What are They?  What Are the Impacts?  Are They Positive or Negative?
Good or Bad?  Here are Some of the Pros and Cons…

I’m a Communicator, it's jusCommunication - the Human Connectiont as plain and simple as that…

I love communicating and interacting with others, whether close friends, or in particular that very special and precious someone in my life… And also people in my near and wider circles I’ve known for some time, such as likeminded business friends, contacts and associates… Equally, I enjoy the fascination and intrigue of meeting, discovering and getting to know new people.

I’ve also been in the Communications business all through my career (journalism, public relations, corporate communications, marketing, writing, coaching, authoring books and online programs), so I’m kinda partial to and keen on this very rich and fertile subject area.

Changing Communication Ways and Styles

So, as an observer of all to do with Communications, I’ve been intrigued to observe how Communicating Styles and Ways of doing it have been changing over time, primarily in response to technological developments and advances, the so-called ‘quickening’ (speeding-up of time, increase in options and resultant complexities due to information technology), and the acceleration of different forms of Communication that have stemmed from, flowed on, and spawned and spread wildly like a crazy, rampant virus.  >>>

Even though the Internet has been around for decades, it’s really with its massive explosion since the mid-1990s that we’ve witnessed an unprecedented acceleration in its impacts and revolutionary effects, not only on business, commerce, culture, and society in general, but also in the ways we communicate and relate with each other on a personal and group level.

Initially, with the introduction of email, instant messaging, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephone calls, mobile phones, video calls, Skype, Viber, Google Hangouts, tablet devices and readers, Periscope, Blab, you name it, the list is endless and just keeps going on and on… In fact, as I'm writing this post, it's dating in the moment, as there are new initiatives coming on the scene virtually every single day… 

It also gave rise to greater access to information and consumer goods with online shopping and swap sites, and created blogs, discussion forums, and the incredible, massive explosion of social media networking and connecting, which has become an enormous, eye-boggling phenomenon all in itself. I could really go on, but this post isn't really the place or occasion to go into a more detailed outline of the Internet… 

Big Globe - Small Globe

Key Message
But, the Key Message in all this is –
Our Big Globe is not so big anymore!
It really has become a smaller, more easily accessible, localized world now, integrating communities and people across long distances, countries, cultures, and time zones, so that those factors aren't even inconvenient or insurmountable barriers or issues anymore to enabling easier communication, connection and interaction.

It has created new levels and ways of communicating and getting to know people, in ways that could not have been imagined only a few years ago…

In my own case, I've always had my long-time Friends ('evergreen' as I like to refer to them), who I met years ago in the 'traditional' or 'normal' physical way of meeting in-person, face-to-face, and who are always constant, true, caring, and loyal. While others become part of a specific, purpose-focused period of time and occasion in your life, and sometimes return… It makes me think of the profound quote – "People come into your life for a 'Reason', 'Season', or 'Lifetime'…"

And, I've met some truly amazing newer Friends in recent years in a very different way who have come into my life 'out-of-the-blue', with 'out-of-the-box', unexpected, and unimaginably mutually enriching interactions and associations – all primarily via the Internet, in the field in which I operate my business interests and activities.

Some have become very good Friends, proven over the test of time and circumstances, and have become indispensable, irreplacable 'gems' in my life, and will stay… While others are more intermittent, brief, with a specific mutual purpose, and come and go.

With some very good Friends, I'm in contact on almost a daily basis, and while some are local, most are located internationally, and we haven't actually met in person. But that doesn't hinder the quality of the Friendship, connection and association at all, with mutual sharing and supporting each other's interests and business-related activities.

Now, in my always fervent quest to observe and analyze ways of Communicating, this has led me to note some interesting developments and consequences that flow. As with all forms of Communication, there are positives and negatives, or upsides and downsides

Levels of Communication, Interaction and Getting to Know People

1st Level – Physical, In-Person, Face-to-Face  Communication

PhysicalThis is the ‘traditional’, ‘normal’ way of meeting and communicating. The 'physical' impression and impact is generally the first point of contact. The visual 'seeing' or eye connection plays an upfront, predominant and impactful role.

'Intuition' also can play an important role in here as with the first impression you may, or will, get about the person. Followed by voice and talking, and seeing the level and quality of interaction and connection, and whether there is ‘chemistry’ of varying levels on a sliding scale.Physical

This is where you'll also 'read' each other’s eyes and body language, spaced out over the nature and length of time of your interaction, and whether you feel an instant or growing 'likeminded' connection, or just no connection at all, or just not on same 'wavelength' disconnect.

