Gratitude and Thanksgiving should be part of your daily practice, all year ’round –  and not just relegated to only one day or week in the year.

GratitudeHaving a special day set aside each year in November to celebrate Thanksgiving is a truly wonderful thing!  It’s so much fun around the tradition, festivities, family, friends, food and sharing.

Amazing as it is, even way better, let’s make it a Gratitude Celebration each and every day, in our own very special, meaningful ways.

Gratitude and reminding yourself of what you’re grateful for, each and every day, is a wonderful way to lift your positive energy vibration level.  And, anything we can do to feel more happy and positive is a very good thing.

Even beyond that, I’ve felt and believed for a long time now that Appreciation is a very strong vibration, often going beyond Gratitude.

Appreciation is a higher vibration level and surpasses Gratitude, the latter which has a sense of apology, fawning about it.

Take some special time out each day to remind yourself of what you have to be Grateful for, and see the awesome difference that plays out for you before you in your experiences – through your eyes and what you see, and through your thoughts and feelings.

Don’t let all the stuff and crap of the day overcome and overwhelm you, that you don’t make time for this special practice.

And, when you do, notice how differently you feel.  How much better you feel, and the world looks so much better and more positive.  Refer to my post on Your Perceptions Influence the Way You See the World.

Expressing Gratitude helps you focus on “being” in the moment and being thankful, setting aside and devoid of the worries of the past, and the imagined fears of the future…

If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to:

🙂  Set up and keep a Daily Gratitude Journal or Notebook and set aside some time toward the end of your day, or even during your day as events happen, if that’s how you might prefer to operate and behave, to note down what you are grateful for in your day.

🙂  Go for a Gratitude Walk and appreciate all the wonderful Abundance of Nature all around you.  It’s the simple things, and the “effortless”, natural growth of Nature that teaches us so much…

🙂  If you find that you don’t have any events or circumstances in your day to get too excited about, then just keep it simple, basic, yet very profound – Express Gratitude for the wonderful PEOPLE in your life – the gorgeous, innocent Children, wonderful Family, and amazing, supportive Friends… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Main thing is, just go and do it!  As often as you can, each and every day…

While Appreciation is a higher vibration than Gratitude, the two work together in a mighty powerful combination!..

Be Happy and Grateful!  And Happy ThanksGiving!

To Your Success!


Kathy Baker
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