Self-Coaching Success Journal

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‘MY SUCCESSES & WINS’ Progress PlayBook



The SELF-COACHING SUCCESS JOURNAL complements and accompanies the primary Book you purchased at the Amazon Kindle Bookstore –

11 Best-Ever Steps
To SELF-COACH Yourself
To Ultimate Success in Life'

The SELF-COACHING SUCCESS JOURNAL is designed especially for the purpose of helping you best undertake the Self-Coaching exercises, with the aim of increasing and maximizing your learning experience, and with your convenience in mind.

It’s intended and meant to work hand-in-hand as you work through your Book and the CHAPTERS and STEPS, which are specifically designed and assembled conveniently and logically to help you easily record, keep track of, and monitor your responses, notes and progress.

Also for your convenience, the SELF-COACHING SUCCESS JOURNAL contains its own special, dedicated, complementary ‘My Successes & Wins’ Progress PlayBook Section, for you to use to record your achievements and milestones along your journey, so do make best use of that.

The ‘My Successes & Wins’ Progress PlayBook allows and encourages you to track your progress and record your ‘Top 3 Wins for the Day’, or whatever number you feel appropriately best suits your situation.

It's important to celebrate and acknowledge your ‘Successes’ & ‘Wins’, no matter how small or big.  And, hopefully they will be pleasingly Big!…

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