Talk to Your DNA… Your Cells Are Listening to You… Yes, YOU CAN Heal Yourself… (Part 1)

Talk to Your DNA… Your DNA & Cells are listening… to every thought, feeling, emotion, belief & word – that can either HEAL You, or cause illness & dis-ease…

You are far more powerful than You know in Your ability to influence Your Cells & DNA to Self-Heal Yourself.

WE really do indeed have the ability to design & redesign OurSelves, & Recode Our DNA.

DNA Recoding is now scientifically proven & it’s exciting to explore this area, to learn more about the discoveries & to follow what else is yet to be discovered.

The potential of DNA Recoding fascinates me & it has been my mission this year to learn more about it & integrate it into my wider field of Awareness, understanding & sharings with others.


Not-Negotiable Inherited Lineage… Or Eminently Redesignable & Recodable?…

Yes, we were all born with our DNA inherited from Familial & Ancestral lineage, & we can’t alter the overall DNA template we were born with.

BUT, we CAN change which DNA expresses itself, rises to the fore, & dominates – &/or – which doesn’t express itself through the choices we make. The expression is entirely up to us… (more…)

DNA Recoding… & Awakening… (Part 2)

Activating & Recoding Our DNA… & Awakening & Ascension…

Let’s turn it up a notch… As we Awaken & Ascend, we rise to higher Consciousness levels, with more Light Codes entering & transforming our bodies & cells from carbon to crystalline. The Awakening process Unlocks Our DNA…

Our physical Human  body has the DNA, & Our Soul comprises the Light codes, & they come together in perfect Harmony.

Light Codes are energy forms, light patterns, frequencies, sacred geometries, colors, & sound waves, around all Creation & support the Earth’s grid pattern. 

Ascension is about transforming into Light bodies, & as our cells turn to Crystalline (lighter, more light-filled, lucid, transparent), the crystals make us greater open ‘receivers & senders’ of Energy. The strands of our DNA are like antennas, & the legs are like tuning forks for the light coming through the strands, which is our Soul Light.

Light Codes rewrite our DNA. As Our World & Humanity Awakens & Ascends, wave after successive wave & influxes of Crystalline-Rainbow Light Codes have activated our DNA so that many waves of people have been accessing Multi-Dimensional realities for years now. Diamond-Crystalline-Rainbow Light is the newer, higher frequency, with Diamond Energy being very pure. (more…)

The Vital Importance of Conscious DEEP BREATHING

Let’s explore the Dynamics, Metaphysics & Pure Magic of Deep Breathing

We can take for granted the importance of Deep Breathing. We hear the advice – “Just BREATHE – be conscious of your breathing…”  We agree, don’t dispute that, plan to do it, but then forget about it, & it escapes our conscious awareness, as we become distracted & get on with other things… Or we think – “Yeah, yeah, but Nah, I’ll be OK, it’s not/can’t really be that important, eh”…

Listen up, because it really IS that important!… I ask that you keep a very open mind & consider Deep Breathing from a very fresh perspective, in a new light, & not write it off as, yeah well, that’s not so important. Because, it’s not just deep breathing in the usual sense, & as you’ve heard multiple times over & over in your life. Let’s now wipe the slate clean for a new level of learning & understanding of its importance.

Just Consider All Those Accumulated Un-exhaled Breaths from During Your Lifetime

Firstly, for a moment, just consider & imagine the many thousands of un-exhaled inhales/breaths in your life that you haven’t breathed out adequately that have been accumulating, building up, & compacting into form & matter in your body… from early childhood pain, disappointments, sadnesses, shocks, tears, shame, etc., as well as during later challenging episodes right throughout your life

Thoughts & Emotions like – “They won’t love me, I’m not loved, they will judge me, reject me, not accept me…” (more…)


Planting the Seeds of Your Future Self…

As a follow-up to my previous post that posed the Big Questions –
What Would the Person I’m Becoming Do Today? What Would the Best Version of Me Do Next?
Who Am I Becoming? – 
& also seeing similar questions popping up since in related discussions, I’m inspired to write this expanded follow-up Blog post.

They certainly are Big Questions, eh?… These questions SO resonate, & raise some vitally important profound issues on so many inter-related levels – that take us from Who We Have Been, to Who We Are Now, to the Journey of Who We Are Becoming

Firstly, let me clarify – these questions are not intended to suggest that we abandon, reject, or contradict the concept of what we’re always being advised we should be doing as – “Just be who you really are” … “BE the real YOU”… No, not at all. We are Infinite, Unlimited Beings always evolving through space & time, & this is essentially more a case of getting back to the underlying ‘Real YOU’ at your core SOUL essence, before the 3D world matrix brainwashed, programmed & bamboozled us out of our true, real selves.  (more…)


To Assist in Transforming & Creating Your New Life…

Here are 5 Key Questions to start Your day – preferably to ask Yourself 1st thing in the morning when you awake & are still coming out of alpha state…

It will set the right forward-thinking & ‘feeling’ positive tone for Your day, & for what You are wishing & desiring to create & manifest in formation…

It also takes your focus orientation away from the past, or any fixations around negatives about ‘what has been’, or ‘what is’… It focuses & mobilizes You forward in FlowMentum… 

They serve as orientation questions for you if you are genuinely interested in transforming your life… (Definitely not for the flippant or faint-hearted)…

🌟   What Would the Person I’m Becoming Do Today?

🌟   What Would the Best Version of Me Do Next?

🌟   Who Am I Becoming?

🌟   Am I Willing to Risk Losing Who I Have Been, to Serve the Purpose of Who I AM Becoming?

🌟   What is the Greatest Expression of ME I Can Be Today?…  (more…)


Or, as Dr Joe Dispenza tells us so succinctly – “Thoughts are electric, feelings are magnetic.”

This also can be explained as – Thoughts have an electrical charge. While Feelings have a magnetic charge… And, Thoughts are the language of the brain. While Feelings are the language of the body, the Heart… In particle & wave frequencies.

The Heart has frequency waves that project outward into its powerful electromagnetic field & into which the types of Feelings we Feel & put out there, whether positive or negative, good or bad, attract back to us more of the same frequencies, just like a magnet. Like for like. This is how we Manifest & create our reality, whether intentional or unintentional. (See more below). 

The Heart’s electromagnetic field projects out like a circular mushrooming Toroidal field, as this 2nd image illustrates.