I’m sure you’ve heard many people talk and write about their frustrations about making the Law of Attraction work in their lives.

It’s as though there’s a missing ingredient or piece of the puzzle that alludes them.

You may share some of these frustrations too.  Rest assured, we all have experienced them at times in our lives.  That’s perfectly normal.

And then there was the criticism and controversy that surrounded ‘The Secret’ book and movie and the claims that the teachers simplified the concepts, focused on the materialistic aspects, and withheld vital information.

I thought you’d be interested in reading my thoughts about this in my Blog post on the Law of Attraction and Success Mindset which covers the 3 Vital Ingredients required to make the Law of Attraction work effectively and successfully in your life. It tells you how to go “full circle” and “enable” the Law of Attraction flow, like turning on a tap…

Once you know how and consciously apply the elements with dedication and commitment, you will be able to manifest so much faster and more easily. It’s like learning and integrating a new habit or skill.

I hope you enjoy this Blog post!…

How To Go “Full Circle” and “Enable” the Law of Attraction to Work Effectively For You – 3 Vital Ingredients

Successfully attracting into your life the things you desire is a process that requires several ingredients working together in sync as a combined package.

That’s why some people find it easy, and others struggle, live in lack, and never experience the life of their dreams, success and fulfilment they desire, abundance, and plentiful money and wealth.

James Ray refers to it as “Going “3 for 3″ – Thoughts, Feelings, Actions”.  Bill Harris refers to it as “Attention, Action, and Action of Value to the world, to someone”.

So, if you align your thoughts, and feelings, with action – you have a very powerful force propelling you forward.  The momentum will build and carry you, success will flow more easily and effortlessly, and you may even find yourself on an unstoppable path.

Your thoughts plus your emotions creates your ‘feelings’, and the ‘feelings’ are the vibration, the energy current you send out there, that either attracts to you what you want and desire, or pushes it further

There was quite a bit of controversy in the aftermath of “The Secret” movie about the ‘Law of Attraction’ – that it focused solely on the wishing, visualizing and materialistic aspects, and ignored the rest of the formula, as though there was some kind of conspiracy at play.

In fact, the featured teachers (like James Ray, Bill Harris and others) do talk about the full package of ingredients.  It seems the critics probably just chose to see and hear what they wanted, or that which fitted their own level of development and life experience.

Those who are genuinely successful know these ingredients, even if some only know it intuitively, or recognize it retrospectively as they look back and analyze what they did.

One thing is certain – they definitely practice the vital ingredients as a natural automatic way of life and living.

Anyway, let’s dive into the necessary vital ingredients you need to become a powerful and effective attractor, success go-getter, money-maker, wealth creator, able to manifest the life of your dreams.

1.  You Have to Focus Your Thoughts and Intentions

You have to know exactly what you want with unequivocal conviction.  There’s no room to be “wishy-washy” or half-hearted.

You have to focus your thoughts and intentions with crystal clear clarity and with the sharp, piercing precision of a laser beam.

When you do focus unwaveringly, the power of your thoughts and intentions, in concert with the energy systems around you, in the Universe, start rearranging themselves and lining up to help you achieve your goals.

You’ve got to get your head space right.  Make sure you don’t harbor contradictory and negative thoughts and beliefs, and eliminate any doubts – no ifs, no buts, no maybes.  When you think contradictory and negative thoughts, you send out mixed signals that dilute the power and clarity of what you want.  Your ability to manifest weakens.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that just because your thoughts are private to you, that they don’t count out there. They certainly do and each thought has its own powerful energy system.

When you also ask the right questions, you provide a focus for the answers and ideas to come to you.

Questions like:
~  How can I attract more money, more income, more business?
~  What do I need to do?  How can I generate the right ideas to make this a major success?
~  How can I make this venture even better and bigger, so it’s even more successful?
~  How can I make this venture as valuable to others as possible?

The questions go out there in search of the answers.  The Universe responds to the questions and loves to line up the answers to solve the problem and complete the puzzle.

2.  You Must Take Action to Get What You Want and Desire

There’s no point in wishful thinking, dreaming and fantasizing if you don’t go ‘full circle’ and take the required actions and steps to make it all happen, manifest and materialize.

Yes, do create that Vision Board or Picture Board with images of all the things you desire.  That’s fun and stimulating.

Yes, do stick that copy of the $100,000 or $1 Million Dollar cheque or note to your ceiling over your bed so you see it when you go to sleep and awake, or on your fridge, bathroom mirror, or by your computer.  Whatever takes your fancy…  Have fun with this!

Those images and visual reminders are important and give your Intentions power, and heighten your good ‘feelings’.

But they’re not enough on their own. You’ve got to get off your behind and mobilize into action.

You have to be resourceful and take the step-by-step actions to help those wished for items materialize.  You have to listen to the inspired ideas that come to you to help you put into motion and
manifest what you want.

Look for the clues – helpful people who appear and come into your life, the phone call that comes about a new opportunity, a resource that presents.  An idea that beckons…

Looking at the happenings in your life in this way is inspiring, exhilarating, positive and mind shifting.  It’s eye opening…

It’s your job then to take up the challenge, work out and dissect the individual steps required to move you toward achieving your goal, and having the pieces come together to deliver you the outcome.

And with all these things, don’t delay, act with speed.  Be a doer, a mover and shaker, otherwise the idea and opportunity is just as likely to go elsewhere and land in the hands and energy system of the next willing person to grab, run with, implement and achieve.

3.  Make Sure Your Actions Provide Value to Others

Every single person has a gift to offer, don’t under-rate yourself.  Everyone has a skill or a talent that can be of benefit to others.  Everyone knows something about a topic that others would be interested in learning more about.  Get out there and share it with the world.

Find a ‘gap’ in the marketplace – a need that has been identified, but currently is not being filled or satisfied.

In marketing terms, this is called ‘market gap analysis’.  Identify the gap and be inventive about using your skills to create a solution to the needs, problems and pain of others.

This is where you can be really creative and entrepreneurial and use your gifts, or even involve and co-ordinate the gifts of others into services or products that provide value to others.  When you do this, you can create and generate money on demand.

According to the ‘Law of Income’ you are paid in direct relationship to the value you provide to others.

If your work and actions are such that they can help increase the ability of others to succeed and live better lives, your value contribution can soar significantly.

This is how the world works in ‘full circle’ – to receive value yourself you have to give value. This is how the ‘Law of Attraction’ works – you get back what you put out.

If you align yourself, your thoughts and actions, with your life purpose, you have a powerful formula to live a successful, rich, abundant, fulfilling and happy life.

And if that formula is directed at genuinely helping other people succeed more in their lives, on as grand a scale as you can, you will be seen as a role model others will aspire to be like.  You can live an exemplary life experiencing all the riches that are your natural birthright, if you choose to claim them.

So, remember – always combine the 3 vital ingredients of Thought, Action and providing Value (TAV) – and when you master that, you’ll be able to “turn on the tap” and live the life of your dreams, create the business you love, and generate and print money on demand.

To Your Success!


Kathy Baker
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