*  You'll know pretty quickly whether there's a connection happening eye-contactand you like the person, and whether you'll enjoy getting to know them
or want to continue to associate or deal with them further.
*  You'll get close to the full package picture in one hit – face-to-face
physical impression
, voice and talking, but probably not written communication, in this initial occasion.
*  'Physical attraction' can be a deleriously intoxicating, serotonin-driving, and blissfully 'high' way of connecting and creating a basis for ongoing communication and connection. 

*  The 'physical' can dominate and throw a layer or mask over, or overpower, other considerations. Physical appearance can be an inital distraction, over and above other considerations.
*  Generally speaking, people are unfairly assessed and judged on their level of 'attractiveness' or beauty according to societal standards, templates and mind constructs, and relegated into pre-determined categories or pigeon-holed boxes. So, the good-looking person often gets more attention, and is afforded more opportunities, over the person with different or other varied, but equally valuable attributes.

2nd Level – Talking Voice and Hearing and Listening

Talking VoiceWhen we can hear, listen to, sense and 'feel' the tone, inflections and resonances in a person's voice, the distraction of your eye's focus on the physical aspects is out of the picture. So, listening, 'feeling' and potentially 'intuiting' is enhanced and comes to the fore.

If you stop and focus on really intently listening to and 'feeling' the person's energy they project, there's much you can tell and sense about their personality, mindset, attitudes, and values.

Upsides –
*  Being distracted by physical elements is eliminated out of the picture.
*  Your 'listening', hearing and intuiting capabilities and skills come to the fore to play the key upfront role in the communication, connection and interaction.Soul

*  You can experience an inexplicable 'inner' 'Soul' connection of unimaginable heights, with instant recognition and knowing, that's just simply unexplained by other 'outer', external world factors. They can be part of your Soul Family or Families or even your actual
Twin Soul (or Twin Flame), if you're super aware and 'listening' and 'feeling' enough, have good fortunate timing and circumstance on your side, and you're blessed with the opportunity for you to connect on this very special, extraordinary level.
(Footnote: By the way, this can happen via any of the 3 Levels of Communication).

 Lacks the ability to have eye connection and read body language, and take into consideration those other elements as part of the total full package picture.
People have varying articulation levels and command of language, and being able to present themselves well, coherently and confidently. Therefore, they can then be at a disadvantage, not be easily or adequately understood, and miss the opportunity for a good connection.
Some people more easily have the 'gift of the gab', are able to switch on a so-called 'performance' or 'put on an act'. Those who can do so, can be very charming and persuasive, if used in a positive and genuine manner with good intentions. However, at the very negative end, this can also manifest in sweet-talking, buttering-up, manipulations, and give rise to non-truths and deception.

3rd Level – Text and Words in Written Messages

Communication1The sky-rocketing proliferation of text and words in written messages has become a very common way of communicating via mobile phones, social media chat options, and of course before that, let's not forget via email. 

Many people are even meeting online with the very obvious, upfront intention and motivation of forming love relationships and partnerships, commonly through dating sites, and increasingly through other online social media venues.

While it’s good on the one hand, as in these upsides listed here, on the other hand, it’s also restrictive and lacks the other levels of Communication, as in the downsides, to form the true, full and integrated picture.

Online Friends

Upsides – 
*  You have the space to focus on what's being said through the written word, without the distraction of 'physical' body language and tone of voice.
*  You can actually learn a lot about a person from the way they write and what they write to you and how they express themselves. It can give you space and distance to get to know and assess a person before you proceed further in your connection with them, and without the potential complications of entanglement and/or disentanglement that may come Online Friendsearlier in the process through the other 2 Communication Levels.
*  Written communication can be much valued and cherished, and keep the 'fires burning' for long periods of time, over long distances, and can be easily revisited when one wishes to reconnect with the expressions, sentiments and memories. The classic 'love letters' have been around for eons, as are the modern day counterparts nowadays…

*  Written communication can often be very brief, often too brief to be meaningful, if that's the texting or private messaging style that is being followed.
*  Open to misunderstandings, as there's no access to the additional ways of reading the communication and the person afforded through reading their body language or the tone of their voice.
*  Too many abbreviations, jargon and internet slang can become annoying and meaningless. Functions such as auto-correct can create chaos in what is written, sent and read at the receiving end by the other person.
*  Open to misrepresenting the truth or factsdeception, fantasizing and romanticizing
*  And at the very absolute worse end of the spectrum, open to the potential of scamming and fraud. Always be aware, and beware and cautious…
*  Written communication may not be enough on its own, for a long, extended period of time, depending on the nature of the relationship and circumstances, without the other methods of Communication added into the mix.

Whichever ways of Communicating you prefer and enjoy, Happy Communicating!

To Your Success!
With Many Blessings & Gratitude!

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