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Well, Actually, It’s All About YOU!…

Let’s Talk About YOU First For a Few Moments…

I’m interested in You & to learn more about Your challenges, needs & Your ‘big picture’ Vision, Purpose, & Goals.

   What are Your desires, dreams & needs?
   What do You want to achieve, ‘feel’ & experience in Your Life?
   What are Your challenges & the things that are holding you back?
   What are Your intentions, aims & goals?

Tell me what you need the most right now to overcome your most testing challenges & blocks to Happiness, Fulfillment Success in Life?

You can best do that by firstly contacting me via my contact form below right here & fill in a few details (or via the tab in the Navigation Menu Bar above). And then we can communicate further by email or have a chat by Skype to ascertain your needs & to see how I can best help you.


About Me:  Kathy Baker

Who Am I?

Let me introduce myself… Hi, I’m Kathy Baker

I help People with a Passion for their Purpose use their Gifts to the max, to improve their lives, so they can better help others improve their lives too, while “making a real difference” in our world…

I focus on empowering Heart-Conscious, Enlightened Entrepreneurs share their Unique Gifts & Message… & by doing so, assist them build what they Love doing & their Passion-based businesses into Thriving Businesses, & the ultimate, Abundant Freedom Lifestyle of their dreams…

You may be a Coach, Writer, Healer, or Holistic Practitioner, & regard yourself as a LightWorker, WayShower or WayChanger passionate & committed to helping others & leading the way in playing a part in changing our world for the better.

If that sounds or feels like YOU, well then you’re in the right place… Especially if you’re looking to achieve greater Clarity about your ‘Authentic’ Voice & ‘Powerhouse’ Gift, so you can more effectively & powerfully stand out from the crowd, attract & reach way more ideal clients, & help more people who really need your support to improve their own lives too…

You also may be seeking to clear blocks that may be in your way, or holding you back, & lift Your ‘Inner Game’ so you can truly reach your potential & fulfill Your Purpose in Life.

I’m here to help You by offering my support… My Purpose & Calling is to do this by using & bringing to the table My own natural Gifts in Intuitive Coaching (Perceptive, Transformation & Empowerment Coaching), combined with my Communication Gifts (in Writing, Unique Languaging, Branding, Profiling, Marketing & Connecting).

I look forward to helping You on Your learning & growth journey… Feel free to stay a while, grab my free eBook download, browse my Blog section & choose from the many posts there to read up on any topic that interests you. You can also take advantage of my Coaching Program for more dedicated one-on-one help & support too.


Are You:

   An Individual with great Career advancement Aspirations?

  An Individual with great Vision, and you wish to leave the 9-5 Job (“Just Over Broke”) world working for someone else, and Break-out Free and do your own thing. Perhaps you have a great Passion Interest you would really like to pursue and turn into your livelihood and full-time focus. (*)

   A Home Business Owner working from home as a Lifestyle Freedom choice, and pursuing your Passion expressed in Business form, and most likely in large part Internet Marketing based. (*)

  Heart-Centered Entrepreneur/Small Business Person who has great dreams for your business and the ‘savvy to understand the value of seeking the support of a Success Coach to help you review your business, communicate it better, and get increased business results and sales? And, how do you want to build your business further?

   A small to medium sized business – you’re progressive and keen to grow and do more and you’re looking for the support of a Success Coach, who also has copywriting and marketing expertise to help you achieve your goals in record time. You also know that you’re going to get sensible economies of scale and exponential growth, as well as the best talent and no-fuss service input, by following this business support model option. (*)

(* You’re located anywhere in the world where English is the preferred language).

Then, I can certainly help you…

If you fit some or any part of the above profiles, or indeed, if you fit another profile all together and would like to talk anyway, then let’s have a chat about your needs.

Contact me with your enquiry via my Contact page/tab above.

