With the New Year fast approaching, this is a perfect time of the year to reflect back on what took place during the past year, and to do a bit of a stock-take…

And, most importantly, to cast forward with new, fresh hope, optimism, opportunity and wonderment to the amazing year ahead before us, with a generous dose of New Year Appreciation… and all the possibilities yet to manifest and become your reality…
New Year Appreciation
It’s also a wonderful time to say Thanks, and express Gratitude and Appreciation for what you already have…

And joyfully introduce into the mix your forecast, desired Gratitude and New Year Appreciation for what is yet to come, as if it is already here and you’re experiencing it in the here and NOW.

This is a vital ingredient in mastering the successful Manifestation process.   >>> 

I invite you to take this special time to express Gratitude and Appreciation for what you already have, and what you wish to have, achieve and experience into the New Year, and throughout the coming year, and beyond…

You may wish to write it down in 2 columns, or in 2 separate sections, or in any way you like that works for you.

The dawning of a New Year is an incredibly cleansing, renewing, pivotal time to review, let go, while refreshing and re-aligning where you wish to go, and what you would like to achieve in the coming year.

Take best advantage of this time, and set yourself on the right course you desire…

For me, this is a great time to say Thanks, and express Gratitude and Appreciation for the amazing opportunity I have to continue:

🙂  Enjoying my Freedom and living a self-determining Life, doing my own thing, exactly how and when I want to.

🙂  Living my Life as an Entrepreneur and running my Home Business via the Internet Marketing medium, sharing information in Self Improvement, Success Mindset and Law of Attraction, with people who are ready, and inspiring them about how to live better lives.  Including my one-on-one Coaching and Writing Services into the mix.

🙂  Living My Life on Purpose…  Helping others along their journey of achieving self-transformation and helping them enhance their lives.  “Making a difference” in other people’s lives.

🙂  Making my Home Business a truly viable successful smart passive income based Home Business.  Outsourcing more activities, and truly accepting that asking for help is OK.

🙂  Reaching a much wider, growing audience with the wonderful, inspirational information I wish to share with other’s searching for a better way.  Becoming more widely published.

🙂  Attracting, connecting and working with wonderful likeminded people who are on the same wavelength, share insights, aspirations and goals.  Enjoying more great Joint Venture Partnerships to collaborate with likeminded individuals so that together we can make a difference in People’s lives.

🙂  And much, much more…

HAPPY NEW YEAR to YOU ALL!!!  And here’s to a fabulously successful and happy year ahead that sees you achieve your wishes and dreams for a perfectly Abundant, Successful and Happy Life…

In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays with your Family, Loved Ones and Friends, and the very best for the New Year and Super Successful year ahead!

And, here is my New Year Appreciation gift to you – Napolean Hill’s classic “Think and Grow Rich” – please enjoy!

To Your Success!


Kathy Baker
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