Manifestion Success using Law of Attraction principles takes dedicated focus, attention and application.

To help you, here is a Manifestation Success Fast-Track Method for you to try to help you get there faster…  a simple way to ‘blow away’ your worries with ‘Fun’ Thoughts and Feelings to get that Manifestation process working for you…

Whenever you’re worried about anything – money, attracting clients, your job, or struggling with something that’s just not working or moving for you, or anything else that’s causing you angst – simply and instantly replace your bad thoughts with good thoughts.

This immediately flip-switches your ‘focus’ and raises your energy vibration level by changing your thoughts to something that really excites and makes you happy.

It’s important that you experience ‘feeling’ good to master this process.  There’s no better quick way to change your energetic vibrational frequency.

Here are 2 ways you can do this:  

1.  Find a thought or memory of something you’ve experienced that makes you ‘feel good’.

Put some thought and preparation into this beforehand by selecting this ‘feel good’ experience – a time when you felt really great, happy and satisfied.

Think about that moment and remember how you felt, what sensations, smells and colors you remember.  Imagine that you’re in that moment now – ‘Be’ and ‘Feel’ as if you’re there right now.

Then the next time you’re feeling down, instantly change your thoughts to your pre-selected thought of a time when you felt really great and enjoy those good feelings.  It’s much better to do this than to wallow, lurk and stay in that bad place… Ugh!

2.  Close your eyes and relax and using your imagination – bring to mind a visual image of whatever it is that you want to achieve as though you’ve actually already achieved it and you’re living it right now…  See it vividly play-out like on a movie screen, if you wish…

Perhaps it’s a hugely, wildly successful business… all the business and clients you want…  all the money you want in your bank account…  your new dream home…  a new car…  having the resources to travel the world…  your dream relationship…  fabulous friends…  great supporters and mentors…  having the resources to freely help others, or what ever it is that you desire…

Keep this image going by adding other sensations you feel around you… What is the emotion you’re feeling?

Add some more detail… What colors and textures do you see around you?  Experience them and their abundant and sensational beauty.

Breathe in – what do you smell?  How does it make you feel?  What memory does it imprint in your mind?

Reach out and touch something – what is it and how does it feel to the touch?  Is it cool, warm, rough, soft, or what ever?  What does that add to the sensation you feel?

What sounds do you hear?  What sensations in your body do they trigger?

You interact with someone who notices and responds to your positive, joyous ‘vibes’ that you’re projecting and makes some comments – what do they say to you? How does it make you feel?

Feel the confidence, feel the excitement, the welling up feeling of joy in your chest, the lightness in your step, the sheer delight that you’ve arrived, that you’ve landed, that you’ve ‘cracked the code’ to Success and Achieving What You Want!

Do this for a minute or 2, or a bit longer if you can…  as often as you can each day.

Here’s a Success Tip: Think of some easy instant triggers so that you can access and go into this positive image experience as quickly as you possibly can.  Just like accessing a memory file on your computer or filing cabinet – instantly!

Alternatively, you can also do this by writing this all down on paper and imagining as you write.

Did you notice what just happened here? Do you know why this is so important?

That’s right – you laser-focused your thoughts, attention and valuable time on What You Want rather than what you don’t want.  You shifted yourself into a more positive mindset and took charge of your experience by being ‘proactive by design’ rather than reactive by default or fear.  Importantly, you held the energy of that space for a sustained timeframe.

For you to be more abundant, it takes time to change your thinking and moment-to-moment actions and reactions.  It’s not easy most of the time and requires consistent and persistent effort.  But, the results are oh so worthwhile, without question.

Using this simple and fun method makes it so much more enjoyable and effective.

So, the next time you’re feeling uneasy, fearful or down, you can grab for this and just repeat this process…  With consistent and regular practice, it works!  Successful people practice this with regularity several times a day.

To Your Success!
With Much Appreciation and Gratitude…


Kathy Baker
© Copyright

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