The perceptions YOU “choose” have a huge impact on the way you see, feel and experience the world around you.

You can choose to have positive perceptions and see events and circumstances from an optimistic, hopeful, constructive and forgiving way.

Or you can choose to see them from a negative perspective and feel hopeless, down and a victim.

It’s like a sliding scale from positive – to – negative, or a continuum.

Some days, we just wake up and slide into the trap of seeing even small insignificant things negatively, when really there is no need.

Watch this video to the end to appreciate the message.

Sure, sometimes things go wrong and just plain suck. We experience bad times… >>>

While we can’t always change circumstances, we can certainly try to make it easier on ourselves in the way we choose to see and feel about those events.

Can we learn from the experience? Can we see the situation from the other person’s viewpoint and be compassionate and empathetic?

Be kind to yourself.  You’re not perfect.  And, don’t try to be. And others aren’t perfect either.  Everyone has their story…

It’s not always just about you. They have their stories too…

The aim is to shift your paradigm, your belief system, up a notch, or two, or a few, progressively.

It’s like walking through a maze of mirrors – each mirror pane is either “seen” all the same, or all different, either all good or all bad…  We get to choose, eh!?

And, it’s as if those mirror panes are like walking into a different dimension, parallel Universes, all co-existing at the same time.  We choose which one to walk in to, or stub our toe in to, or not, like it or not, and curse away…  Or just say Hey toe, wasn’t that an interesting experience, did you feel that, what did you feel?…

I’m here in this Mindset right now.  If only I could remind myself to be in this mindset more often, and “be” in this space more consistently…

What is required is a paradigm shift in your thinking and mindset…  What does that mean?

It means shifting your thinking to a different, new level.

I’m sure you’ve heard it said that YOU are an infinite spiritual being here having a physical human experience (paraphrasing).

Stay with me here – If you aspire to yourself as an infinite being, your job is to learn real, true Self Love.  And, to recognize that same quality in other people.

“The purpose of life is to recreate yourself anew in the highest version of the grandest vision you ever had about yourself. Challenge your present way of thinking and move into a grander and larger experience of who you really are.” ~Neale Donald Walsch, (Author of “Conversations with God”)

There will be more on this soon.

To Your Success!


Kathy Baker
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