‘Self-Improvement Success Secrets’ Book Coming Soon on Amazon Kindle

SELF-IMPROVEMENT SUCCESS SECRETS - 11 Best-Ever Steps to SELF-COACH Yourself to Ultimate Success in LifeComing soon on Amazon Kindle is my new Book –

11 Best-Ever Steps to
Self-Coach Yourself to
Ultimate Success in Life

This Book combines Self-Coaching ‘processes’ used in Coaching (by Life, Personal and Business Coaches), combined with Energy Clearing and Reprogramming Techniques.

Law of Attraction Principles and Success Formulas, as well as information we’re learning from Neuroscience about how the brain works, are also incorporated throughout this Book.

The Self-Coaching ‘process’ outlined in this Book, arranged in an adaptable Step-By-Step fashion, provides a perfect, practical and beneficial blueprint for you to use and apply to achieve your desired changes and enhancements in areas of Your Life.  And importantly, to help you to step up to the next level in Your Life… >>> Continue reading “‘Self-Improvement Success Secrets’ Book Coming Soon on Amazon Kindle”

Take Action & Let Your Dreams Set Sail…

When you’ve put in the hard yards and done all your planning and preparation work, and you’re about to take it up a notch and kick everything into a higher gear by Taking Action and implementing your activities, I like to use this analogy with setting sail in your sailing boat…

The analogy is interesting in that, not only does it reflect where you’ve come from, and the good work you’ve put in so far, but it also brings you to where you find yourself right now…


And that is, you’re now ready to turn, point and focus yourself forward in the direction of taking the next practical steps to consolidate your progress thus far, Take Action to move forward even further, and ‘kick into high gear’.  You’re setting your sights and Vision for what you desire and the direction in which you’re heading, and casting, pointing and positioning yourself forward directly toward the Life you’re in the process of creating…

“So, pull up anchor, check your compass, set your sights to the horizon, steer your boat forward, and let Your Dreams set sail…” ~ Kathy Baker

The Amazing Power of the Success Journaling Habit

“Keeping a journal will absolutely change your life in ways you’ve never imagined.”
~ Oprah Winfrey

There are many great positive lessons to learn from the benefits of developing the Success Journaling Habit.  They are certainly powerful and persuasive.  Let’s have a look at some of them here.

Self-CoachingSuccessJournalIt’s a popularly acknowledged fact that Successful People use the Journaling Habit on a regular basis.  Success leaves clues, make no mistake…

They write down their Goals, make ongoing work-in-progress observations, and diligently measure their progress against accomplishing those Goals, whether successful or otherwise.

Having a crystal-clear overview of how they are progressing at all times allows them to see what is working, and what’s not working, with much greater clarity and precision.  >>> Continue reading “The Amazing Power of the Success Journaling Habit”

Believing in Yourself is Essential to Achieving Success

BELIEVE in YOURSELF that YOU CAN DO IT!!!  If you have a long-time DREAM clearly fixed in your mind, that’s firmly wedged in YOUR VISION, and you’re operating in the areas of YOUR PASSIONS, combined with a clear, rock solid ACTION PLAN, with tangible, actionable steps in place that you’ve switched on, or are about to launch, then YOU WILL get there and MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR YOU!!!  YOU WILL SUCCEED!!!


There are some further Key Secrets and vitally important Ingredients to bear in mind also. >>> Continue reading “Believing in Yourself is Essential to Achieving Success”

2015 is a No.8 YEAR – “A Year of “Infinite” Abundance and Prosperity”

2015 is a No.8 YEAR, which means “A Year of “Infinite” Abundance and Prosperity” (in Numerology)… But, there’s also SO much more…

While the No.8 is considered the number for Power and Money, it also stands firmly for “BALANCE”, Harmony and Equalization.

It also brings to us the important “INFINITY” element where we are being given endless, “INFINITE” possibilities to create new, desired experiences in both our Personal Lives, and for the Global Community at large, if we seize the opportunities…


This means that 2015 has the potential to help influence, resolve and “balance out” some of the imbalances in our Global environment… >>> Continue reading “2015 is a No.8 YEAR – “A Year of “Infinite” Abundance and Prosperity””

Is Coaching Right For You? Do You Need Help to Get to Your Next Level to Achieve Your Dreams?

Are you wanting to achieve more in your life – your career, your business, your health, your personal relationships?

Are you wanting to step up to your next level in your business?

Have you considered the benefits you will gain with the help of a Coach or Mentor to help you remove blocks and breakthrough to your next level?

YourSuccessMasteryNow is a Coaching Services Program, designed specifically to help you:

:-D   Get clear about what you want and desire…
:-D   Achieve the business you are passionate about creating or growing…
:-D   Unleash and harness your creativity from your Vision, Purpose and Passion…
😀   Identify and develop unique branding and visibility for yourself, and develop leadership abilities in your target market area…
😀   Learn Attraction Marketing strategies to attract the right people to you with ease and grace – no more chasing people…
😀   Learn Lead Generation Strategies and ‘soft-sell’ Sales Closing techniques to build your business much faster…
😀   Develop much more productive and satisfying relationships…
😀   Achieve a more balanced business and personal life…
😀   Establish healthy boundaries that put you in total charge of your life, what you do, and when you do it… >>> Continue reading “Is Coaching Right For You? Do You Need Help to Get to Your Next Level to Achieve Your Dreams?”