… And, yes, of course, now I’m sure you’d like to know a little bit more about me and what I can do to help you achieve your goals from my background and expertise…


Some More About Me…

I’m a Heart-Centered, Holistic Entrepreneur & run my own Business from Home incorporating Transformational Coaching, Inspirational Writing, Internet Marketing, Copywriting, Ghostwriting, and Marketing, while developing my Information Product Marketing business in the Self Improvement, Success Mindset and Law of Attraction niches.

My greatest passion is Self Improvement and the Universal Law of Attraction, and my Life Purpose is helping other people enhance their lives from my own experiences.  To help facilitate their personal transformation, and live happier, more fulfilling and successful lives.  To help them find their Life Purpose and live the life of their “wildest” dreams.

Success Coaching:  work with success & freedom seeking Entrepreneurs & Individuals to help them find ways to achieve their goals, desires & dreams. We look at & take an idea or passion of yours, explore it’s viability, & create a plan for a viable business, or grow an existing one further. If you would like to explore Coaching support further, just contact me, and we can go from there.  

My latest Book on Amazon Kindle is about Self-Coaching Yourself to Ultimate Success & you can read more about it right here

Book Coaching:  And if you need any help putting together the information you know about and would like to create content in the form of an e-product, eBook, Book on Amazon Kindle, or an online digital program or product, and then marketing it, I can assist you there also.  Just contact me, and we can go from there.

To check out my Testimonials just scroll down & see below in following section.

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To Your Awesome Best Success! 

Kathy Baker

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More Info on My Areas of Interest & Expertise

   Self Improvement / Personal Development / Success Mindset / Inspirational Writing
   Transformation / Spiritual Development / Law of Attraction / Quantum Physics
   Coaching / Self Coaching
   Entrepreneurship / Small Business / Home Business / Self Employment 
   Marketing / Internet Marketing / Niche Marketing / Information Product Marketing / Affiliate Marketing
   Wealth Creation &  Prosperity Consciousness
   Wellness, Wellbeing & Health
   Inspirational Uplifting People/Human Interest stories of great courage and overcoming obstacles
   Community Marketing & Community Commerce
   Social Entrepreneurship – solving social problems using entrepreneurial principles. Solving Third World problems, improve the lives of the under-privileged & enhance the flow of opportunities 
   Lifestyle / Home Decorating / Home Design / Garden Design / Gardening
   Art, Art History
   Entertainment & Media
   Travel Destinations

Business & Employment Profile:

   Self Employed Business Owner (1997 to present) – Copywriter, Writer, Internet Marketer, Marketing Consultant, Coach, Information Product Marketer and Publisher developing several Information Product focused Web Businesses in Niche Markets and my interest areas.

   Previously, career in corporate sector, government, private sector, and small business in Marketing, Business Development, Corporate Communications, Public Relations, and Journalism.

Feedback / Reviews / Testimonials

“When you connect with people, you help turn on their light… you allow them to connect to their Authentic Self”…

“Everyone has individual journeys that’s why Authenticity resonates with you, Kathy. Your Authenticity is reflected in your Gifts – You understand the written word, spoken word, connection with people – that is your coding. These are your powerhouses. This is where your light is from.

As far as your lighthouse , when you connect with people, you help turn on their light – & when you do that, you allow them to connect to their Authentic Self, & hold a space for them to get back to a place of Healing & Authenticity…

This is what your gift to the world is – it’s very profound Kathy, because not many people can do it.

When you speak, you can hear it’s from your heart . People can hear it in the tone of your voice, they hear it, that’s what resonates from your mouth . That is a profound gift , becos that’s where Authenticity comes from – from the Heart.”

Martine Shepherd, Healer & Author

“Enthusiastically committed to helping others achieve Success…”

Kathy Baker is a TRUE Superstar in every sense of the word! I’ve met a LOT of highly-successful people over the years from being a ‘Featured Success Story’ on a TV Infomercial called ‘Creating Wealth’ and then creating my #1 Best-Selling book ‘Conversations with Millionaires’ (at: ConversationsWithMillionaires.com).
So, I’ve gotten pretty good at recognizing TRUE entrepreneurial talent. And Kathy is a WINNER for sure!

