2015 is a No.8 YEAR, which means “A Year of "Infinite" Abundance and Prosperity" (in Numerology)… But, there's also SO much more…

While the No.8 is considered the number for Power and Money, it also stands firmly for “BALANCE”, Harmony and Equalization.

It also brings to us the important “INFINITY” element where we are being given endless, “INFINITE” possibilities to create new, desired experiences in both our Personal Lives, and for the Global Community at large, if we seize the opportunities…


This means that 2015 has the potential to help influence, resolve and "balance out" some of the imbalances in our Global environment… >>>

This means that 2015 has the potential to help influence, resolve and "balance out" some of the imbalances in our Global environment – values, morals, ethics, conflicts, tensions, cruelty, perpetrating deliberate harm to fellow humans, difficult economic circumstances – if, and only if, the Global environment in 2015 catches on to this, and responds receptively to the influence of the 8's push for "BALANCE"

We can ALL play a role and be part of the "Collective Consciousness" committed to "Making a Difference" and healing the World… We need economies of scale…

The No. 8 is also aligned with the “INFINITY” Symbol, which essentially means “without any limits”, originally in Physics and Mathematics.

But it's also represented in Philosophy and Art for its beauty, symmetry and meaning around the concepts of Eternity, Empowerment, Balance, Harmony, and Limitless Love and Connection.

The simple, elegant “INFINITY” symbol is like the No.8 tipped on its side, or a twisted loop forming two connected circles.  When two “INFINITY” symbols are connected together, it forms the beautiful Double “INFINITY” symbol.
On My Own Personal Level

Only a few months ago, looking forward to the 2015 year, I had a strong feeling without really knowing exactly why, that this was going to be a special year…

At the beginning of this 2015 year, I started out feeling a strong intuitive belief, pull, and “knowing” that this was going to be My Year, and I set out to be open to attract and allow it in, and do what I had to do, to make it happen!…  🙂

Well, so far it has turned out to be an amazing, super-fantastic year in just about every area of My Life. The flow has been much easier, compared with slower movement, and even feelings of stuck-ness, last year, and in previous years. 🙂

My Inspiration levels are always on high, My Life Purpose and Passions playing out and fulfilled, with unsolicited mirrored confirming feedback, productivity and output much greater, and times are much Happier and more Fun, with heaps of Laughter, all 'round.  😉  😀

I have met some truly amazing new Friends who have come into my Life out-of-the-blue, with out-of-the-box, unexpected, and unimaginably mutually enriching interactions. And I continue to enjoy my wonderful evergreen Friends who are always true, caring and constant…  🙂



It certainly has been an eventful year so far, definitely not quiet, and with many delightful bonus surprises also… And yes, of course, there has been some turbulence also… So, the transition into 2015 was certainly a very noticeable watershed turning point, and will become even more palpable and a significant marker as the year progresses, I’m sure, and I’m intrigued to see what further pans out…

VIVE LA 2015!!!  ♦ ♦ ♦  🙂  😀


Recently, I also discovered that 2015, in Numerology terms, is a particularly good year as it equals the No.8 standing for “Infinity” (as I’ve outlined for you above), and as brought to my attention during a chat with a good Friend. 

My birthday also happens to fall on 8 October. (8 Oct birthday also coincidentally shared with this good Friend I’ve just mentioned. A birth date shared only with one other person in my life so far, my life-long Bestie from childhood school days).

I have always loved the No. 8, and had a fascination with No.8 “Infinity” Symbol for its elegance, with the figure 8 tilted on its side, in an endless, continuous loop. And even the gorgeous Double “Infinity” Symbol with its two sets of circles, side by side, balancing each other, provide long-lasting balance and equilibrium in life.

You can also really have some Fun with “Infinity” Jewelry and Body Art.



These are definitely on my Must-Get "Wish List"!…  🙂

To Your Ultimate Life Success!
With Many Blessings & Gratitude!

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