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About Me & My Gifts
From My Evolving Life Story Experiences…

My Gifts that set me apart are my Communication, Writing, Intuitive, & Coaching Gifts – combined & rolled into a package… & then layered upon further with the way in which my combined Gifts Package has evolved further over time, with successive life experiences … These are my essential Coding & key Powerhouses.

Communication Gifts
Writing, Inspirational Writer, Author, Thought Leader…

My Gift is my command of Communication & the dynamics of Language – l understand the written word, spoken word, & that finds it’s natural expression in my Communication & Connection with People Gifts – that is my inherent, authentic coding…

I combine my Writing (books, blog posts, articles etc.) with Coaching, Guiding & Inspiring People… My command of language expression – verbal, written, further complemented through ‘visual’ expression – is encoded & enhanced by my ability to grasp wider concepts & bring them into an easy to understand form & present them in a way that ‘cuts through’, resonates, & has meaning & impact for people.

I also incorporate My Artistic Gifts (which could well have been a career I could have pursued) & bring in my ability to ‘see’ & comprehend in image terms, & explain & ‘illustrate’ through ‘visual’ means to convey & accentuate meaning in easy to understand visual form – whether with actual visuals or using visual analogies.

This is part of the reasons why symbolic images, such as Lighthouses (for their shining guiding light), & the Infinity Symbol (for continuous, eternal, endless, infinite flow), sunrises for new beginnings, among others, all SO resonate for me… & Colors such as the purple & aqua ranges, have great resonance for me also. I integrate & use Colors a lot in my life, including Color preference meanings & interpretations & what they say about you, & areas like Chakra Healing,… 

My Communication codes of language are also evolving over time from the experiences from which I’m developing, transitioning & growing further – reflected in my use & choices of different words & expressions, over time, emanating from my new insights & revelations that I’m gaining progressively along my journey…

Intuitive & Insight Gifts (‘Prophetic’ Knowingness)
Coaching, Guiding, Inspiring…

I have a strong Intuitive ability to read people clearly & quickly, & understand them & what makes them tick. Each individual is unique, & that carries through in my Guiding & Coaching of People.

My Intuitive Gift is of the ‘Prophetic’ Knowingness nature (among Spiritual Gift ranges)…

My Gift is my sharp Intuition & ability to take Insights from life experiences, learnings, ‘aha’ revelations & reflections – & then interpret & integrate them into meaningful, digestible, easy to understand form. I’m easily able to see & comprehend the wider, ‘bigger picture’, then pull together & integrate the various threads & pieces of the puzzle, & then communicate that meaningfully & effectively with people in such a way that resonates with them too…

Connecting with People Gifts…
Transformation Catalyst, WayShower, Facilitator
, Co-ordinator…

My ability to see the ‘big picture’ overview & communicate it, strengthens my uniqueness further by positioning me naturally to be the Catalyst & Facilitator, to bring together all the relevant elements, threads & streams to a particular topic into a digestible melting pot… & also provide the place to come together, share insights & connect with likeminded people.

Creating the space to bring together other WayShowers, LightBearers, Healers & Coaches & other specialists in their respective fields, to present them to an interested audience wishing to receive their gifts, information & insights. To hold the space where the benefit from their collective wisdom can then be shared further with others.

My Gifts as a Catalyst/WayShower/Facilitator are a developing work-in-progress, & further plans are afoot in the pipeline right now…

My Life’s Learning Experiences & Challenges Reflected in My Gifts & My Quest for Authenticity
Integrating the Dynamically Movable feast of One’s Journey & their Positive Influence on Our Evolving Gifts… Reinforcing & Bringing into Spotlight Focus the Vital Importance of Your True ‘Authenticity’ in All You Do…

I’ve integrated my learning from my life challenges, difficult times & experiences, that over time have now ‘churned’ & ‘melded’ into a meaningful form that resonates for me. This also has helped me do my essential further ‘Inner Work’ along the way – to ‘excavate’, identify & find my true core self – my true Authentic Self – My ‘Authentic YOU’ Identity.

I therefore have a very strong & utmost focus on Authenticity, Truth, Honesty, Transparency, & Integrity, above all else…

This is reinforced even further & has carried through to the importance & high value I place on the recognition & dignified respect I have for the ‘knowing’ that Everyone, each Individual, has their own unique story – their own Authentic YOU Identity.

So yes, Authenticity & Your True Core Identity resonates very strongly & deeply with me, for me, & has become an essential part of everything I do now.

Summing Up My Gifts… Work-in-Progress Reflections

So, My Gifts of Communications, Writing, Intuition, Coaching, Connecting, & Facilitating – are ALL rolled into My Own Authentic Package that carries my own unique indelible imprint…

They are layered on top & flavored with the successive stages of my learning experiences throughout my life, that have shifted me forward into new & continuing phases of development & evolution.