She is an excellent coach, talented writer, marketer, and creative, innovative ideas person with vision, and enthusiastically committed to helping others achieve Success.

Jason Oman
#1 Best Selling Author
“Conversations with Millionaires”
“Conversations with Female Millionaires”


“Kathy Baker is so awesome that I barely know where to start…

“Kathy Baker is so awesome that I barely know where to start. It’s been my good fortune over the last 12 years to work with Kathy Baker on both small and large and challenging projects. I’ve been hugely impressed by her energy, her creativity and the care she brings to projects and delighted with the quality of her work as a coach, author, copywriter and marketer.

She is a considerate person to work with and follows the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

Kathy brings rich experience of working in the coaching arena, publishing world and in the corporate environment.

And unlike many with such a background she is very open and approachable.

Simply put, I bless the day I found Kathy Baker and if you work with her, you will too.”

Alex Newell
Naturopathic Doctor, Author & Internet Marketer


“Special Breed of Entrepreneur…”

Kathy is a special breed of entrepreneur as well as a lifelong learner. This is a powerful combination in that she is always on the leading edge of information that she can utilize to give her clients the very best.

Kathy is a risk taker who does not let anything stop her from achieving an integrous outcome in a way that truly serves those she partners with, works with and impacts.

Kathleen Gage
Online Marketing Strategist and Product Creation Specialist at ‘Power Up for Profits’
(Known as the NO NONSENSE Marketing Strategist and Product Creation Specialist!)


“Well organized, diligent communicator, coach, writer and marketing strategist…”

Over the years I have engaged dozens of contractors to work on Internet projects and Kathy has been a standout.

Since August 2008, I’ve involved her across many of our projects and business divisions including the development process of taking projects from conception to delivery, calling upon her big picture vision and strategic abilities.

She is a gifted and skilled writer who writes effective and compelling copy. She is also a high level developer and manager of business and marketing strategies and has the online and offline experience to be able to provide the solutions you are seeking.

Kathy is a highly committed and supportive person, with great integrity and work ethic and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

She works very well as part of a team and is a terrific project leader with the broad management skill set to be able to organize other team members.

I’d like to recommend her services to people looking for a well organized and diligent communicator, writer or marketing strategist.

Rob A
Founder and Chief Executive
Community Networking Social Enterprise


“Totally Awesome! Kathy does great work!…”

Kathy is a highly intuitive and excellent writer. I think she’s awesome! She just has such an amazing way with words. Boy she’s good!

She gets on your wavelength right away and is smart as a whip.

I’m constantly so impressed with what she produces and presents to me.

When I searched for a ghostwriter on the Internet, Kathy was the very first person I came across, and “Bam”, I knew right away she was the one! I didn’t look any further, and I’m so glad. I sure made the right decision!…

She brings to the table a wide range of skills and gifts – not only her excellent writing, but also her extensive knowledge of Self Improvement and Internet Marketing, plus her “big picture” vision and strategic thinking in business and marketing.

And with her marketing experience, she’s highly creative and presents great branding and positioning concepts.

Kathy always goes the extra mile, and certainly “adds value” to everything she touches.

I look forward to a long-term working association with Kathy.

Jodi Santangelo
Certified Law of Attraction Trainer, Speaker, Coach
Helping YOU “Crack the Code” to Phenomenal Life Success…


“Kathy really knows how to get into my head and heart and writes just as I speak…”

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Kathy Baker since mid 2007.

Kathy picks up what I’m on about very quickly. She can grasp concepts and my vision way faster and with greater scope than anyone else I’ve worked with.

Kathy really knows how to get into my head and heart and writes just as I speak. It’s almost like being channelled.

Whether it’s article marketing, email marketing, or producing full-blown E-Books, Kathy has been invaluable in helping me produce the quality content I wish to provide to my valued subscribers and customers.

She has very wide knowledge and understanding of an extensive range of subjects which certainly contributes to her ability and versatility as a superior class writer, communicator and marketer.

Kathy sure is an asset to your business.

