Gratitude AttitudeThere is no faster and more effective way to shift your focus to the positive and raise your energy vibration level than to practice the Attitude of Gratitude for what you already have.

In this Blog post, we delve a bit deeper into Gratitude, it's power as a daily practice, and some practical techniques you can apply easily and immediately.

When I first read about Gratitude in the context of Personal Development, Self Improvement, and Law of Attraction, it really captured my imagination and made so much logical sense.  >>>

Whenever I feel myself getting off course, out of kilter, or going into a mini meltdown about something that's not working, like trying to grapple with internet marketing tech issues ๐Ÿ™ , I reach for the Gratitude Attitude and express Thanks for all the wonderful and great things I already have to be grateful for in my life, right now!

It’s such a powerful reminder and effective grounder that potentially switches your mood instantly.  It makes such an immediate and amazing difference to how you feel about things.

It's the purest and quickest way I know how to get myself shifted into a positive mindset, to "Be" in the "Moment", and lift my energy frequency.

Gratitude can be your best friend and an amazingly effective tool, and fun at the same time!…

Take a moment right now and look around you and express your Gratitude for what you already have, and notice your mood lift and feel the magic…

When something really great has happened and you’re saying Thanks, take notice of the physical sensations and tingles that rise up in your body in that moment of joy.

Keep in mind to watch out for, and learn to read more about the feelings and physical sensations in your body and what they mean – it's all part of raising and expanding your self awareness.

The more you feel grateful, the more you radiate an energy that attracts more about which to be grateful. When you’re genuinely feeling grateful, in that very moment, you are at the same time creating a space, or vacuum, to invite and call in abundance and prosperity into your life.

In her book "You Can Heal Your Life", Louise Hay says:
"Expressing Gratitude for what we already have enables it to grow."

That is so true…

Here are some practical things you can do to get your Attitude of Gratitude practice happening regularly:

๐Ÿ™‚  Make a list of all the things you are grateful for that you already have in your life right now.  Appreciate and celebrate them…

๐Ÿ™‚  Keep a daily Gratitude Journal or Notebook where you set aside a few minutes every day and reflect on what happened for which you are grateful and appreciate.

Doing this at a set time each day is the best way so that it becomes a joyful habit you continue on an ongoing basis, easily and happily, and look forward to the practice.

๐Ÿ™‚  Upon waking in the morning, look forward to your day, and before setting your Intentions for the day, reflect on and give thanks for all the great things in your life.

๐Ÿ™‚  At night when you’ve gone to bed, for a few moments as you relax, reflect back on your day and express Gratitude for the positive things that happened.

You may even choose to focus on some of the not so positive thing/s as you reflect optimistically and forgivingly on the lesson/s they may have brought to your attention and their possible underlying or hidden meaning/s.

Then reflect and give thanks for the broader "Big Picture" things – your relationships with your loved ones, family, friends, associates, business partners and contacts…  your beautiful safe and replenishing home haven, your wonderful lush, invigorating garden…  your great job or career, or the opportunity to be your own boss in your own business, or work from home and build a great home business you’re passionate about and totally love, and so forth…

๐Ÿ™‚  Take a Gratitude Walk, or turn your daily walk into a Gratitude Walk, by using the time to think about and develop your Gratitude and Appreciation mindset.

As you walk along, and as your eyes focus on the immediate things that come within your close eye range, you can truly appreciate what "being in the moment" is like, one moment at a time….

This is a wonderful time to look at and take in all the magnificent wonders of nature around you – the gardens, the plants and flowers, the colors, the scents, the birds, the blue sky, the fresh breeze… This is also a fabulous way to appreciate the true boundless, natural abundance of nature.

As you continue to walk, keep your mind on all the positives in your immediate local environment and in your life… from the beauty and variety in your neighbors’ gardens, the changes from day to day, the way your local government body maintains communal parkland areas and amenities…  to the way walking makes you feel invigorated and alive… to your Appreciation of all the wonderful, loving people in your life.

Give special Thanks to the marvel of how magnificent your body is for working the way it does…  Notice every breath you breathe in.  Can you feel the oxygen rushing into your lungs, as they expand, with each breath you take?  When you focus on that, can you feel yourself centred within your own body?

I often express Gratitude for the way my body just breathes automatically, whether I'm awake or asleep.  How marvellous is that!

Keep your positive Gratitude thoughts coming right through your entire walk and you’ll feel fabulous and refreshed, both emotionally and physically.

๐Ÿ™‚  And now, let’s focus in on YOU by having you express Gratitude to yourself, for YOU – your talents and abilities, your accomplishments today, your sense of humor, the wonderful qualities you bring to your interactions with other people, and how you make a difference by just being YOU.

This is a very empowering exercise. Try it. You can even do this while looking in the mirror at yourself and affirming how valuable and deserving you are of all good things.

Practice these techniques so that they become automatic and second nature to you. You’ll be so glad you did…  And then, look out for the positive outcomes and results as they come flowing into your life…

To Your Success!
With Blessings and Gratitude!


Kathy Baker
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