And What it Means for Our Collective Consciousness & Our New Earth in Formation…

As covered in Part 1, we are moving beyond the older, traditional, patriarchal, masculine way of operating model of ‘effort-ing’, ‘do-do-doing’, competition & scarcity, to a more Feminine way of BEing that is Intuition & Inspiration driven, coming from Heart, from ease & natural flow, & the more relaxed, flexible ‘it’s perfectly OK to develop your own style’ approach.

This has been progressively shifting & appearing over recent years, especially from since around 2012, & gaining real momentum just recently.

It is also taking place during an era where we are seeing & experiencing the Rerise of the Sacred Feminine – not only among females (if we speak in gender form), but also among males who are Awakening, rising to the call & anchoring in these energies, who are no longer willing to be locked into the shackles of the patriarchal paradigm & ‘false empowered masculine’ they inherited & were born into, & wishing to break free & allow in their feminine energies & qualities.  

But even more important than this is the
all-encompassing bigger picture of the merging of the Sacred Feminine & the Sacred Masculine aspects & energies in more balanced union within each & everyOne of us, irrespective of gender, as we all return to Wholeness & Ascend, & move beyond duality & separation into Unity by choice.

It is truly heartening to see so many Awakened conversations & collaborations taking place, with Awakened males facing their Divine Feminine aspects within themselves, & holding space in reverence for the Feminine rise, & regaining of voice & presence, while females also hold space for this precious, gentle, Sophianic rising in males, in two-way interactive flow.

I point out that my intention in writing this post is to be whole-istic & not separatist regarding gender forms, & focus more on the distinctive aspects & energies, their merging, & of what this means for us as an evolving Collective Consciousness & evolution & formation of New Earth. As these qualities below exist in males & females alike also. The Sacred Feminine Rerise is not with vengeance, but with open Heart & Love.

Let’s explore these shifting energies…

Masculine Yin – Feminine Yang – Yang-Yin (Tao) – Shiva-Shakti (Hindu)

Interestingly, 2018 (as I write this post) is also the year of the Sacred Feminine in Numerology (2+0+1+8=11/2 year), where the energetic qualities naturally shift to a higher octave, from a 1 (masculine) to that of 11/2 (feminine.)

In other words, we are shifting from Yang energy to Yin energy. The Yang Energy of 2017 (No.1 Year of New Beginnings, Masculine, ‘doing’, striving, trying new things) is being balanced by the Yin Energy of 2018 (with its combination No.2 & 11 Goddess/Feminine Energy, heart-centered, intuition).

The ideal is to merge the two energies in our Enlightened World. Regardless of whether we are male or female, we all have Sacred Masculine & Sacred Feminine aspects & energies within us, as We return to Wholeness. It’s highly beneficial to draw on both & all these energies within ourselves whenever they serve us best for our highest good.

Let’s look at some of the differences in style & what this means for the way we & our world is changing.

Effort-ing & DO-ing ~ versus ~ Ease, Natural Flow & BEing in the Zone

We’ve been led to think that when we’re in the ‘do-do-doing’ mode paradigm, we have to follow prescribed detailed plans, pack our schedules full, keep trying & punching away, if we’re to be on the ‘right’ track… Sometimes, we feel like we really don’t want to do what we have to do, & eventually we get burnt out living a passionless life lacking meaning.

When we are ‘effort-ing’ & trying too hard, more often than not we’re not really genuinely happy or being our true selves, which creates resistance. And resistance is the major block for Allowing in the Natural Flow that Manifests what we desire, as it keeps us primarily in an anxious, fear-based focus on past, future, & what ifs, & side-tracked from the present NOW moment of Creative potential.

Effort-ing pushes against naturally gliding with ease into ‘BEing in the flow’. Effort is not the friend of the Receiving or Receptive mode. It’s not the path of least resistance. As Abraham Hicks tells us, it’s the difference between going ‘upstream’ versus ‘downstream’, or ease versus effort.

When you tap in, listen & follow your Inner Guidance, you transition & glide into Natural Flow… You become like a magnet & magnetic to everything you want in your energetic field. You make progress effortlessly as it organically flows & comes to you with maximum ease.

This tips the scale from lack, scarcity & not enough into Abundance, Infinite Potential, & enough for ALL in an endless, bottomless well, or Infinite Universe.

This ‘Feminine’ energy is what we’re mastering now on this planet. It’s all about being Intuitive & guided & not necessarily taking that much action just for the sake of action, ‘willy-nilly’, ‘all over the shop’, but taking Inspired action… And, that’s where our Power lies – discovering how Powerful we are when we simply relax, listen, meditate, open ourselves to receive, tune into that special, blissful vibration, & Allow it to happen… 

It’s certainly the opposite of how most of us have been trained, ‘programmed’ & brain-washed to believe & behave.

