When you’re diligently applying Law of Attraction principles, and doing all the dedicated step-by-step work, BUT if what you’re wanting and desiring still isn’t showing up, the likely culprit getting in your way is your own Internal Conflict, Mixed Feelings or Resistance

Does this sound all too familiar to you?…

You’ve been working really hard on improving some areas of your life, but the changes you’re wanting and desiring are really slow happening and dragging, or simply just aren’t even showing up yet at all!

I bet you’ve also probably been reading Self Improvement and Personal Development books, listening to audios and doing courses…

And, you’ve been following all the Action Steps, working with Law of Attraction principles, and doing Positive Affirmations and Visualizations, and similar techniques and practices…

But somehow, you’re still waiting… and waiting to see What You Want and Desire actually appear and manifest, and Success continues to elude you…

Why is that?  Why is this so baffling and confusing?  What’s going on here?  What’s the missing clue and piece of the puzzle?

Well, most likely, the reason is there’s a counter force that’s getting in the way of YOU and achieving what YOU want.  It’s your own underlying Internal Conflict or Struggle, which surfaces as a stubborn resisting force or Resistance.

So, What is Resistance and How Does it Affect You and What You Want?

Resistance is the struggle that goes on inside of you, especially when you’re wanting to make changes to improve your life.

It’s primarily happening at your sub-conscious level, inside your mind, in your thoughts, and then in your “feelings” and emotions, which is why it is so darn difficult  to understand and comprehend.

All rolled up and tangled in your Beliefs system, it surfaces as “feelings” that come up particularly when you’re wanting to make changes and move forward toward the life you want and desire.

It’s like a parallel, opposing or counter energy force that’s working within you, side by side with your other positive energy system that works with what you want…  Just like a naughty child-like defiance, a refusal to accept and go along with the desired path of your goals and plans.

Ironically, it works against you, and counter to the path you’re trying to pursue.  It derails your goals and plans, and gets in the way of you achieving them.

It creates friction and often works counter to, undermines, and keeps you out of sync or alignment with what you want.

All the while, you think you’re doing everything right…  You’re focusing on what you want… But more often than not, you’re not even conscious of it, because you’re not totally aware that you’ve got some underlying issues working beneath the surface.

In other words, this creates the Internal Conflict or Resistance, that then influences the energy you project, the signal, frequency or vibe you send out to the Universe.

According to Law of Attraction principles, you have to get in sync with what you want to actually attract what you desire.

Most of us get that at a headspace or ‘intellectual’ level, but when what we want and desire  doesn’t show up, or you’re stuck not moving forward, you’re left feeling frustrated, confused and wondering WHY, WHAT THA?…

It’s important for you to recognize the resistance you may have in your life.  When you understand it, you can identify and target it, and work on challenging and clearing it…

Until you can clear and remove your resistance, you will not be able to get into sync or alignment with what you want, on an energy or vibe level.

Next blog post, we’ll tackle the different forms of Internal Conflict and Resistance that prevent you from getting what you want, to help you identify what forms you may have.

To Your Success!


Kathy Baker
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