Music Supercharges Your Brain FunctionEvidence abounds that Music in actual fact increases and ‘supercharges’ your brain function… This is a really big, major plus to pay particular attention to!

Music is also a highly effective ‘mood-lifter’, and has the capacity to instantly inject and stimulate happy feelings into you, and switch your attention in a positive direction – either those inspired by the particular song you’re enjoying, or ones of your choosing also, if you consciously use this vehicle in this way.

 Music Stimulates & Uses the Entire BrainMedical research studies have revealed that Music actually makes the brain grow as it promotes brain plasticity making it more flexible for growth in certain functional areas. 

So, when you’re enjoying your fave Music that uplifts and inspires you, with lyrics and words that really connect with Your Heart and Soul, know that it’s also doing you heaps of good too!…

Apparently, Music also increases memory capabilities. And language and motor skills in particular have been observed to increase with playing a musical instrument.

So now you have really palpable, added reasons to listen to your favorite music, any time… >>>

Listen to Your Favorite Music You Love for ‘Positive’ Inspiration as well as a ‘Happiness’ Boost… 

Music-Feelings-GuitarYour favorite Music can be a source of Positive Inspiration as well as a Happiness boost.

Music is always a great reason and effective mood-lifting vehicle to use to escape into Happiness, or whatever other ‘Feeling’ you’re seeking.

“Music is what ‘Feelings’ sound like.” ~ Unknown 

If you have favorite uplifting songs you love, with words that connect with What You Want and Desire, then do play them often.

It’s a great idea to make a list and pull together your favorite collection of inspirational and motivational songs with special, meaningful lyrics that just seem to perfectly fit and support Your Vision and Goals… or just simply make you Happy, uplift your mood, energy and vibrancy levels, and invigorate you.

I have many favorites (too many to mention here), including one relating to Vision by Seal. It’s the power of the words and lyrics to the music that just makes it purely magical.

Music - FeelingsIf you have a Vision Board, either online or physical, you also could glance at and take in your ‘visual’ images of What You Want and Desire or your Goals so they’re within your eye shot range as you listen to the Music you love… It will have a ‘double whammy’ multiplying and reinforcing effect…

Music is the Language of the Soul…

Music is the Language of the SoulYou can also use Music to Connect with Your Inner Self and Your Soul

“Music is the Universal language of the Soul.” ~ Wish Hunt

“Music is the Universal language of Mankind.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,

“Music is the language of the Spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

Music in the Soul Can Be Heard by the Universe“Music in the Soul can be heard by the Universe.” ~ Lao Tzu

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” ~ Ludwig Van Beethoven

“Music is a WORLD within itself, with a LANGUAGE, we all UNDERSTAND.” ~ Stevie Wonder 

“Music does something to the heart and the brain…
I don’t know what it is.” ~ Bruce Springsteen

Music - Higher than Wisdom & PhilosophyIt is also regarded that when you go through a phase of loving and immersing yourself in a particular style of music, with an intense new or even renewed fervor, it’s a sign that you’re going through a period where an emerging, awakening, or further evolving part of your Soul is in the process of happening. 

Apparently, this applies to dance as a creative expression also.

I love this vital and fascinating topic and cover it in my new
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Music - Language

Make Special Time to Get Your Music Dose or ‘Hit’…
No Pun Intended…

It’s great to set aside special time to listen to your favorite Music. But you can also integrate it with other things you may be doing. 

Perhaps when you’re doing work or chores around your home… Or while you’re doing more routine tasks in your work or business that allows you to easily have accompanying music on in the background – as long as it’s work that’s mechanical and doesn’t require intense focus and concentration… Or perhaps even creative work, where you can easily integrate a little invigorating side inspiration to get those Love Music!
creative juices rolling, without distracting your flow.

I also often find the best time to catch up with my fave songs is while driving in my car – I love the ‘surprise’ factor in the array of songs that pop up and come to my notice… and can’t wait to see what it’ll be that day… There always seems to be a relevant reason for me hearing a particular song and its meaning… Just about the best use of time when driving and makes the trip extra worthwhile… smiley

To Your Success!
With Many Blessings & Gratitude!

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