HAPPY NEW YEAR to YOU ALL!!!  And here’s to a fabulously successful 2010, and brand new decade ahead!

This is an amazing time of the year to reflect back on what has taken place and gone by during the past year.

And cast forward to the amazing year 2010 and decade before us – and all the possibilities and wonderment yet to come to fruition…

It’s also a wonderful time to express Gratitude and Appreciation for what we have — and joyfully weave in forecast Gratitude and Appreciation for what is yet to come – as if it is already here – a vital ingredient in mastering the successful Manifestation process.    >>> 

For me, the last few days have been quite surreal…  Partly prompted unfortunately by my carelessly twisting/spraining my knee earlier in the week, forcing me to take it easy, and stop jumping around like a jack-in-the-box.

The celestial message: take it easy, relax, kick back, take time to reflect and review…

Not that I don’t already try to do this, but there has been an added “twist” – no pun intended!  Hehehe 😉

Last night, New Year’s Eve was absolutely amazing!

After 2 consecutive days of 38C and 37C hot conditions, as predicted by 8.45pm the changed conditions came through with brooding, ominous dark clouds impregnating the still daylight savings sky, boding the storms to come (threatening the traditional New Year’s Even Midnight fireworks display).

By 9.15pm, the storm erupted brilliantly, with much needed rain, thunder and lightning.  I’m a very biased lover of thunderstorms, and find them exciting and mesmerizing, so that was like an added bonus for me.

Midnight approached – the exhilarating countdown into the New Year and a brand new decade – and the thunderstorms continued, and thankfully, the fireworks proceeded as planned.  YIPPEE!!!

Again surreal – 360 degrees around me (my home is just 5 kms south of Melbourne’s Central Business District, and one block away from the seaside boardwalk), we watched the fireworks explode brilliantly into the now dark midnight sky, intermingled with lightning and fireworks, all round.  How amazing and glorious!  I’ve never seen or experienced the combination before.

A pleasing example of Mother Nature doing her natural thing, and kindly allowing human-made fireworks to share center stage with her on this very special occasion.  Graciously, room for all, eh?…

What a gift.  What a brilliant experience to witness.

So, as I said this is a great time to say Thanks, and express Gratitude and Appreciation

For me, the amazing opportunity I have to:

🙂  Operate from my Home Business in Internet Marketing, sharing information in Self Improvement, Success Mindset and Law of Attraction, with other people, and inspire them.

🙂  Live My Life on Purpose…

🙂  Help others along their journey of achieving self-transformation and helping them enhance their lives.

🙂  Reach a much wider audience with this wonderful information I wish to share.

🙂  “Make a difference” in other people’s lives.

🙂  Attract, connect and work with wonderful likeminded people who are on the same wavelength, share insights, goals, and aspirations.

🙂  Enjoy more great Joint Venture Partnerships to collaborate with likeminded individuals so that together we can make a difference in People’s lives.

🙂  And much more…

I invite you to take this time to express Gratitude and Appreciation for what you have, and what you wish to have for now, into 2010, and beyond…

Write it down in 2 columns, or in 2 sequential sections, if you wish.

New Year is an incredibly cleansing pivotal time to review, let go, and refresh and re-align where you wish to go.

Take the best advantage of this time, and set yourself on the right course you desire…

I wish you the very best for the New Year and Super Successful year ahead!

To Your Success!


Kathy Baker

P.S.  Have a TOTALLY FABULOUS NEW YEAR!!!  As my Happy New Year gift to you, here’s a link to the classic “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill – http://bit.ly/8qeYFO – Enjoy!

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P.P.P.P.S.  More lovely rumbles as more thunderstorms brewing right now Jan 1 2010 evening, as we speak…  Here it comes, rain falling right now, rumbling continuing…