powerhouse’ Gift, bring it right upfront, & out into the open…


How I Can Help You…

My name is Kathy Baker & I help, guide & empower people just like you to gain greater Clarity & truly tap into their Authenticity’ & Uniqueness, & then support them in amplifying  their special ‘essence’ in what they do & offer to gain maximum Outcomes & Results, ‘attract’ all the ‘ideal’ Clients they desire, & live the life of their dreams

I totally understand it can be quite a challenge to convey to others exactly What You Do that really resonates, catches their attention, makes them really sit up & take notice, with wide eyes, completely captured, comprehending & ‘getting’ what you’re saying… And then to language & deliver it with real impact, punch, meaning & a blissful ‘zesty zing’… That also differentiates you from other similar service providers, & captures Your special individual ‘Unique’ touch, flavor & essence

It’s not easy to hit the ‘nail on the head’ & encapsulate how what You offer is, or may be, different to what others offer… You CAN get too close to what You do… perhaps a little myopic, or at least a little narrow & limited in your view or Vision of Yourself & What You Do & Offer

I’ve struggled with this too at earlier times in my journey… I discovered that it’s when I found My Own Unique ‘Authentic’ voice & True Core Self-Identity, with crystal clear clarity, that captured the ‘essence’ of me, that it all fell into place for me with ‘cut-through’… Everything became clearer, things started to unfold & happen organically, & I felt an empowering sense of Freedom, & a lifting of the blindfold or veil…

If this is how you’re feeling, then it’s time to get the blinkers off, & extend Your Vision to 20-20, or 360 degrees, without any limits, & no holds barred… 

If this resonates, then I invite You to access an Introductory Discovery Session (complimentary 30 minutes) to get a taster’ of what this ‘Breakthrough’ point could feel like, & potentially be for You
You can make a great start in this Introductory Discovery Session together with me & with my help & support…

In this Session, I will guide You & we will ‘deep-dive’ & laser focus in to find out how You can unravel, explore, capture & convey Your ‘Authentic’ Self & What You Offer to others, & the world, in the most captivating, compelling, honest & genuine way, with total Integrity, & what this can & will mean for You

This Session offers & will bring to you the benefits of my natural Intuitive & Transformation Coaching gifts, with the added bonus of my Communication & Connection gifts & expertise.

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