The Power of Community and the Wisdom of the Crowd

Here’s a wonderful, powerful example of the Power of Community and the Wisdom of the Crowd.

It’s the Climate Change – Our Future is in Your Hands “Human Sign” Rally at St.Kilda Beach, Melbourne, Australia on Sunday 17 May 2009.

This is just a little bit up the road from me in Port Melbourne, in my very much loved neck of the woods.

A Human Sign is where people assemble to form letters of a phrase designed to send a message to government.

The message – CLIMATE CHANGE – OUR FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS – was submitted by 11 year old schoolgirl Sophie Dickinson.

How powerful and cool is that, eh!?

Climate Change Human Sign

Climate Change - Our Future is In Your Hands 'Human Sign' Rally, St Kilda Beach, Melbourne, Australia, 17 May 2009 (Photos courtesy of

People assembled on the beach and organized into formation to make up the letters of the words.

Climate Change Human Sign

Climate Change Human Sign

When we band together, we have the power to change the world.

Just Imagine what is possible when the vision of 11 yo Sophie can rally people to support her idea in this way.


Wishing you much Success!


Kathy ;-)

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Spending Time with Likeminded People is Very Much Part of Your Own Success…

It’s a lonely world if you try to do it ALL on your own… It’s so much better to link up with other likeminded people you genuinely connect with, & with whom you have a common bond, for mutual support… And amazing Friendships may blossom also, to boot, if you choose wisely…

I had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with Lynn Terry last week over a long lunch during her very brief Australian vacation, after meeting her last mid-December at a 30DayChallenge Christmas Melbourne MeetUp (Ed Dale), on her first holiday here.

Lunch with Lynn Terry, Rob Anderson, Paul Young and Me.

That’s Lynn, Rob Anderson & me at the end of our long lunch in the pic taken by Paul Young who was also with us (Ed Dale’s main man for photography & videos).

We’ve kept in regular contact since then, & Lynn also has kindly agreed to be interviewed for my other project I’m doing jointly with my biz partner & very good friend Alex Newell – Expert List Building.

Yes, absolutely, part of the ‘Law of Attraction’ process is – You put it out there to attract likeminded people… And when they appear, that’s not just it, that’s not the end of the story… Not at all…

You then nurture those relationships. You give to them, as much, or even way more than they give to you, & you ‘develop’ a mutually beneficial relationship… There are no limits or weighing points…

And these associations may lead to valuable Joint Venture relationships also, where you hook up, & work together, to promote each others’ valuable offerings, resources, products or services.

I also met Rob Anderson at a 30DC Melbourne MeetUp. And, when we discovered we both shared a strong common interest in Social Entrepreneuring, we totally hit it off immediately!…

I’ve been working with Rob ever since helping him to launch Cagora in the marketplace – a new breed ‘Authority’ Community Network. And, we’ve become good Friends ever since.

Without any doubt, whatsoever, our personal connections make us stronger, invigorate us, fuel us even more for creative ideas, new possibilities, help grow us even further, & reach our full potential…

Yes, we have our solid foundations, our Family & long-time Friends, but if we also stay open to developing new Associations & Friendships, our Lives become even more evolved, richer & fulfilled, along Life’s amazing continuum…

Many Blessings

Kathy 😉

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