Gratitude & Appreciation: Which is the Higher Vibration?

AppreciationGratitude, Appreciation & Thankfulness – I know there are slight shades of meaning between these words & the feelings they generate. They're all pretty powerful on a sliding scale continuum.

I'm going on my personal interpretation & perceptions of meaning, & they may be different to the next person.

Gratitude is wonderful, but compared to Appreciation, to me, Gratitude has a slight sense of questioning deservingness about it ("Geez, I'm so glad I got to this place where I've got this & that, & I'm so grateful I've got this & that"…).  A bit of bowing, slight sense of relief after the struggle & questioning about whether you'd achieve or not. And ego kinda still exists. 
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‘Attitude of Gratitude’ Mindset: How To Practice It For Greater Abundance & Happiness

Gratitude AttitudeThere is no faster and more effective way to shift your focus to the positive and raise your energy vibration level than to practice the Attitude of Gratitude for what you already have.

In this Blog post, we delve a bit deeper into Gratitude, it's power as a daily practice, and some practical techniques you can apply easily and immediately.

When I first read about Gratitude in the context of Personal Development, Self Improvement, and Law of Attraction, it really captured my imagination and made so much logical sense.  >>> (more…)

Gratitude and Thanksgiving – Make it Your Daily Practice, All Year ‘Round…

Gratitude and Thanksgiving should be part of your daily practice, all year ’round –  and not just relegated to only one day or week in the year.

GratitudeHaving a special day set aside each year in November to celebrate Thanksgiving is a truly wonderful thing!  It’s so much fun around the tradition, festivities, family, friends, food and sharing.

Amazing as it is, even way better, let’s make it a Gratitude Celebration each and every day, in our own very special, meaningful ways.

Gratitude and reminding yourself of what you’re grateful for, each and every day, is a wonderful way to lift your positive energy vibration level.  And, anything we can do to feel more happy and positive is a very good thing.
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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Gratitude and Appreciation…

HAPPY NEW YEAR to YOU ALL!!!  And here’s to a fabulously successful 2010, and brand new decade ahead!

This is an amazing time of the year to reflect back on what has taken place and gone by during the past year.

And cast forward to the amazing year 2010 and decade before us – and all the possibilities and wonderment yet to come to fruition…

It’s also a wonderful time to express Gratitude and Appreciation for what we have — and joyfully weave in forecast Gratitude and Appreciation for what is yet to come – as if it is already here – a vital ingredient in mastering the successful Manifestation process.    >>>  (more…)

Do You Fancy Yourself as a Social Entrepreneur?

A vitally important part of the Law of Attraction process is genuinely ‘feeling’ and ‘expressing’ Gratitude and Appreciation, and engaging, with integrity and right intentions, in the ‘Giving’ and ‘Receiving’ cycle.

I’m sure you’ve become aware of Oprah Winfrey’s “Big Give” and how important and huge the wave of “Giving Back” and helping others has become.  And, which bring back enormous reciprocal benefits to you in turn…

I’m sure you also would have come across recent terms that have entered our everyday language, like SocialPreneur or Social Preneur, or even SpiritPreneur, and SpiritualPrenuer…

“Giving Back” and “Causing Good Things” to happen in your Community have become part of our evolving consciousness to a higher level, and a growing part of our day-to-day vernacular, and desired way of “being”…

Do you fancy yourself as a Social Entrepreneur?  Have you wondered how you may become involved?

If you have, then I thought you’d really like an early “heads-up” about a new breed Social Community Network that allows you to do just that exactly… and takes Social Networking and Social Media Marketing to its next, new evolved level… 


It’s a project I’ve been involved with very closely in its recent development, so I can speak about it first-hand with integrity, and I highly recommend.


Cagora is a new social Community Network and Marketplace that is opening up officially with a public launch in April 2009.


The company behind this new style of Community Network website, is a one-stop Learning, Meeting and Marketplace – a network of over 25,000 Local and Special Interest Communities, each acting as a one-stop Community for that particular topic, for example, the city of San Francisco (local), or an interest like Law of Attraction (special interest).


I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot of ‘buzz’ about Cagora in coming months.  So you’ll want to check this out really quickly right now.  And, you’ll want to register for your fr-ee account and do that RIGHT NOW today!


Cagora is being touted as possibly the next Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. Wouldn’t you have liked to have been in on those ventures when they were just starting up?


Note:  The name Cagora comes from Agora, which was an open marketplace and public assembly in ancient Greece.  The 'C' represents Community, and the name Cagora represents a Community Marketplace online similar to the Ancient Greek Agora.

With Cagora, you can actually 'Do Good' and earn an income at the same time… The cornerstone of Cagora is the 'Double Feel Good Factor'… earning an extra income for yourself while at the same time 'doing good' for others (80% of profits go back to Members and nominated Charities and Community Groups).

It’s an innovation in Internet Marketing called Community Networking and Community Marketing where you use the power of “Community” to also build your business.

Rob Anderson is the person behind Cagora, and I’ve had the great opportunity to work closely with Rob over the past few months months in bringing Cagora to launch. 


See my recent blog post about my involvement.


I’ll keep it as simple as this for the time being.  There are many other layers and benefits to Cagora, which I will outline for you further later on.


But for now, the main thing is, you should get in there right NOW, and register.  There are big incentives to do that right now (double commissions and life-long bonuses).


You have nothing to lose by doing so – it’s a “no-brainer”!  This time next year, you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t do this now.


If you get in now, I will work with you personally, and help you make the most of your involvement with Cagora.


Let me know what you think.  And when you register, email me or leave a comment below to let me know that you have, and I’ll be in touch.



Kathy 😉 

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