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I have structured these Helpful Resources under specific subject headings to make it easier for you to access what you may be interest at pursuing and looking at further.

Starting with my own Books based around a range of topics dealing with ‘Success Principles’ & ‘Success Mindset’.

My Books on ‘Success’ on Amazon Kindle


11 Best-Ever Steps to SELF-COACH Yourself

to Ultimate Success in Life
is available on Amazon Kindle right here.

This Book reveals the 11 Best-Ever Steps to SELF-COACH Yourself to Ultimate Success in LifeIf You Want to Learn How to Take Control of Your Life & Achieve Living Your Best Possible Life, this Book Will Show You How…

This Book combines Self-Coaching Techniques & ‘Processes’ used in Coaching (by Life, Personal and Business Coaches), based around Success Principles, Success Mindset & Success Secrets of Achievers, combined with Energy Clearing, Releasing & Reprogramming Methods.

Energy Dynamics, Law of Attraction Principles, & information from Neuroscience Research about how the brain works, are also incorporated throughout this Book.

The Self-Coaching ‘process’ outlined in this Book, arranged in an adaptable Step-By-Step fashion, provides a perfect, practical & beneficial blueprint for you to use & apply to achieve your desired changes & enhancements in areas of Your Life.  And importantly, to help you to step up to the next level in Your Life…

Relaxation Techniques Book

This Relaxation Techniques Book is a handy Self-Help Tips Guide that shows you how to achieve a relaxed state quickly and easily, using simple and effective Relaxation methods that make immediate, practical sense for everyday use.  

You will help you feel calmer, more relaxed, in more emotional control, and experience improved wellbeing, peace of mind, self mastery and greater success.  No laborious, esoteric, convoluted, or over-the-top processes.  Just nice, simple, do-able techniques you can easily do yourself, anywhere, anytime, no fuss, no bother.

You can get it here right now


My ‘Success’ e-Books

You can find them right here

‘Self Coaching Guide To Ultimate Success’

‘How To Overcome Procrastination and Take Effective Inspired Action – A Planning and “Doing Guide To Success’

‘Relax Your Way To Success – 7 Easy Steps To Quick Relaxation’

‘How To “Crack the Code” and Transform Your Money Mindset For Ultimate Money Success’