What happened to this once wonderful Country, to this State? Our Forefathers fought SO hard for Our Freedoms which are totally dissolving, unrecognizable, obliterated before our eyes…

The outstanding Freedom Fighting Spirit Aussies were once known for so famously seems to have wilted, decimated & dissolved into weak wimpy barely there compliant, acquiescent blah. What happened to this Freedom Upholding Spirit over the past 2 to 3 generations? I keep shaking my head, totally perplexed… 🤦‍♀️

In the meantime, those of Us who still remain TRUE to Ourselves & believe in OUR FREEDOMS & continue to try so hard to hold high & revere the FREEDOM UPHOLDING spirit are vilified, attacked, denigrated & ostracized by this so-called “government” & its stacked, bought-off mainstream media backers – as “conspiracy theorists”, “batshit crazy”, “tinfoil hat brigade”, & try to isolate, shuffle & shove us aside into this convenient negative image of a troublesome, non-compliant “minority”. How on Earth was this allowed to happen???

(Published: 1 September 2020)