In ‘The Secret’ Book and companion Movie about the Law of Attraction, and on the many television programs that featured it, the participating Teachers spoke a great deal about Intentions and Energy and the role they play in creating our lives and our ability to achieve Success and get what we want and desire.

The media coverage was extensive, with major television programs like the Oprah Show, Larry King Live, Ellen Degeneris, CBS, and many others covering the topic.  And with TV’s power to reach a much wider audience, many more people became intrigued to learn all they could about the principles.

So, what are some of the Key Lessons we can learn from what they said? …      

1.  The Power of Your “Intentions”

‘The Secret’ teachers talked a lot about Intentions, and the importance of clarity, commitment, and being absolutely totally unwavering about your Intentions.

It’s all about keeping your Vision crystal clear and steadfast before you in the utmost positive light (with no doubts, not even for a moment) along the way, and holding that space consistently until you manifest your desire.

2.  The “Energy” You Put Out

On the shows, ‘The Secret’ teachers talked a lot about the energy frequencies we emit and how this impacts on what we attract, what we manifest, and our experience of our world.

Basically, what this means is that:

In the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics, everything is Energy – and the flow of that energy is controlled by our thoughts, emotions and ‘feelings’, which create an energetic ‘vibration’ or resonance of varying levels of intensity.

Each one of us is a field of energy, within a larger field of energy, and so forth. It’s like being a radio transmitter. Just imagine radio waves emanating from you at varying levels of intensity depending on what you are thinking and how you are ‘feeling’ at any given time.

The frequency you project out through your thoughts, emotions and ‘feelings’ is what you have a tendency to manifest in your life – whether those thoughts and emotions are conscious or sub-conscious, positive or negative, it makes no difference. The Universe doesn’t judge – it delivers to you what you spend most of your time thinking and ‘feeling’ about.

As we are all made of energy, the frequency at which we vibrate connects with other people who are vibrating at the same or similar frequency level. We attract people and circumstances into our lives accordingly.

If we are projecting at a low frequency – fear, blame, guilt, shame, anxiety, humiliation – we connect with, or attract others at a similar frequency. Even if our conscious mind wants higher goals, our actual feelings and emotions will connect with the lower frequencies at which we are ‘feeling’ (causes self-sabotage, blockages, and time delays in manifestation).

If we are operating at a higher frequency – acceptance, love, joy, peace, bliss, enlightenment – we will connect with others who are operating at higher frequencies also.
To help illustrate this further, in the book ‘Power Vs Force’, Dr David Hawkins provides a Map of Consciousness chart which plots emotions and their energy frequency levels. Here’s an excerpt to give you a broad idea.

Enlightenment – 700-1,000
Peace – 600
Joy – 540
Love – 500
Reason – 400
Acceptance – 350
Willingness – 310
Neutrality – 250
Courage – 200
Pride – 175
Anger – 150
Desire – 125
Fear – 100
Grief – 75
Apathy – 50
Guilt – 30
Shame – 20

You will see that Courage is the middle point, the turn around point (at 200).  At this point, you might say – ‘I am willing to take this on’. ‘I am seeking truth’. ‘I am looking to go forward’…

At Acceptance, you get to the level of disabling your ego (which is so powerful) – it relieves your ego from the need to win.

I trust you have found this Blog post helpful.  Please let me know your comments below.

To Your Success!
With much Appreciation and Gratitude…


Kathy Baker
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