"Be a Shining, Guiding Light to the People in Your Life… Show the Way… You never know who you'll Inspire, Awaken, Empower, & just plain make 'Feel Good' with your Guidance, Insights, Wisdom, Care, Kindness & Love"… ~ Kathy Baker  ️️

Shining Light








Lighthouse Symbolism…

I've always loved & been fascinated by the beautiful symbolic meaning of Lighthouses as Guiding Lights They stand tall, solid & still as a shining, guiding light to lead ships safely into port. They don’t run up & down the beach in a mad frenzy, or scamper along the coastline looking for ships to help… Instead, they stand rock-solid, upright, uphold their stationary position with confidence & pride in their own strength, & show the way by attracting ships to them… >>>

I take this analogy into my Business Life & work as a Coach, Writer & Author.  

Marketers & other business experts also have been referring to this approach as ‘Attraction Marketing’ in a business context when talking about business mindset, branding, & building reputation, following & client base.

And, importantly, I also have it an ever-present value in my Personal Life as well…

Let Your Light ShineLet Your Light Shine So that You Guide Others…

Be just who YOU are, in all your true Authenticity, & let your light shine with good Intentions, Kindess & Love to ALL around your out there…

With Love & Pure Intention in each & everything YOU do, each & every day, it will naturally extend outward to others, & permeate all around you… Focus on your own Open Heart, with a mind out also to all the Individuals & People you will reach, encounter, & touch today… Guide, lead, & show the way… 

Beacon of Light

"Nothing Can Dim the Light which Shines From Within." ~ Maya Angelou

Everything is Energy & energy radiates & expands or contracts.  It's a highly-tuned, malleable, flexible, moveable feast… So, if it's positive energy, it creates more of the same…

The more light you shine & radiate, & the more guidance, care, compassion, & love you give, the more you tend to receive in return coming back to you… And the Circle of Kindness, Good Intentions, & Love does not stop…

When you shine your light, others may even see how to do the same, & follow your example & lead… You may just ignite a chain reaction of radiance & illumination that's unstoppable.

“See the light in others and treat them as if that is all you see.”
~ Dr. Wayne Dyer 

“Some days you will be the light for others, and some days you will need some light from them. As long as there is light there is hope, and there is a way.” ~ Jennifer Gayle

Mother Teresa

Share Your Gifts with Others, & the World…

A Blessed Life is when you give of yourself freely, care about others, & share Your Gifts with the world…  Abundance abounds all 'round when you naturally share your wonderful gifts & talents with the world…

You already may work in Self-Improvement & Wellness areas, as either a Coach, Health Consultant, or similar, & are interested to expand your capabilities in these areas. Being aware of shining your light at all times is key.  

Shine Your Light

You also may be drawn to join or already may be part of the growing band of Transformational Light Workers, as our world changes, hopefully for the betterment for US ALL, & yearning to become more enlightened, aware, & wishing to play a more meaningful & pro-active role in the process of Change.

In recent years, there has been a very evident shift to a more ‘heart-centered’ approach.  People are gravitating, being drawn toward, & yearning for more Meaning, Purpose, IntegrityAuthenticity in their existence, & in the surrounding local & global environments.

We are in the midst of a major shift in consciousness, of a magnitude that we have not seen before in Humanity.

Shine Light

This is a great time to step up, take your desire to want to do more, & become more, achieve more success, & claim living your very best possible life…

Shine Your Light so all can see it. Lift it up because the whole world needs it… Let us affirm the light in each other.

“We rise by lifting others.” ~ Robert Ingersoll

“When you share your love, you ignite the spark of love in others.” ~ Harold W. Becker

Let Love Be the LightLet Love Be The Light That Leads You Home…  I really do love the beautiful symbolism of Lighthouses as Guiding Lights… It just sings truly to my heart & soul… 🙂 💜

And of course, let's conclude with musical version of
‘This Little Light of Mine’ – Really nice, beautiful version of song by Addison Road
https://youtu.be/CVeB7ACVgO0 (4.00) 
More traditional version of original songhttps://youtu.be/QCN893hzueQ (2.22)
Song with lil' twisthttps://youtu.be/ki5CA4oXL7w (1.28) Song with Lighthouse footage & compilation songshttps://youtu.be/bGtqsutUK68 (3.52) 

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To Your Life Success Mastery…
With Many Blessings & Gratitude…

Kathy Baker
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