Confusion is the HEART & BRAIN arguing… The Ego can fool the HEART…

Are You Manifesting from Your Heart, Your Higher Self… or Your Ego?

When You Manifest from Your Heart, & Your Higher Self, you are in higher, natural, organic flow that serves Your Highest Path. It is more about Opening & Allowing the channel to Receiving, & less about working & asking to receive.

When you come from & manifest from the desires of your ego, more than likely you will be coming from a place of wanting, efforting, attachment, or even lack, fear & obsession. The ego controls, distracts, overrules, & gets in the way of the Higher Self coming through. This creates experiences that serve the lower purposes of your ego self. 

No one would be writhing in the discomfort of being in confusion if they hadn’t before known Clarity. And Clarity comes from the Heart space, when You are in the flow, connected to Source, & Your Soul Path & Purpose

It’s in the Heart space, the 5D, where the illusion of time doesn’t exist, past & present dissolve, & We are in the NOW… Being present, in the moment, the NOW time, connects You with Your Heart Space…

Any NOW time anomaly or incongruence is at the Heart Chakra

It’s so interesting also that it’s being more widely recognized now, with scientific evidence (from Neuroscience & Energy Healing, HeartMath Institute, etc.), that the Heart also has neurons & what equate to brain cells, while our brains have also become smaller as we’ve evolve.

Most likely the composition of the Heart is changing & growing as we evolve & ascend progressively further into the 5D… Reinforcing coming from the Heart, trusting & following instinct, & ‘befriending’ the mind into secondary passenger seat…

In other words, WE are ‘Remembering’ & Returning Home… As the Heart Thinketh, eh… 🙂 <3

Be Heartful & Mindful…

Many Blessings

Kathy Baker

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