💥STOCKHOLM SYNDROME has been suggested & seems to be quite a plausible part of the explanation for the perplexing level of compliance we are seeing among segments of the population. As per definitions in the poster to the right.

Yes, it does seem that many are still living in a sleepwalking, overly trusting mindset, allowing themselves to be constantly programmed & duped by their “enemies”.

Because those in charge of government also run & own mainstream media, & the general public doesn’t believe anything unless the mainstream media tells them what to believe, they never question or do their own research, & just willingly & unquestioningly lap it up, holus bolus…

When considered together with
💥COGNITIVE DISSONANCE it helps further explain the perplexing reason why so many people remain unawakened & stay totally blind to what is really going on before their very eyes, & why & how they just can’t joint the dots & see beyond the tips of their noses.

Because their brains just can’t comprehend what is truly going on, so they look through it, can’t absorb it, their brains filter it out, it doesn’t compute, & it just doesn’t register, hence they just can’t see it before their very eyes. If it’s too painful, they simply reject it. So they stay in slumber, duped & clueless to the TRUTH of what is really going down… 😢

They blindly seem to have this deluded belief without any justification or proof that they can totally trust the government to always “do the right thing” by them (as in why would they not?). They don’t seem to realize, haven’t clicked to how dire this is right now, nor the implications that are in store if the plans in the pipeline are unrolled – for our future, for the future of their own children, our future generations, not to mention Our Humanity… 😢😡

If only they knew the deceit & darkness under the covers of so-called false “government” & biased 1-line/1 edict bought-off mainstream media all controlled by the puppeteer controllers & owners pulling the strings behind the scenes…

So they remain mere pawns in the psyop mind-control games being played… While they stay in the illusion of their comfy comfort zones. And continue muzzling themselves willingly…

They don’t even for a moment question why so much of “our” money is being poured into mass advertising campaigns right now, which show that the more money being poured in is evidence in itself of how desperate “they” are getting. Otherwise they wouldn’t be spending the money… 😡

If only people would stop muzzling themselves so compliantly & realize & Wake Up to the fact that this is about taking back Our control of Our Lives & regaining CHOICE & Free Will as mandatory.

💥CONSCIOUSNESS LEVELS is the other area of explanation… Those still trapped in lower levels of unevolved Consciousness won’t see the full spectrum of what is going on. They are still stuck in their 3D matrix level of understanding, programming & limitations. It’s like their only language.

Unlike People who have evolved into Higher States of CONSCIOUSNESS who will see things far more clearly across a much wider spectrum of understanding. But that is a vast separate post of its own.

But while WE Awakened Ones must remind OurSelves to Replenish, Recalibrate & Raise Our Energies in Our 5D Heart-based CONSCIOUSNESS, WE must not make the mistake of not coming back into 3D to play at their level, as this is a most vile 3D chess game that WE can’t navigate thru & conquer with a totally 5D Mindset & Heart-set, as nice as that may be.

It’s also not enough to back away & stay quiet in the hope this will all be over & go away soon. That is spiritual bypassing WE can’t do right now. Yes, many LightWorkers are being suppressed & targeted to stay quiet, but that is not a luxury We can afford to hide behind.

Let’s Hope more will Awaken in time to see what is truly going on… Otherwise, it will be too late & they will be blasted out of their comfy comfort zones when they are forced into a World beyond recognition…