How Much Do You Want a Freedom Lifestyle Home Business?

How much do you want a Freedom Lifestyle Home Business?  One that gives you the Freedom to live the life you want and desire, just exactly the way you want it and dream about.


A Home Business that gives you the Freedom and Happiness you so desire, with the following reality:

😀  The Freedom to spend your time doing exactly what you want to do, when you want to do so, each and every day, and all on your own terms.
😀   The Creative Expression to craft a Home Business that excites you and is fuelled by your Passions, Life Purpose, talents and skills, and that enables you to provide “heart-based”, “value added” services to others.
😀   Achieve all the Success and Abundance you desire and deserve.
😀   Spend all the time you wish and need with your Family and Loved Ones, nurturing them, having Fun, and enjoying Life.
😀   Being able to work from any location around the world, with your Laptop, Digital and Mobile Lifestyle, while enjoying your holidays.
😀   Have plentiful resources to do all you want to do easily and effortlessly, and help others by “making a difference”, and “giving back”.

>>> Continue reading “How Much Do You Want a Freedom Lifestyle Home Business?”

Relaxation is Essential to Achieving Success

Relaxation and Success are integrally connected.  A major part of developing a Success Mindset and achieving the Success you desire depends on your ability to master your mind, emotional balance, and your ‘relaxed state’.

Relaxation TechniquesDoes achieving Relaxation quickly and easily elude you?  Do you get caught up in the moment and don’t know how to unwind, de-stress and relax?  Are you a slave to your anxieties and stresses?

Do you find yourself constantly ‘reacting’ to events, people, and things around you?  Do you feel out of control some, or even most of the time?

Wouldn’t you rather be master of your emotions and destiny, and easily create and manifest the outcomes you truly desire?  Like most of us, I’m sure you do, and I’m here to help you.

“Relaxation Techniques: 7 Quickest Ways To Reduce Stress and Anxiety and Achieve Easy, Effortless Relaxation!” – my new book on Amazon Kindle – focuses on providing you a Self-Help Tips Guide with quick and easy methods to achieve Relaxation, feel calmer, more relaxed, in more emotional control, and experience improved wellbeing, peace of mind, self mastery and greater success.   >>> Continue reading “Relaxation is Essential to Achieving Success”

“How” You Make People “Feel”

How you make people “feel” makes all the difference in your personal and business relationships.  After all, our world is all about Relationships – whether Personal or Business

One of my all time very favorite quotes is by one of my much-admired Poets and Authors, Maya Angelou ~
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
People Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel - Action Quote
Remember this when dealing with people and be mindful of how you make people “feel”.  And, accept everyone for who they are – in that particular moment.  >>> Continue reading ““How” You Make People “Feel””

Planning For Success is Essential to Help You Get What You Want

(This is the 1st Blog post of a 2 Part Series on Planning For Success)

Planning For Success is an essential activity to do to cast forward your thinking, and prepare and put in place a Plan to help stack yourself in favor of achieving a fabulously Successful year ahead.

Success on the sandSo, let’s set some time aside, and make the most of this special time to do this activity that’s a truly valuable investment in your future.

Let’s draw a line in the sand for Success right now, and get ready for a great kick-start to the coming months and year ahead, eh!  :-)

Whether it’s just before a new year approaches, or at the start of a new year, or actually any time of the year is a really good time to prepare a new Plan for Success, or even review and revise the Plan you already have in place. >>> Continue reading “Planning For Success is Essential to Help You Get What You Want”

Planning For Success Guidelines To Help You Build Your Plan

(This is the 2nd Blog post of a 2 Part Series on Planning For Success)

Success-greenarrowFollowing on from my previous Blog post on Planning For Success, here are some Guidelines to help you with your Success Planning.

To make sure you have what it takes to be successful, follow them step-by-step to put your Success Plan together:

>>> Continue reading “Planning For Success Guidelines To Help You Build Your Plan”

How To Self-Coach Yourself To Ultimate Success!

Self-Coaching is a mighty powerful way to take charge of your Personal Development and accelerate your path to Success!…

You can learn “how to” Self-Coach and become your own “best coach”.  After all, you know yourself best, and what you want and need…  You are with “YOU” 24/7…

So, you are potentially in the perfect position to become your own best coach – IF you learn the techniques and tools you need…

When you learn the techniques used by professionally trained Coaches, you have in your own hands very powerful and empowering tools to use whenever you need, every day, exactly when you need, no matter the time of day, totally at your disposal, and beckon call…   >>>   Continue reading “How To Self-Coach Yourself To Ultimate Success!”