Extreme efforting & do-do-doing is part of the old traditional patriarchal model we’re leaving behind, as we Awaken & Ascend into
New Earth, 5D/Heart-space way of operating, & with the re-rise or re-emergence of the
Divine Feminine in the balanced merging with Divine Masculine in each & everyOne of us.

If extreme effort = commensurate success, then we’d all be off-the-charts super successful, wouldn’t we, eh? 😉 So, there’s something more going on here…

And, what is success anyway if it’s devoid of Happiness, Joy, Fun, Ease, Flow & Fulfillment? 

Extreme efforting does not equal equivalent level results, as we well know & have all experienced… In this context, 1+1 does not always equal 2… In the Quantum, 1+1=3, potentially… & then 6… & 9… Get it (369 Nikola Tesla)?

Efforting creates resistance, which interrupts ease of Flow & Manifesting what we desire (as Abraham Hicks tells us).

Efforting originates in programmed thoughts/head space which then impacts negatively in our emotions with angst & disconnects us from the Quantum Field of Infinite possibilities all around us where ease of Manifestation happens & materializes.

It’s when we’re excited & propelled by Passion & Intention from Heart space that everything flows organically with ease & momentum is created = Flowmentum… Often Creation happens when we just simply surrender & let go… Finding the balance between effort & flow is essential, as is between competition & scarcity versus collaboration & connection.

We are in the process of redefining & finding new ways in the continuum of change… We are moving to a higher level of Innerstanding about this area. It brings in the Quantum world & the whole area of Manifestation too, together with NeuroScience, etc. It’s intriguing & exciting…

This certainly puts paid to the Newtonian view of all as fixed matter, & shows the infinite potential of our energy bodies reach out into the Quantum, Self-Healing, Renewal & Regeneration, beyond what we even imagine. Indeed we are stardust…

It’s a different way of BEing & operating than the way we were taught, programmed & brain-washed in 3D world terms, but we are infinitely capable of learning new ways & rebuilding ourselves, even every single little particle, within & around us.

Mastering the Quantum way of BEing is part of creating our reality in New Earth & will become more our way of operating & existence as we Awaken further & Ascend into higher & multi-dimensional realms or states of Consciousness. As each Individual progresses, so will the Collective whole.

Yes, as we have to operate in the 3D world, there are times we have to play by ‘the rules’ to get some things done, but as long as we’re consciously Mindful, observe & discern, & look after, balance & ground our self in the Now moment to return to peace within…

Lao Tzu was onto something when he wrote – “Know the Masculine, but keep to the Feminine.” Ancient Wisdom…

This is an area I’ve been exploring & writing about recently from the perspective of the way our world is changing & evolving. More on this intriguing & exciting area coming very soon…

Many Blessings

Kathy Baker 

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