To Assist in Transforming & Creating Your New Life…

Here are 5 Key Questions to start Your day – preferably to ask Yourself 1st thing in the morning when you awake & are still coming out of alpha state…

It will set the right forward-thinking & ‘feeling’ positive tone for Your day, & for what You are wishing & desiring to create & manifest in formation…

It also takes your focus orientation away from the past, or any fixations around negatives about ‘what has been’, or ‘what is’… It focuses & mobilizes You forward in FlowMentum… 

They serve as orientation questions for you if you are genuinely interested in transforming your life… (Definitely not for the flippant or faint-hearted)…

🌟   What Would the Person I’m Becoming Do Today?

🌟   What Would the Best Version of Me Do Next?

🌟   Who Am I Becoming?

🌟   Am I Willing to Risk Losing Who I Have Been, to Serve the Purpose of Who I AM Becoming?

🌟   What is the Greatest Expression of ME I Can Be Today?

These questions are designed to connect You with Your Higher Self & tap into Your Intuition. Watch for the messages, ideas & inspirations that come forward from Your Inner GPS. You can actually use any of these questions at any time when you are looking for guidance & inspiration about what to do next or the direction to take.

They are questions inspired by the work of Dr Joe Dispenza in the fields of NeuroScience, Quantum Physics & Epigenetics.

If you would like to dive a little deeper into these questions & what underlies them, I invite you to visit Part 2 of this Blog post right here – The JOURNEY of WHO WE Are BECOMING… Planting the Seeds of Your Future Self…

Very Best Wishes & Many Blessings

Kathy Baker



Planting the Seeds of Your Future Self…

As a follow-up to my previous post that posed the Big Questions –
What Would the Person I’m Becoming Do Today? What Would the Best Version of Me Do Next?
Who Am I Becoming? – 
& also seeing similar questions popping up since in related discussions, I’m inspired to write this expanded follow-up Blog post.

They certainly are Big Questions, eh?… These questions SO resonate, & raise some vitally important profound issues on so many inter-related levels – that take us from Who We Have Been, to Who We Are Now, to the Journey of Who We Are Becoming

Firstly, let me clarify – these questions are not intended to suggest that we abandon, reject, or contradict the concept of what we’re always being advised we should be doing as – “Just be who you really are” … “BE the real YOU”… No, not at all. We are Infinite, Unlimited Beings always evolving through space & time, & this is essentially more a case of getting back to the underlying ‘Real YOU’ at your core SOUL essence, before the 3D world matrix brainwashed, programmed & bamboozled us out of our true, real selves.

This is about uncovering, unleashing, & unfurling the real person YOU were always meant to BE – buried under the avalanche of imposed & conditioned layers that altered your real, true self. It’s about ‘Rembering’ & Returning Home – to Who You Are, & always were meant to BE. It’s about Recalling Why We Chose to Come Here in the first place – for those of us called & stirred to do even more in ‘making a difference’ in our world at this significant time.

Now, this is not always easy. It requires dedicated determination to do the ‘Inner Work’ which is often confronting, perplexing, confusing & painful, particularly when it comes to processing the shadow work & dark side. It’s the journey of Your Personal Growth. We Grow & Evolve into the Person We Were Always Meant to BE

This is about Change, Transformation, & Evolution

The Challenges, your collection of ‘developed’, inculcated or imposed Limiting BeLIEfs & Fears you’ve received are signs, clues & signifiers of what YOU in particular are here to resolve, learn & heal… & perhaps in turn help, teach & guide others to do also. It’s Your Mission & Purpose to overcome & use these as your Life Learning Lesson signposts & milestone points. (LIFE – Learning Is For Ever).

This requires effecting Cellular Change that comes from challenging our fears, pushing through our comfort zones & resistances, changing our programmed-in limiting beLIEfs of the conditioned mind shaped & grafted upon us courtesy of the 3D Matrix world… And importantly, pushing it even further beyond these factors by us purposefully adopting desirable new habits that further affect & reinforce change in our actions & behaviors that will play out in practice before us…

And, creating our own way of doing things that comes from our natural, spontaneous, creative selves, & challenging & leaving behind the drearily predictable, familiar, ‘same old same old’ prescribed ways of doing things. Defying conventions & all those defined boxes, rules, regulations, ‘fit-in-or-else’ prescriptions created by the world we live in.

The Merging of NeuroScience, Quantum Physics & Spirituality…

This huge & fascinating area brings together in perfect complementary & harmonious union the amazing fields of:

🌟   NeuroPlasticity/Brain Science, Cellular Change, Heart-Brain Resonance, Epigenetics,
🌟   Quantum Physics, Energy Vibration Frequency Dynamics, newer evolving revolutionary Manifesting/Magnetizing & Conscious Creation Processes,
🌟   SpiritualityConnecting with Highter Self, Co-Creating with Source, Ascension, Higher Dimensional Realms,
🌟   Dynamics of Evolving Collective Consciousness, as Individual Consciousness raises & creates a multiplier ripple effect… Unity Consciousness
🌟   And many more…

NeuroPlasticity & Brain Science shows us how our brain cells are changing dynamically by the moment depending on what we input via Our Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions, & Habits. And that by consistently applying new Thoughts, Emotions & Feelings combined with forming new Habits assists in building new Neural pathways, networks & synaptic connections in our brains & within us which changes the way we automatically behave over a period of time, so it becomes our new natural behavior. Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, John Assaraf, among many other leading lights in this field, are sharing amazing, revolutionary & ground-breaking information.

