I thought I’d tell you about a big project I’ve been working on with my client the past 6-7 months – providing business development, marketing and copywriting support.  (I'm part of a global team of consultants, developers, volunteers, and Marketing and Comms team.  It's been pretty full on!!!…)

The program is just about to go into serious pre-launch, and then public launch after mid-March.  So this is a heads up for you…  It combines "community" elements perfectly with "business/commercial" elements…

This program is huge and has several elements, but I'll try to give you a relatively brief overview here.  And then there's a web page you can visit with videos to check it out further.


·         It’s a Social Entrepreneuring organization focused on community connecting and enabling, with programs that produce income, and return 80% of profits back to members, charities and community groups.


· It’s a new breed "Authority" Community Network taking the booming trends of Social Networking and Social Media to the next level, with Community Networking and Community Media, and works with the "wisdom of the crowd".


It's like a combination of Social Networks, Wikipedia, Yellow Pages business directory, and more, all rolled into one, where the "conversations" are about People, Business and what's happening in the Community, not about Saturday night's party photos.


· There are Affiliate and Joint Venture Partner opportunities to earn an income, and nominate charities, community groups, and non-profits to receive money.  The Affiliate Program is fr-ee, and if Affiliates join during pre-launch, they get automatic JV Partner status with double commissions.


· There are a range of Online Internet Marketing Business Products that can be marketed to local businesses – ranging from a fr-ee website (with infomercial, video etc – a real "no- brainer") through to paid products that get them to the top of Google for local search via a patent pending system we've developed.  Plus other fr-ee and paid products.


· Virtual Real Estate – via a program that rolls out globally.  You can actually grab your own piece of virtual real estate as a Development Partner, hence the use of Community Land Rush theme.  Or you can market it to others to do so, and earn commissions.


There are 20,000 Local World (based on physical area via postal codes, eg. City of Los Angeles) and Special Interest Communities (eg. Law of Attraction, Bonsai Gardening, Rock Climbing etc) that are up for grabs.


· Cause Good Things (program) to happen in your community, including online courses such as ‘Learn to Earn to Give’.


· Plus heaps more.


The company is Melbourne Australia based, with global reach (the 20,000 Local and Special Interest Communities I mentioned), and over 47,000 members globally, which will grow even further during launch.


If this sounds interesting to you, I’d recommend that once you check out the web page above, videos, register now as a Fr-ee Affiliate via my link above, and then you'll be tagged to me, and I will help you personally and guide you with inside tips.


After all, amongst the many things I've worked on, I developed the Affiliate Marketing Program and Quick Start Guides so Affiliates can get started fast.


And remember, if you join as an Affiliate now during pre-launch you get automatic Joint Venture Partner status, with double commissions and other benefits.


To register, it’s as easy as filling in a few details on the form. Then you can get your own Affiliate links, and share info with your friends, contacts and networks, and they'll be tagged to you in a single tier set up. (And no, it’s not network marketing, and yes it is Affiliate Marketing).


There are heaps of webinars and trainings happening that will do a lot of the work for you.


Many Blessings!

Kathy 😉