Jon Giaan
Event and Seminar Organizer and Director


“High Degree of Professionalism and High Standards…”
I have seen a wide variety of Kathy Baker’s work and whether she’s writing an e-Book or copy for a website or an Autoresponder she shows a high degree of professionalism and high standards – leaving you with a product that you can be proud of.
As a bonus, she is a marketer and entrepreneur herself and understands what entrepreneurs need in her coaching work.

If you need content you will get great content, if you need copy you will get highly effective copy, if you need great positioning, you will get an instant, intuitive and creative ‘cut-through’ branding statement, title or name.

It only makes sense to outsource and leverage the expertise of an expert writer and communicator and get Kathy Baker on your team.

Kathy, a quick thank you about the copy you’ve written for the new home page. You spoke about getting a clear brief so that you can get into the mindset and heartset of your client. Well you must have done that really well with me because you’ve given me not just a website to be pleased about but one to be proud of!

Thank you so much.

Alex J Newell
Internet Newbie Coach
Publisher of “Newbie Insider”


“Kathy’s work consistently meets or exceeds all expectations and deadlines…”

It is my pleasure to recommend Kathy Baker for her internet writing, communication, marketing and coaching services.

Kathy has an impressive understanding of the issues unique to an internet publication.
We have appreciated her input and have implemented several of her ideas in our publication. Kathy’s work consistently meets or exceeds all expectations and deadlines. She is creative and enthusiastic, a pleasure to work with. We feature Kathy’s work in several of our magazine’s departments. She writes about timely subjects, such as the Law of Attraction, Spiritual topics, and Home Decorating.
Kathy inspires others to live their best life as our Life Coach in our signature department, ‘Living the Passionate Life’. 

Kathy is a great team player, an asset to any organization!

Dana Hall
‘Passionate for Life’ Online Magazine


“Intelligent, creative mentor and guide…”

Kathy is an Entrepreneur that had gained the media respect with her eloquent additions to her chosen media networks. Her love and care for humanity, shines forth in her thoughtful posts. Each post is written with passion for all that surrounds her, to read one of her insightful posts is uplifting to the spirit.

Kathy is an intelligent, creative mentor, coach and guide to those of us who admire her. Kathy has an honest harmony with nature which is shown in her words.

Kez Wickham St.George
Artist and Author


“Energy you lavished…  Clarity and focus…  It was a joy to read…”

Just read your wonderful new e-book on the Law of Attraction, all 37 pages of it, in one fabulous sitting! I wanted to express gratitude to you for all of the energy that you have lavished into your latest project.

As well, I want to say that I really enjoyed the clarity and focus that you maintain throughout the presentation. Very well done, Kathy! It was a joy to read. I could feel your bubbly personality beaming through with brilliance. 
You have over-delivered to the max with your latest Newsletter. It is a virtual encyclopedia of great info!
Michael Robert Gaudet
Artist and Inventor of Skyaak

“You are someone who shines and stands out…”

Hey Kathy, you are someone who shines and stands out from all the thousands of people I have worked with over the years.  

Keep up your journey of helping others to find their light and their purpose.


Kathleen Gage
The “Street Smarts Marketer”


“Ideas generator and a clever writer…”

“Kathy assisted me with the copywriting, editing and writing of a business proposal and funding application. She is both an ideas generator and a clever writer.

Kathy produced a quality piece of documentation, well thought out and formatted and her coaching throughout the process was invaluable.

I continue to work with Kathy on numerous projects.”

Brendan O’Keefe
Career, Enterprise & Mindfulness Coach
Business Owner


“Integrity and Strong Work Ethic…”

I have the pleasure of having worked with Kathy for a number of years now, assisting her with ‘All Interactive Solutions’ web design, internet presence and marketing. Kathy is an extraordinary, compassionate person with a lot of integrity and strong work ethic. Without any hesitation, I always recommend her to my contacts when I know that her services are needed.”

Fernando Imperatori
House Music DJ


Further Testimonials also can be found on the Coaching Page.