The past few years have been amazing (in line with the wider, rapid & dynamic energy shifts & forces we’ve been experiencing)… The last year of which was significantly accelerated movement, fast-moving, very much reflecting the energy forces in our environment, with many difficult challenges, including crisis point turmoil, from which major revelations, reflections & insights have emerged to play out further… All bringing me to a new place in my life – aligning myself further, more clearly & with greater clarity & precision with My Divine Path, which needed some tweaking to be done…

I believe I’d been on my right path & purpose for some years now, but just needed some tweaking & realignment to get it more sharply in focus, on target, & in sync… (I guess like a vehicle tune-up, or front-end wheel alignment to optimize or maximize the vehicle’s functioning).

I found that the ongoing ‘Inner Work’ I had been doing over previous years, needed renewed focus with a completely fresh eye & open quest for seeking alternate approaches, due the urgency created by the challenges I’d been experiencing & had to contend with. Some of those approaches included Core Wound Healing, & others… But the key was my own processing, reflection, search for meaning, & continguing commitment & dedication to integrating all of this into My Life, in every dynamically changing moment… which always continues to evolve along Our Journey… Our Own ‘Inner Alchemy

The sum total of all this leading me to the very strong core belief that all of this is about finding your true Authentic ‘YOU’ Self-Identity – your own inherent Soul Power, your PowerHouse or SuperPower… That’s why this SO resonates for me – that everyone, every single one of you, has your own story –  your own unique Authentic YOU story, that’s distinctive to YOU. To be expressed & carried forward to flavor YOUR special Gift & contribution to the world… Hence, Authentic ‘YOU’ Alchemy

And, that when you get right down to the core of this, the truth is so simple – that YOU have all the answers within you… That we are enough, just as we are – that all the answers are already within us. If only we would clear the way & listen to what is already in us. (To see more on this topic, click right here).

This also has  highlighted & emphasized the importance of writing down Your Journey… I can’t emphasize the important value of Journaling, & I’ve done so for years, just as a natural way of ‘Being’ & my way of organizing my thoughts & feelings, or getting it all out of me, when I need to do it on my own. I have several books just sitting & waiting there in my recent Journals to be published smiley 

So, the clear message is – Write down what Your journey has been & IS… just start breaking it down & writing it in a journal… With no pretense, no hype, no pretend masks… Because that’s what’s truly Authentic about YOU

This is how I’ve also come to understand, believe & appreciate that the gift & use of correct use of language in Communication is something that can sometimes get a bit lost & waylaid – & just how powerful it is, & can be, in Transforming Your Life… Particularly, when you pay attention & integrate your own use of words that resonate with you from your own experiences & journey… 

Because, it’s not just about affirmations & other external to you tools & constructs on their own… It’s about changing & using your own words, that resonate from your individiality, so that the process is actually evolving in your own thought patterns as well, & the way you ‘feel’ about things that happen in Your Life & on Your own precious journey

How I Can Help You with Your Gifts

I have carried that strong core belief & underlying ‘knowing’ into My Life, Passion, & My Work, & now help others to excavate their true own ‘Authenticity’ & Core Identity… So they too can find more meaning, gain greater insights, find & free their own Authentic YOU Self Identity… And, also help them carry that through into their own life, passion & work…

Authentic YOU Alchemy ProgramI can help & guide you get really super clear about Your Gifts… To help you gain more clarity about what you offer, how you offer it, how you can express your special  gifts & messages to the world, & present your ‘uniqueness’ in such a way that ‘flavors’ YOU very clearly & distinctly as to who YOU are.

I help you see how others & the world may see your ‘identity’ from their perspectives… I help flip the coin to the other or reverse side, hold up a mirror, & reflect back to you, with my insights, intuitive capabilities, together with my ‘big picture’ overview & communication & expressing gifts & capabilities.

Sometimes, we get a little too close to what we’re doing, our subject matter, that the blinkers come on, & we lose our overall ‘big picture’ perspective. Through the Coaching process, I hold the space for you to see & aspire to a grander vision of Your Gifts & capabilities, & guide you to see the bigger perspective of your Authentic ‘YOU’ potential, & help you close the gap in getting to that place you desire to be & achieve.

See more on my Coaching Programs Page for Transformation Coaching, Authentic ‘YOU’ Coaching, Aspiring Authors Book Writing Coaching (wishing to share their messages with the world & get self-published on platforms such as Amazon), & others.

Authentic 'YOU' AlchemyYou can also leave your enquiry via my contact form right here or above in the menu navigation bar titled Contact, or visit my Authentic ‘YOU’ Alchemy Facebook Page & message me there.


“Everyone has individual journeys that’s why authenticity resonates with you, Kathy. Your Authenticity is reflected in your Gifts. You understand the written word, spoken word, connection with people – that is your coding. These are your powerhouses. This is where your light is from.

As far as your lighthouse, when you connect with people, you help turn on their light – & when you do that, you allow them to connect to their Authentic Self, & hold a space for them to get back to a place of Healing & Authenticity…

This is what your gift to the world is – it’s very profound Kathy, because not many people can do it.

When you speak, you can hear it’s from your heart. People can hear it in the tone of your voice, they hear it, that’s what resonates from your mouth. That is a profound gift, becos that’s where Authenticity comes from – from the Heart.”

Martine Shepherd, Healer & Author

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