Intentions Planning is a great thing to do right now as 2009 draws to a close.  It’s a fantastic time of the year to cast forward your thinking and plan and prepare for a fabulous new year 2010.

So, let’s make the most of this special time, and get ready for a great kick-start to 2010.

It’s been said – “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail” (Unknown). Or – “Failures don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan” (Harvey MacKay)

And, on the other hand – “Plans… are made to be tinkered with—and eventually torn up” (by the wonderful innovative, “outside the box”, Thriving on Chaos, Tom Peters)

My view is you need a combination of both – Planning for sure, but not be too obsessive or rigid about it, and stay open to adjust your Plan, intuitively and inspirationally, for better things.

Getting the balance right is the key, so you get the absolutely best benefit for YOU.

And, that is to get your Plan clear and mapped out so you have a clear Vision and Action Plan ahead to follow.

But then stay flexible, because it needs to be a living, breathing plan that evolves and can be flexibly adjusted responsively, as things inevitably change…

I also prefer to talk about Intentions (and Dreams) rather than Resolutions (of the New Year variety) and Desired Achievements rather than Goals.

Your ability to sense, intuit, and take Inspired Action, with speed, is vitally important.

So, here are some Guidelines for your Intentions Planning:

1. Identify and Set Your Intentions

Be very clear and decide what you want and desire. When you do so, with laser sharp clarity, you engage your conscious and sub-conscious minds, and the Universe can then step in to set in motion, draw to you and manifest what you want.

2. Be Very Clear and Specific

Really get into all the details and note them down. Visualize, imagine, and describe how it “feels” to have achieved your Intentions as if Right Now! More on this later…

3. Assemble Your List of Intentions

Under the following headings, or adapt and re-organize the List as you desire to suit your specific needs and preferences – as long as it makes sense to you, and feels good for you.

You can do this on paper, on your computer, use the Work Sheet document I’ve prepared for you here, or use  mind mapping software.

But do commit to the written word. As Mark Victor Hansen (“Chicken Soup for the Soul” Co-Author) says – “Don’t just think it, ink it!”

Business / Career Intentions and Goals
Business Development
Career / Professional Development
Financial Goals

Personal Intentions and Goals
Health and Wellness
Personal Development
Leisure time
Social Responsibility/Giving Back/Making a Difference

Under each heading, or if you’re using a table format, add a column to the right, and set 3 to 5 Specific Desired Achievements (or Goals) with timeframes.

4. Really “FEEL” Your Intentions and Get into the ‘Emotion’

By making your Intentions very specific and energized with emotion you create compelling ‘Desired Achievements’ (or Goals) to aim for, that drive you toward what you want, and equally attracts the desired outcomes to you.

Get all your senses involved. If you can’t get emotionally excited and energized by what you’re aiming for, it’s very likely you’ll find excuses to NOT achieve your Intentions.

Dr Joe Vitale talks about “Nevillizing” Your Goal, and “feeling” every part of what it “feels” like to have achieved what you’ve desired. (I’ll address this further in a future Blog post).

5. Be Very Clear About Your “WHY” Reasons You Want These Intentions

Your “WHY” Reasons will give you focus, direction, and fuel to drive through and overcome obstacles. They’ll keep you on track and give you traction.

Reality Check Questions – Does this Intention create passion in your heart and soul and a “fire in your belly”? Do you have a burning and compelling desire to achieve your Intention?

6. Be in Integrity and Authenticity

Make sure your Intentions are powered by what YOU want and desire, and fulfill your Life Purpose, and not what other people think or want.

If your Intentions are driven by seeking the approval of others, you’re likely to find excuses and ways to sabotage yourself.

Always be true to YOU by being Authentic and in Integrity.

7. Always Dream Big

Big dreams and ideas require you to grow in order to achieve them. You’ll attract the people, resources and opportunities into your life you need to make your Dreams and Intentions manifest.

8. Set Intentions that will Stretch and Grow You

Intentions facilitate your personal growth and the person you become through the process and journey. They’re a means to an end to your personal development.

Reality Test Questions – Will this Intention make me stretch, develop and grow? Will it show me how to become a bigger person on the journey to achieving it?

9. Realistic and Achievable

Don’t overestimate what you can achieve, otherwise you’ll set yourself up for failure and disappointment.

Conversely, don’t underestimate either. You want to challenge yourself, and extend yourself beyond your current limits.

By setting Intentions that are achievable (not mediocre), you place yourself in Integrity. You experience and savor Success and Achievement, and Success enables and generates further Success.

10. Provide Value and Service to Others

When your Intentions involve service and contributing to others, it also accelerates the achievement of your Intentions and Goals.

It introduces a “wind at your back factor”. People, opportunities, resources and circumstances naturally appear and are attracted to initiatives and activities that make a difference in people’s lives.

Reality Test Questions – Will achieving this Intention provide value to others? Will it genuinely help me to grow as a person and fulfill My Life Purpose?

11. Make your Intentions and Desired Achievements (or Goals) Measurable

What specifically, how much and by when (set a timeline due date). Add them to your Work Sheet.

Reality Test Questions – Does your Intention (and its target date) frighten and excite you simultaneously? Does it “push the envelope”?

Enjoy the process of setting your Intentions for 2009. Make it FUN! You can use and adapt the Work Sheet I’ve provided for you.

And, then let’s get on with achieving them and making 2010 your best year ever.

Please let me know how you go. I would love to hear from you.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Super Successful 2010!…

Blessings and Gratitude!

To Your Success!

Kathy  😉

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Kathy Baker
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