“Good, Honest, Open COMMUNICATION, unfettered by any constraints, is the cornerstone of any good quality, highly functioning, and effective RELATIONSHIP… It has to be mutually worked at, 2-way street, and beneficial to both, or all parties involved.”

This applies in ALL Relationships, whether in Personal Relationships, Love Partnership, or with Friends or Family…

Equally also in Business relationships and associations…  >>>

Keep your COMMUNICATION with others high priority, well revered and sacred. Work at it, keep it well-maintained, and it will reap you many rewards…

Develop your own Communication style and set of principles or code that fit right with you and in your relationships with others. Enjoy the fulfillment, contentment and pride when your relationships are working… ~ Kathy Baker

A simple formula for sure, but not always achieved, but only by few, certainly not the majority.

Communication is the key to our human existence.

To Your Success!
With Many Blessings & Gratitude!

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