‘Self-Improvement Success Secrets’ Book Published on Amazon Kindle!


11 Best-Ever Steps to
SELF-COACH Yourself to
Ultimate Success in Life

is available on Amazon Kindle right here.

If You Want to Learn How to Take Control of Your Life & Achieve Living Your Best Possible Life, this Book Will Show You How…

This Book combines Self-Coaching Techniques & 'Processes' used in Coaching (by Life, Personal and Business Coaches), based around Success Principles, Success Mindset & Success Secrets of Achievers, combined with Energy Clearing, Releasing & Reprogramming Methods.

Energy Dynamics, Law of Attraction Principles, & information from Neuroscience Research about how the brain works, are also incorporated throughout this Book.

The Self-Coaching ‘process’ outlined in this Book, arranged in an adaptable Step-By-Step fashion, provides a perfect, practical & beneficial blueprint for you to use & apply to achieve your desired changes & enhancements in areas of Your Life.  And importantly, to help you to step up to the next level in Your Life… >>> (more…)

‘BE’ Yourself & True to Who YOU Are…

… And, Know Yourself, Your Purpose & Passions, & Your Special Contribution to Others, & to the World…

Be Yourself - Oscar WildeBeing Yourself True to Who You Are involves Knowing Yourself & being in Integrity & Authenticity about who You are & Your Life.

Being your true Authentic Self is so important. Don’t try to be someone else. Carve your own special pathway. Develop your own unique identity & be proud & confident of who You are. You are special, & each one of us has something unique to contribute.

Be true to your own values & standards. You are not here to meet those of others. >>> (more…)

Shine Your Light So Brightly…

"Be a Shining, Guiding Light to the People in Your Life… Show the Way… You never know who you'll Inspire, Awaken, Empower, & just plain make 'Feel Good' with your Guidance, Insights, Wisdom, Care, Kindness & Love"… ~ Kathy Baker  ️️

Shining Light








Lighthouse Symbolism…

I've always loved & been fascinated by the beautiful symbolic meaning of Lighthouses as Guiding Lights They stand tall, solid & still as a shining, guiding light to lead ships safely into port. They don’t run up & down the beach in a mad frenzy, or scamper along the coastline looking for ships to help… Instead, they stand rock-solid, upright, uphold their stationary position with confidence & pride in their own strength, & show the way by attracting ships to them… >>> (more…)

Done is Better Than Perfect!

Done is Better Than PerfectAnd, it’s just SO spot on to keep this sentiment in mind as it applies to just about everything we do in our lives… 'Perfect Imperfections' are just fine…

This sentiment certainly rings true for me right now with special ‘hit home’ meaning, especially just having finally published my new Book on Amazon Kindle, as getting there was a helluva long-haul ‘process’… But phew, I’m really pleased to say I got there… smiley

Speaking of which, just reflecting on that ‘process’, for all you aspiring or seasoned writers out there – whether you write Blog posts, content or promotional emails to clients/subscribers, Facebook content posts, entire Books, ads, or indeed anything & everything in between, I think you’ll find these quotes quite illuminating and amusing wink… and Be Kind to Yourselves… >>> (more…)

Believing in Yourself is Essential to Achieving Success

Believe in YourselfBELIEVE in YOURSELF that YOU CAN DO IT!!!  If you have a long-time DREAM clearly fixed in your mind, that's firmly wedged in YOUR VISION, and you’re operating in the areas of YOUR PASSIONS, combined with a clear, rock solid ACTION PLAN, with tangible, actionable steps in place that you’ve switched on, or are about to launch, then YOU WILL get there and MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR YOU!!!  YOU WILL SUCCEED!!!

There are some further Key Secrets and vitally important Ingredients to bear in mind also. >>> (more…)

Communication is the Cornerstone of Our Human Existence, Happiness and Success…


“Good, Honest, Open COMMUNICATION, unfettered by any constraints, is the cornerstone of any good quality, highly functioning, and effective RELATIONSHIP… It has to be mutually worked at, 2-way street, and beneficial to both, or all parties involved.”

This applies in ALL Relationships, whether in Personal Relationships, Love Partnership, or with Friends or Family…

Equally also in Business relationships and associations…  >>> (more…)