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As you're here right now, you are obviously interested in"Success", the "Law of Attraction", and Living a Better, Happier and More Fulfilling Life... 

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*  Over 100 Practical, Tried and Tested Self Coaching Techniques, Methods and Practices...

*  Practical Work Sheets throughout, to help you every step of your way, with additional Work Sheets at back of E-Books for your convenience...

 Valuable Action Plan Templates for you to use and easily adapt to your own purposes, so you can more easily plan out and achieve your desires and goals much faster...

*  And much, much more...

How To
Overcome Procrastination

and Take Effective 'Inspired' Action

A Planning and 'Doing' Guide
To Success...

*  Overcoming Procrastination and Taking Effective "Inspired" Action is a vital Key To Success.

*  This practical, no-holds-barred E-Book dissects and analyzes the 'Reasons Why' people procrastinate.

*  Provides guiding questions to help you discover your particular underlying reasons.

*  This must-have Guide then moves into providing 11 Practical, Basic Steps you can apply immediately to change your habits that make Taking Action easy... in fact, Effective "Inspired Action"...

Action Planning Templates are included to make the process even easier for you...

Your Own
Self Coaching Guide To Ultimate Success

Take Charge of Your Personal Development and Accelerate Your Path To Success!...

*  This E-Book lays out a practical Self-Help Coaching Process and Success Formula to help you take control of your life, and your progress to Success, Fulfillment and Happiness...

*  The Self Coaching process follows the same principles and techniques used by Coaches...

*  ... And breaks it all down and puts it in your hands so that you can gain insight and apply the techniques in your every day, whenever you choose.

*  The more you apply the techniques, the better you will get at making progress along your Path and Journey to Ultimate Success!...

Relax Your Way To Success

7 Easy Steps To Quick Relaxation...

YES, You Can Relax Your Way To Success!

*  Being in a relaxed frame of mind and body is essential to achieving Success because you're at peace, loving what you're doing, everything is in the flow... and you're not resisting, anxious or effort-ing.

*  This e-Book gives you the "Feeling Good" Self-Help Guide to Ultimate Relaxation... and Success!...

*  No laborious, over-the-top processes, just nice simple, easy techniques that you can easily do yourself, anywhere, anytime, no fuss, no muss, no bother...

*  Relax Your Way to Success - it's the best, fastest and easiest path to Achieving Phenomenal Success.

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 I have invested a LOT of money in books, courses and personal coaching to improve my personal effectiveness, and if I had read your Self Coaching Guide To Ultimate Success first I could have quite literally saved myself thousands! 

Here in one, easy to follow guide is a simple, step-by-step plan for figuring out and then CREATING the life you want. 

The information you are sharing here is GOLD Kathy - worth every penny and more - thank you! 

Steve Ovens

 Reading your Self Coaching Guide was a total delight!  There is so much inspiration... support and guidance...  You offer so much help here in a really accessible way.

I wish I could have read this eBook years ago... 

This is worth far more than you are selling it for...  this harmonious blend of inspiration, tough love and neuroscience...  All I know is that it works – you have created an exceptional trio of books which will help people all round the world for years to come.

When I went on from the Self Coaching Guide and read your books on Relaxation and on Procrastination, I found the same blend of inspirational writing and practical, down to earth techniques... 

All 3 eBooks have the same goal and all 3 are ready to help us get the success we want and deserve...   Read full Testimonial...    

Alex Newell

In "How to Overcome Procrastination" Kathy provides a great analysis of factors that prevent you from achieving both short term and long term goals and from realising your own potential and success.


Furthermore, Kathy then guides you through a process of asking yourself the right questions about yourself in order to help remove the hurdles in front of you and then provides some great action planning methods to start moving forward effectively towards success.


Kathy has an engaging style of writing and presents a well structured book with techniques that can be implemented quickly and effectively.

If you're feeling at all 'stuck', this is a great remedy!


David Pritchard

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These are really great E-Books.  If you don't agree, and if after you've read the 3 E-Books you don't come away from them having gained at least 10 times the $17 bundled value, then email me for an immediate for 100% money back guarantee.  

No questions asked.  And I'll even let you keep the E-Books as my gift to you.

It doesn't get any fairer than that!

I would like to warmly Welcome You and look forward to helping you with information and resources that will 'add value' to your Success and Personal Development journey.

To Your Success!

Kathy Baker

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