To Boost Your IMMUNITY, Stay HEART-Focused & LOVE-Based…

To Boost Your IMMUNITY, Stay HEART-Focused & LOVE-Based… Focus on Activating Your HIGHER HEART via Your Thymus…
It’s important for us to stay in HIGH ENERGY VIBRATION FREQUENCY as much as WE can. BE AWARE (what’s going on at all times) & stay an Observer rather than react to these discordant low frequencies. ‘DISCERNMENT’ is the key word…
It’s best to stay away from standard media productions that drop your vibration the minute you see them – its low frequency stuff that distracts, angers & riles up. The frontline media & its operating systems are just being used as pawns to create the fear-mongering.
Be highly selective, minimalist, cognizant & extract only what You need to know & move on untouched. Be informed but not obsessed.
When You stay in HIGH VIBRATION above it all & scan across all that’s happening & not get drawn into things in isolation or sucked into it for the “cause”, & there’s a lot going on currently, you come to realize in a ‘big picture’ overall context that each item/incident is all just part of the crumbling operating systems of the 3D Matrix in action happening before Us.


Conscious SILENCE… It’s Strength, Simplicity & Serenity…

There is such Strength, Simplicity & Serene Beauty in SILENCE which is so rich, fertile & peaceful. It is not to be avoided, run away from, or feared.

I’m sure You’ve heard such quotes as “Silence is Golden”, as that it sure is…

Appreciating SILENCE, & in particular CONSCIOUS SILENCE, comes from nurturing Your Inner Self, doing Your ‘Inner Work’, & cultivating & practicing Self-Love. When One reaches this place of Conscious SILENCE & STILLNESS, there is no loneliness, if there is Wholeness within OneSelf.

For those who are uncomfortable with & avoid silence, this is most likely pointing to the need to do some ‘Inner Work’ – although there is no judgement here, & this is not the focus of this post.

Truly appreciating SILENCE doesn’t just happen automatically. Familiarity with it & understanding it comes with Our progress along Our Ascension & Quantum Journey. (more…)

The Time of the ‘INDIVIDUAL’ has Now Dawned… While the ‘Follow the ‘Guru/Yogi’ Era’ is Now Over… (Part 1)

The Time of the ‘INDIVIDUAL’has Now dawned… to rise in all Your Truth… in all Your True BEing YOUness & Unique or YOUnique Individuality… And while also being integrated within HUMANITY even more integrally in a very new, inspiring way than before.

It’s not just the lone Individual as it had been for so long before. It is now shifting to INDIVIDUALS joining in a Collaborative,
Co-operative, Co-Creative WE Energy
, as there are more Souls now of a similar High Vibration & in a 5th Dimensional Frequency which is creating an exponential tipping point.

WE are INDIVIDUALS moving together, with a deeper understanding that WE are All ONE, in ONEness, in Unity Consciousness

2020 & BEYOND…

This 2020s decade heralds in a very new Era with great potential for us to step into very different, promising energies that bring new clear vision, respectful focus on the INDIVIDUAL & UNIQUE INDIVIDUALITY within the context of a Co-operative & Co-Creative HUMANITY ‘safe container’ focused on UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS… And at the same time, sees us leaving behind a very long era of repressive energies. (more…)

Time for the NEW ‘INDIVIDUAL’… ReActivating & ReAwakening OUR ‘REMEMBRANCE’… (Part 2)

To ignite & shift into our full potential as the New ‘INDIVIDUAL’ with MetaHuman or SuperHuman capabilities, the time NOW is also All about REACTIVATING OUR ‘REMEMBERANCE’ that is laying latent & dormant within Us All… after having been suppressed & dumbed down in us over many Eons. 

OUR ‘REMEMBRANCE’ is ready to be Ignited, in fact Re-Ignited, & Recovered… WE DO Know more than WE ‘Remember’ right now… As that was the condition upon which we agreed to come here.

AWAKEN to the POWER Within YOU

In Waking Up or REAWAKENING YOUR HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, Ask Yourself – What do I know that nobody ever taught me & I never read in a book? Quietly in Silence, Listen for the Answers that Emerge from within YOU… Be Conscious of Becoming Aware, & of Raising Your Awareness… AWARENESS is Everything… we choose to see what we choose to see…

Take note & BE AWARE when something just comes up for YOU, or when YOU receive a ‘download’, or pull down a thought, idea, or valid useful information you have no Conscious memory of learning… It’s a Knowing, a REMEMBRANCE coming through. (more…)

Talk to Your DNA… Your Cells Are Listening to You… Yes, YOU CAN Heal Yourself… (Part 1)

Talk to Your DNA… Your DNA & Cells are listening… to every thought, feeling, emotion, belief & word – that can either HEAL You, or cause illness & dis-ease…

You are far more powerful than You know in Your ability to influence Your Cells & DNA to Self-Heal Yourself.

WE really do indeed have the ability to design & redesign OurSelves, & Recode Our DNA.

DNA Recoding is now scientifically proven & it’s exciting to explore this area, to learn more about the discoveries & to follow what else is yet to be discovered.

The potential of DNA Recoding fascinates me & it has been my mission this year to learn more about it & integrate it into my wider field of Awareness, understanding & sharings with others.


Not-Negotiable Inherited Lineage… Or Eminently Redesignable & Recodable?…

Yes, we were all born with our DNA inherited from Familial & Ancestral lineage, & we can’t alter the overall DNA template we were born with.

BUT, we CAN change which DNA expresses itself, rises to the fore, & dominates – &/or – which doesn’t express itself through the choices we make. The expression is entirely up to us… (more…)

DNA Recoding… & Awakening… (Part 2)

Activating & Recoding Our DNA… And Awakening & Ascension…

Let’s turn it up a notch… As we Awaken & Ascend, we rise to higher Consciousness levels, with more Light Codes entering & transforming our bodies & cells from carbon to crystalline. The Awakening process Unlocks Our DNA…

Our physical Human  body has the DNA, & Our Soul comprises the Light codes, & they come together in perfect Harmony.

Light Codes are energy forms, light patterns, frequencies, sacred geometries, colors, & sound waves, around all Creation & support the Earth’s grid pattern. 

Ascension is about transforming into Light bodies, & as our cells turn to Crystalline (lighter, more light-filled, lucid, transparent), the crystals make us greater open ‘receivers & senders’ of Energy. The strands of our DNA are like antennas, & the legs are like tuning forks for the light coming through the strands, which is our Soul Light.

Light Codes rewrite our DNA. As Our World & Humanity Awakens & Ascends, wave after successive wave & influxes of Crystalline-Rainbow Light Codes have activated our DNA so that many waves of people have been accessing Multi-Dimensional realities for years now. Diamond-Crystalline-Rainbow Light is the newer, higher frequency, with Diamond Energy being very pure. (more…)