Done is Better Than PerfectAnd, it’s just SO spot on to keep this sentiment in mind as it applies to just about everything we do in our lives… 'Perfect Imperfections' are just fine…

This sentiment certainly rings true for me right now with special ‘hit home’ meaning, especially just having finally published my new Book on Amazon Kindle, as getting there was a helluva long-haul ‘process’… But phew, I’m really pleased to say I got there… smiley

Speaking of which, just reflecting on that ‘process’, for all you aspiring or seasoned writers out there – whether you write Blog posts, content or promotional emails to clients/subscribers, Facebook content posts, entire Books, ads, or indeed anything & everything in between, I think you’ll find these quotes quite illuminating and amusing wink… and Be Kind to Yourselves… >>>

Oscar Wilde quote

I love this quote by Saul Bellow!…
Waking up during the middle of the night, I find the most amazing inspirational ideas and lucid, succinct, well-constructed, and poetic word statements come to me, that even surprise me… surprise Alas, the
'Alpha' Brainwave state… 
I type them quickly into my mobile phone, or jot them in my notepad I keep nearby on my bedside cabinet…

I find this quote by Oscar Wilde absolutely hilarious… How many of you can identify with this one? Working and re-working your writings, only to find it's already pretty good, and you find yourself back to the version you had earlier laugh

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To Your Success!
With Many Blessings & Gratitude!

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