How you make people “feel” makes all the difference in your personal and business relationships.  After all, our world is all about Relationships – whether Personal or Business

One of my all time very favorite quotes is by one of my much-admired Poets and Authors, Maya Angelou ~
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
People Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel - Action Quote
Remember this when dealing with people and be mindful of how you make people “feel”.  And, accept everyone for who they are – in that particular moment.  >>>
Mind you, not for a moment at all am I suggesting that you compromise yourself or your self-worth. Not at all!
What I am saying is that when you truly come from your heart and from a confident, secure, peaceful, place of your core gift strengths, then compassion, empathy and kindness will prevail to all whom you think about, and with whom you interact.

Personal Success Tip:
Totally engage with and envelop the person you’re communicating and interacting with…
Meet them exactly where they’re at, in that moment – do not judge, just engage and focus…

See their heart and soul, their circumstances, their problems, not necessarily their visual exterior, outward projections or ego. Meet them right where they are now, today… Observe how the quality of the experience shifts and lifts…

If some forgiveness is required, then just forgive… Move beyond… Forgiveness is an incredibly powerful healer.

Business Success Tip:
Make your Client or Customer, or potential Client or Customer, “feel” important and special by giving them your full, undivided attention.

Really genuinely listen to your Client/Customer and what they are saying – not only their words, but tune into what is coming from behind their words, from their feelings and beliefs. Listen to your intuitive hunches. Get to know your Client or Customer and what makes them tick.

Let them feel your genuine interest in their circumstances, their problems from your heart for who they are, and they will always come back for more – and they’ll be happy to keep working with you and to pay you for your ‘value added’ service and whatever you have to offer.

When you come from your heart and provide real value, you cannot go wrong. If you come from a place of genuinely providing great value and care for your Client, they will “feel” and sense it, and be thankful and appreciative. It’s all about Relationships.

This also has important implications for your Branding, Marketing and Unique Selling or Serving Proposition.

And this is so totally equally true for both face-to-face as in online.  How you interact with people online, on Facebook, in answering comments on your Blog is all equally important.

While the feeIings you create and project are intangible, they’re mighty powerful in an energetic way and memorable in leaving lasting impressions.  People will sense your genuineness and generosity and will want more of that.

It’s your special Contribution to the world.

I can think of many people I’ve interacted with who really stand out, and it’s the “feelings” they created, coming and giving from their hearts. It defines their personality in a very unique way so they virtually “pop”, and stand out in a way not comparable to any other.

Can you think of the people who have had the greatest impact on you?  And Why?

One of the things I notice myself, in a retail situation for example, or perhaps when making telephone contact for the first time, is how a person makes me feel. If the person I’m dealing with gives me their undivided attention, really tries to help, even goes beyond their call of duty, chemistry happens and the quality of the interaction is so much more satisfying and productive for all concerned.

If the interaction is engaging, helpful and focused, I’m more likely to want to give them my business, AND refer others to them who I would want to receive the same VIP treatment.

And, don’t forget the power of a smile is magnetic. It lifts your energetic vibration, not to mention your endorphins. A smile with a little light chit-chat exchange and laughter is super power-charged.

If in-person, make eye contact – it engages powerfully. The eyes tell stories in an instant, if you really look and engage.

Always be aware of How You Make People “Feel”, Listen to Your Intuitive “Feelings” and Hunches, and you can’t go wrong from there…

To Your Success!
With Blessings and Gratitude!


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Kathy Baker
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