Evolving ManifestingMagnetization principles (beyond the simplistic portrayal of Law of Attraction principles over the past decade or so) are showing us at even more advanced higher levels how directing & channeling Our Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions in certain directions Creates Our New Self & Our New Reality. Reaching new levels of momentum, growth & results using the dynamic Quantum way – as opposed to the fixed, defined Newtonian way of the 3D world with rigid linear timelines, & predictable, formularized cause & effect methods.

Briefly, the Quantum way collapses & merges timelines, with the power of pure intention mobilizing the immaterial to material, from energy, wave & all potentials & possibilities into particle, matter, & physical form. Where we can access what we want & desire in the Infinite Universe where everything already exists. Where the state of BEing rather than doing is the way of flow. Enabling us to Manifest in ways that defies the conventional, expected ways of 3D. The Quantum Field that is beyond the 3-Dimensions of physical life. We can only achieve & manifest that which is within the parameters of what we believe. (More about this in a future Blog post).  

And, since Energy is everything & WE are ALL ENERGY – we are emitting Energy Vibration signals out there all the time. If only we could ALL visually see the Frequencies, waves & particles, as some of us already do, & WE will increasingly be able to do as WE evolve further as a ‘Collective Consciousness Whole’ into Higher Dimensional Levels of ‘BEing’

Yes, the Collective Consciousness – imagine when more people have elevated to this level of understanding & knowing… Unity Consciousness

An interesting way to look at this Change process is to let me ask you to just think for a moment & look at yourself today & notice how you’ve changed compared with say 1, 2, or 3 years ago, & how your circumstances may have changed. And when you look back & observe the changes, you will see that either none, or some, or many, or most were changes that happened either ‘unconsciously’ or ‘Consciously’ with Intent.

Imagine what you could achieve if you made the commitment to project forward with ‘Conscious Intention’ with Clarity. This shows that with more dedicated Conscious focus & application, you may just increase the desired results you wish to ‘Co-Create’ into Your Reality with Conscious Creation. And there is a step-by-step process to help in doing this…

Don’t let the past define who You are. Let the Vision of who You want to be inspire & guide You. Say Yes to Life & all its experiences.

Are you willing to risk losing who You have been, in order to serve who YOU are becoming? Start planting the seeds of Your future self NOW…

If any of this interests you & you’d like to explore more, just leave a comment below, or send me a message via the Contact tab.

Many Blessings

Kathy Baker



(Image Art by QAZ)


Or, as Dr Joe Dispenza tells us so succinctly – “Thoughts are electric, feelings are magnetic.”

This also can be explained as – Thoughts have an electrical charge. While Feelings have a magnetic charge… And, Thoughts are the language of the brain. While Feelings are the language of the body, the Heart… In particle & wave frequencies.

The Heart has frequency waves that project outward into its powerful electromagnetic field & into which the types of Feelings we Feel & put out there, whether positive or negative, good or bad, attract back to us more of the same frequencies, just like a magnet. Like for like. This is how we Manifest & create our reality, whether intentional or unintentional. (See more below). 

The Heart’s electromagnetic field projects out like a circular mushrooming Toroidal field, as this 2nd image illustrates.


Our Communication & Language is Changing, Evolving & Transcending in New Earth…

We are in extraordinary times. There is so much changing & shifting so rapidly, significantly & palpably more than before. We are Quantum leaping – as Individuals, as Humanity, & Gaia… Are You feeling it too?

One area I’m noticing changing quite significantly is our Communication, Language & use of Words & Terminology. As someone passionate about language & writing, I am observing this with great fascination. There are different words being used, forming a new language that has been emerging & being used in particular circles, groups & tribes.

There are also more Silences, often with reduced need for as many words, & non-verbalization happening. At times due to attempts to describe something that is still formulating & defies explanation, or is still so new & taking shape in the familiarization process. Most likely coming through from Higher Sources. Many are talking about the downloads they are receiving. (more…)

Creating Our New Reality… The Rerise of the Sacred Feminine… Shaping Our New Earth (Part 2)

And What it Means for our Collective Consciousness & Our New Earth in Formation…

As covered in Part 1, we are moving beyond the older, traditional, patriarchal, masculine way of operating model of ‘effort-ing’, ‘do-do-doing’, competition & scarcity, to a more Feminine way of BEing that is Intuition & Inspiration driven, coming from Heart, from ease & natural flow, & the more relaxed, flexible ‘it’s perfectly OK to develop your own style’ approach.

This has been progressively shifting & appearing over recent years, especially from since around 2012, & gaining real momentum just recently.

It is also taking place during an era where we are seeing & experiencing the Rerise of the Sacred Feminine – not only among females (if we speak in gender form), but also among males who are Awakening, rising to the call & anchoring in these energies, who are no longer willing to be locked into the shackles of the patriarchal paradigm & ‘false empowered masculine’ they inherited & were born into, & wishing to break free & allow in their feminine energies & qualities.  

But even more important than this is the
all-encompassing bigger picture of the merging of the Sacred Feminine & the Sacred Masculine aspects & energies in more balanced union within each & everyOne of us, irrespective of gender, as we all return to Wholeness & Ascend, & move beyond duality & separation into Unity by choice.