‘Attitude of Gratitude’ Mindset: How To Practice It For Greater Abundance & Happiness

Gratitude AttitudeThere is no faster and more effective way to shift your focus to the positive and raise your energy vibration level than to practice the Attitude of Gratitude for what you already have.

In this Blog post, we delve a bit deeper into Gratitude, it's power as a daily practice, and some practical techniques you can apply easily and immediately.

When I first read about Gratitude in the context of Personal Development, Self Improvement, and Law of Attraction, it really captured my imagination and made so much logical sense.  >>> (more…)

New Year Appreciation

With the New Year fast approaching, this is a perfect time of the year to reflect back on what took place during the past year, and to do a bit of a stock-take…

And, most importantly, to cast forward with new, fresh hope, optimism, opportunity and wonderment to the amazing year ahead before us, with a generous dose of New Year Appreciation… and all the possibilities yet to manifest and become your reality…
New Year Appreciation
It’s also a wonderful time to say Thanks, and express Gratitude and Appreciation for what you already have…

And joyfully introduce into the mix your forecast, desired Gratitude and New Year Appreciation for what is yet to come, as if it is already here and you’re experiencing it in the here and NOW.

This is a vital ingredient in mastering the successful Manifestation process.   >>>  (more…)