We are all connected in some way.  We are part of one big worldwide “Community”.

And there are powerful, immeasurable benefits in the Power of Community and the Wisdom of the Crowd.

By Wisdom of the Crowd I mean the collective opinion and enormous leveraging power of a likeminded group of people.  This certainly has been expanded in recent times by the democratization of public participation that has come about as a result of the amazing explosion of Social Media sites.

Where ever our consciousness level may be at, we connect with others at the same or similar level, no matter where we reside in our worldwide “Community”.


When our consciousness is elevated, we connect with others at that much desired higher level.


Just in the same way that the Law of Attraction works, we connect with people who are of like mind – we draw them to us, or they likewise draw us into their sphere.  We connect at that quantum level (scientifically speaking – Quantum Mechanics).

Yes, OK, that might sound a bit spooky to some of you.  But it’s true.  It’s based in scientific fact.

We are energetic fields emanating energy waves and vibes, radiating out from us, all the time, over long distances, whether we’re feeling positive or negative, or anything in between.  And those energy fields connect with others, and bring to us what we “vibrate” and “attract”.

We’ve seen major shifts in consciousness over the past decade or so years…  Which overall only have been positive movements forward in our collective evolution, you would have to agree…

Yes, the global financial/economic crisis is a huge distraction (GFC or GEC, whatever you want to call it), but we will work through it, and we will survive…

Even if it means for some there will be downsizing, simplifying, re-starting – there has to be a positive in there somewhere for us ALL.  It all depends on your perception, together with how you decide to respond, the actions you take, and the opportunties you seize.

My goodness, I’ve gotten a little bit off track with what I wanted to say –

While all the above is so relevant as a lead in, I really wanted to talk to you and share with you about the Power of Community and the Wisdom of the Crowd.  Because this is so relevant – we are all connected and can help each other – as long as we reach out and connect…

I’m very proud to say that there’s an amazing new program I’ve been involved with in developing over the past 9 months around the concept of the Power of Community + Community Networking + Community Building + Community Marketing + Community Commerce Business Model.

As I’ve said to you before, I will share with you any business or marketing ideas I come across I believe are great and worthy that could help you build your business or enhance your business success – IF I have a direct positive personal experience with a program or initiative, and feel that I can recommend to you with total integrity. And, this is certainly a program I am excited to recommend to you.

Check it out here to see if this interests you http://budurl.com/Cag1 and if it does, please do yourself a favor, and come jump on board and do join us.

Be sure to check out the video that explains it all for you.

This program enables you to combine your interests in “Community” and move it into the next gear of Community Networking, combined with the brand new ground breaking trend of Community Commerce to build a business that also brings in income if you wish.

Check it out here  http://budurl.com/Cag1 and make sure you check out the video.

As always, please do let me know what you think.  It’s as easy as leaving a comment below here on my Blog.

Wishing you much Success!

Kathy 😉

P.S. Do yourself a big favor and check out the video on http://budurl.com/Cag1 – it’s an absolute must – and then register as a fr-ee Joint Venture Affiliate and come on board.

P.P.S Also check out my previous Blog post about an amazing example of Community Networking and the Wisdom of the Crowd about Climate Change – Our Future is in Your Hands here

Kathy Baker
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