Your Success Mastery Now


 I have invested a LOT of money in books, courses and personal coaching to improve my personal effectiveness, and if I had read your Self Coaching Guide To Ultimate Success first I could have quite literally saved myself thousands! 

Here in one, easy to follow guide is a simple, step-by-step plan for figuring out and then CREATING the life you want. 

The information you are sharing here is GOLD Kathy - worth every penny and more - thank you! 

Steve Ovens

Reading your Self Coaching Guide was a total delight!  There is so much inspiration there and so much support and guidance.  Looking at your Contents page was impressive even before reading.  You offer so much help here in a really accessible way.

I wish I could have read this eBook years ago - I’ve been fascinated and devoted to self-development all my life and have read extensively but I’ve had to work hard to integrate what I learned into my life.

Readers of this eBook and it’s 2 companions are getting the benefit of:
*    many years of your own self development, training and coaching
*    thousands of dollars’ worth of coaching taking many months
*    depths and nuances I’ve not seen or understood before
*    and a ton of help to integrate new realisations into everyday life.

This is worth far more than you are selling it for.

How long it took you to create this harmonious blend of inspiration, tough love and neuroscience I don’t know.  All I know is that it works – you have created an exceptional trio of books which will help people all round the world for years to come.

When I went on from the Self Coaching Guide and read your books on Relaxation and on Procrastination, I found the same blend of inspirational writing and practical, down to earth techniques – almost like 3 voices in a choir singing in harmony.

All 3 eBooks have the same goal and all 3 are ready to help us get the success we want and deserve.

Thank you so much Kathy for this labour of love.

Alex Newell

In "How to Overcome Procrastination" Kathy provides a great analysis of factors that prevent you from achieving both short term and long term goals and from realising your own potential and success.


Furthermore, Kathy then guides you through a process of asking yourself the right questions about yourself in order to help remove the hurdles in front of you and then provides some great action planning methods to start moving forward effectively towards success.


Kathy has an engaging style of writing and presents a well structured book with techniques that can be implemented quickly and effectively. 


If you're feeling at all 'stuck', this is a great remedy!


David Pritchard