Is Your Own “Internal Conflict” Getting in the Way of Your Success?

When you’re diligently applying Law of Attraction principles, and doing all the dedicated step-by-step work, BUT if what you’re wanting and desiring still isn’t showing up, the likely culprit getting in your way is your own Internal Conflict, Mixed Feelings or Resistance

Does this sound all too familiar to you?…

You’ve been working really hard on improving some areas of your life, but the changes you’re wanting and desiring are really slow happening and dragging, or simply just aren’t even showing up yet at all!

I bet you’ve also probably been reading Self Improvement and Personal Development books, listening to audios and doing courses… (more…)

How To “Enable” the Law of Attraction to Work Effectively For You

I’m sure you’ve heard many people talk and write about their frustrations about making the Law of Attraction work in their lives.

It’s as though there’s a missing ingredient or piece of the puzzle that alludes them.

You may share some of these frustrations too.  Rest assured, we all have experienced them at times in our lives.  That’s perfectly normal.

And then there was the criticism and controversy that surrounded ‘The Secret’ book and movie and the claims that the teachers simplified the concepts, focused on the materialistic aspects, and withheld vital information.

I thought you’d be interested in reading my thoughts about this in my Blog post on the Law of Attraction and Success Mindset which covers the 3 Vital Ingredients required to make the Law of Attraction work effectively and successfully in your life. It tells you how to go “full circle” and “enable” the Law of Attraction flow, like turning on a tap… (more…)

Law of Attraction Success – Learnings and Revelations From My Own Journey

We’re all seeking to be happier, more successful, have more freedom and more meaning in our lives.

I would like to share this with you…

I’ve done a lot of soul searching and thinking about ways to make this a helpful and valuable experience for you here at YourSuccessMasteryNow.

I’m keen to help you find the solutions, the shortcuts.  If I can do that, I’d be delighted!  I have a strong desire to help others along their journey – to make a difference in people’s lives…

I’m sure I’m just like you are – a ‘seeker’.  I’m always looking for better ways, to self improve, to be financially free, to have all the resources I want so I can have the Freedom Lifestyle to do what I want to do when I want to.  My aim is to help you too along your journey… (more…)

Do You Believe in the Power of Community and the Wisdom of the Crowd?

We are all connected in some way.  We are part of one big worldwide “Community”.

And there are powerful, immeasurable benefits in the Power of Community and the Wisdom of the Crowd.

By Wisdom of the Crowd I mean the collective opinion and enormous leveraging power of a likeminded group of people.  This certainly has been expanded in recent times by the democratization of public participation that has come about as a result of the amazing explosion of Social Media sites.

Where ever our consciousness level may be at, we connect with others at the same or similar level, no matter where we reside in our worldwide “Community”.


When our consciousness is elevated, we connect with others at that much desired higher level.


Just in the same way that the Law of Attraction works, we connect with people who are of like mind – we draw them to us, or they likewise draw us into their sphere.  We connect at that quantum level (scientifically speaking – Quantum Mechanics).

Yes, OK, that might sound a bit spooky to some of you.  But it’s true.  It’s based in scientific fact.

We are energetic fields emanating energy waves and vibes, radiating out from us, all the time, over long distances, whether we’re feeling positive or negative, or anything in between.  And those energy fields connect with others, and bring to us what we “vibrate” and “attract”.

We’ve seen major shifts in consciousness over the past decade or so years…  Which overall only have been positive movements forward in our collective evolution, you would have to agree…

Yes, the global financial/economic crisis is a huge distraction (GFC or GEC, whatever you want to call it), but we will work through it, and we will survive…

Even if it means for some there will be downsizing, simplifying, re-starting – there has to be a positive in there somewhere for us ALL.  It all depends on your perception, together with how you decide to respond, the actions you take, and the opportunties you seize.

My goodness, I’ve gotten a little bit off track with what I wanted to say –

While all the above is so relevant as a lead in, I really wanted to talk to you and share with you about the Power of Community and the Wisdom of the Crowd.  Because this is so relevant – we are all connected and can help each other – as long as we reach out and connect…

I’m very proud to say that there’s an amazing new program I’ve been involved with in developing over the past 9 months around the concept of the Power of Community + Community Networking + Community Building + Community Marketing + Community Commerce Business Model.

As I’ve said to you before, I will share with you any business or marketing ideas I come across I believe are great and worthy that could help you build your business or enhance your business success – IF I have a direct positive personal experience with a program or initiative, and feel that I can recommend to you with total integrity. And, this is certainly a program I am excited to recommend to you.

Check it out here to see if this interests you and if it does, please do yourself a favor, and come jump on board and do join us.

Be sure to check out the video that explains it all for you.

This program enables you to combine your interests in “Community” and move it into the next gear of Community Networking, combined with the brand new ground breaking trend of Community Commerce to build a business that also brings in income if you wish.

Check it out here and make sure you check out the video.

As always, please do let me know what you think.  It’s as easy as leaving a comment below here on my Blog.

Wishing you much Success!

