AppreciationGratitude, Appreciation & Thankfulness – I know there are slight shades of meaning between these words & the feelings they generate. They're all pretty powerful on a sliding scale continuum.

I'm going on my personal interpretation & perceptions of meaning, & they may be different to the next person.

Gratitude is wonderful, but compared to Appreciation, to me, Gratitude has a slight sense of questioning deservingness about it ("Geez, I'm so glad I got to this place where I've got this & that, & I'm so grateful I've got this & that"…).  A bit of bowing, slight sense of relief after the struggle & questioning about whether you'd achieve or not. And ego kinda still exists. 

Whereas Appreciation feels like a higher energy vibration level, where you just 'Appreciate' that you have it, & don't question it.

You're at a place where baggage & ego don't enter, & you believe that you are one with Source & receiving naturally, without question of whether you're deserving or not.

Esther & Jerry Hicks via Abraham talk about Appreciation & Gratitude, with Appreciation being the higher energy. Many others talk about both Gratitude & Appreciation being high energy levels, & don't differentiate.

It's like using the 4 Levels of Consciousness, from bottom up:

Level 4.  Competent – Unconscious – Where everything just flows naturally, without effort, where I believe Appreciation resides…

Level 3.  Competent – Conscious – Learning, consolidating, increasing awareness of self, others & surrounds, where I believe Gratitude resides…

AppreciationLevel 2.  Incompetent – Conscious – Awakening, searching, looking for something more, greater meaning & purpose…

Level 1.  Incompetent – Unconscious – Victimhood, "don't know nothin' ", unaware, blame mentality, lowest base level…

Or even compare Dr David Hawkins' 'Map of Consciousness' that maps a scale of energy from very low (fear, anger etc) to courage at the mid-way point, to joy, peace, enlightenment at the high energy end.  Gratitude and Appreciation would be high up on that scale.

Or moving through from the Law of Attraction to the Law of Creation to the Abundance Paradigm (Dr. Joe Vitale).

I'd love to know your thoughts on this topic.  Please do let me know what you think by leaving your comment below.

Many Blessings & Appreciation!
Kathy Baker
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