Kathy 😉

P.S. Do yourself a big favor and check out the video on – it’s an absolute must – and then register as a fr-ee Joint Venture Affiliate and come on board.

P.P.S Also check out my previous Blog post about an amazing example of Community Networking and the Wisdom of the Crowd about Climate Change – Our Future is in Your Hands here

Kathy Baker
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Are You Interested in Applying Law of Attraction to Create Online Business Success?

There’s a brand new program just about to go public that enables you to take your interest in Success Mindset and Law of Attraction and apply them to help you build the Business of Your Dreams?


That’s if you’ve ever had the desire to have the Home Business of Your Dreams…

Well, let me give you a very special ‘heads up’, and tell you about the launch of the HYPNOTIC BUSINESS BLUEPRINT… a product that shows you how to
build an Online Business, step-by-step, from SCRATCH…

…but with a ‘Mindset’ that ATTRACTS Success and Wealth

It’s where the Law of Attraction meets Online Marketing!

I know how important the Law of Attraction and Success Mindset are to you, so I wanted to share this new resource with you.


NO one in this industry has ever put this kind of emphasis on a Business Building product.  It combines the essential ‘Success Mindset’, together with Law of Attraction principles, and the right Action Steps to help you build a successful Online Business in 30-60-90 days, depending on your commitment, and chosen timeframe.

This is a new home study course with a step-by-step guide to building an Online Business from scratch, combined with Success Mindset and Law of Attraction principles to a level that’s never been done before.


It’s where you can take your interest in Law of Attraction principles and practices, using and applying this special Business Building System to achieve the Success you desire to Live the Life of Your Desires and Dreams.


I’ll keep you up to date as this exciting new program goes public.

To Your Success!

Many Blessings

Kathy 😉

P.S. Picture yourself eliminating the fear and obstacles that are holding you back… and replacing them with a ‘Success Mindset’ where you ‘Attract’
Opportunity and Success throughout the process… and ending up with a LASTING Online Business that thrives!


Kathy Baker
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An Exciting New Venture

I thought I’d tell you about a big project I’ve been working on with my client the past 6-7 months – providing business development, marketing and copywriting support.  (I'm part of a global team of consultants, developers, volunteers, and Marketing and Comms team.  It's been pretty full on!!!…)

The program is just about to go into serious pre-launch, and then public launch after mid-March.  So this is a heads up for you…  It combines "community" elements perfectly with "business/commercial" elements…

This program is huge and has several elements, but I'll try to give you a relatively brief overview here.  And then there's a web page you can visit with videos to check it out further.


·         It’s a Social Entrepreneuring organization focused on community connecting and enabling, with programs that produce income, and return 80% of profits back to members, charities and community groups.


· It’s a new breed "Authority" Community Network taking the booming trends of Social Networking and Social Media to the next level, with Community Networking and Community Media, and works with the "wisdom of the crowd".


It's like a combination of Social Networks, Wikipedia, Yellow Pages business directory, and more, all rolled into one, where the "conversations" are about People, Business and what's happening in the Community, not about Saturday night's party photos.


· There are Affiliate and Joint Venture Partner opportunities to earn an income, and nominate charities, community groups, and non-profits to receive money.  The Affiliate Program is fr-ee, and if Affiliates join during pre-launch, they get automatic JV Partner status with double commissions.


· There are a range of Online Internet Marketing Business Products that can be marketed to local businesses – ranging from a fr-ee website (with infomercial, video etc – a real "no- brainer") through to paid products that get them to the top of Google for local search via a patent pending system we've developed.  Plus other fr-ee and paid products.


· Virtual Real Estate – via a program that rolls out globally.  You can actually grab your own piece of virtual real estate as a Development Partner, hence the use of Community Land Rush theme.  Or you can market it to others to do so, and earn commissions.


There are 20,000 Local World (based on physical area via postal codes, eg. City of Los Angeles) and Special Interest Communities (eg. Law of Attraction, Bonsai Gardening, Rock Climbing etc) that are up for grabs.


· Cause Good Things (program) to happen in your community, including online courses such as ‘Learn to Earn to Give’.


· Plus heaps more.


The company is Melbourne Australia based, with global reach (the 20,000 Local and Special Interest Communities I mentioned), and over 47,000 members globally, which will grow even further during launch.


If this sounds interesting to you, I’d recommend that once you check out the web page above, videos, register now as a Fr-ee Affiliate via my link above, and then you'll be tagged to me, and I will help you personally and guide you with inside tips.


After all, amongst the many things I've worked on, I developed the Affiliate Marketing Program and Quick Start Guides so Affiliates can get started fast.


And remember, if you join as an Affiliate now during pre-launch you get automatic Joint Venture Partner status, with double commissions and other benefits.


To register, it’s as easy as filling in a few details on the form. Then you can get your own Affiliate links, and share info with your friends, contacts and networks, and they'll be tagged to you in a single tier set up. (And no, it’s not network marketing, and yes it is Affiliate Marketing).


There are heaps of webinars and trainings happening that will do a lot of the work for you.


Many Blessings!

Kathy 😉