Motivation ~ versus ~ Inspiration

As we increasingly come into the Divine Feminine rebirth in the healthier merging & balancing of Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine, it would be an appropriate observation to make that Motivation is more part of the Masculine cycle energy of the do-do-do, take action paradigm, rather than the Inspiration, Intuitive, & Inspired Action approach.

Motivation is something generated from the outside, externally, that compels you to take action. While it has it’s place, on its own, motivation simply is not enough. It’s the antithesis of Inspiration.

By comparison, Inspiration comes from deep within that you feel from inside that calls you forward. 

Inspiration is an internally driving force, while motivation which is an externally pulling force. 

Control & Rigidity ~ versus ~ Vulnerability & Letting Go

When things don’t go the way we want, of course we get frustrated. More often than not, we’re just responding to the way we’ve been ‘programmed’ to do things & led to believe things should/could/would play out, if we just do the ‘right’ things.

We struggle with being Vulnerable & Letting Go to make way for a different approach to come in & fill the vacuum or space. But Vulnerability & Letting go is actually what we need to surrender to in those times. It’s about being honest & accepting we don’t always have all our ‘stuff’ together, & don’t always know exactly what we should be doing… And, that’s actually & precisely the birthplace of Creativity in that Unknown space… Every time we Let Go of what we think we know, & the associated bravado, it allows for enormous unlimited potential Creative expression to come in.

When the structure is rigid there’s no room for the Magic & Uniqueness to unfold, flow & come through. Rigid structure & ego kills Love.

It is a return to a ‘Feminine’ way of leadership & doing business… And, that’s not to say we don’t all struggle with it, as it’s a difficult uncomfortable notion at times to be OK with just BEing.

This ‘Feminine’ side, which was lost for about 5,000 years since the end of the last matriarchal era, can now be reintegrated. With the ending of the patriarchal era, we are now in a place where we can start to reintegrate both together in a more harmonious, holistic way of looking at both, & not in a one-sided way of either this way or that. (See Part 3 blog post for more).

It’s about having Purpose, Passion & Direction, with Vulnerability, Heart, Love, Creativity & Connection.

It’s about finding the Vulnerability to express & share our authentic voice, & our true, real self.

There’s no need for control, ego or arrogance to get one’s way. It’s no longer a style of having to be steadfast, with rigid structures, & having to ‘do it my way or the highway’, or ‘do it this way & fit in, or else’! But one of openness, eminent flexibility, unlimited potential, honesty & authenticity.

Competition & Scarcity ~ versus ~ Collaboration & Enough for All

This is a shift from the competitive, ‘dog-eat-dog’, ‘I win over you’ because ‘I need to be better than you’, & ‘there’s not enough to go around’ approach – to one that is Collaborative, co-operative, communicative, reciprocal give-&-take, mutual benefit, ‘win-win’ for all, & based in unchallenged belief & trust in unlimited Abundance & Infinite Potential.

Ego-driven, Coldness, & Lacking Empathy ~ versus ~ Communication, Connection & Compassion...

Being ego-driven, cold, narrow, one-sided, unable to empathize, see & ‘feel’ others’ points of view, switches over to the different energetic frequency of two-way communication, listening, understanding, holding space in reverence, responsible compassion, & empathy for others’ circumstances.

‘Push’ Marketing ~ versus ~ ‘Pull’ Marketing Analogy

It’s not unlike an analogy with ‘Pull’ Marketing being more of Feminine energy – more from Heart, Intuition, authentic, more individualistic & ’do your own thing’ adapted to what’s comfortable for your own style… & less on DO-do-doing, effort-ing, following traditional ‘cookie-cutter’ constructs, systems & ‘funnels’ of the ‘Push’ Marketing Masculine model. 

Briefly, the differences include –
* Push Marketing ~ is all about the sale, not enough about the customer, not enough about educating, & empowering, not enough about authenticity & honesty. 95% about the money, & 5% about the customer.

* Pull Marketing ~ is all about educating, empowering, enlightening, authenticity & honesty, more about the potential customer. 95% about the people, & 5% about the potential customer.

“Push Marketing repels, Pull Marketing attracts.”

The Female energy is certainly changing the way we do marketing. It’s also interesting to note that there’s been huge growth with women figuring prominently these days, & over the last couple of decades, among the entrepreneurial small business landscape.

This is an Inner Journey

This Feminine energy calls in & requires an Inner Journey. It’s not a journey of action per se… It becomes a journey where we need to turn inward rather than outward… It’s a journey of refinement, being in a receiving state, contemplating & being inspired. It requires self-awareness, self-mastery, insight, & some finessing & tweaking, whether we are female or male.

Understanding & ‘feeling’ how we feel at every moment, connecting with our feelings, & with our body. By feeling the reactions in our bodies when we think certain thoughts, feel certain emotions, we develop our Intuition further by this awareness of our body & mind.     

Tapping into our Intuition, Inner compass, our Inner GPS, & our inherent Innerstanding. Being Mindful & Heartful for what ‘feels’ right, or ‘gut feel’, more conscious, & coming from your Inner Guidance, Higher Self, & Source.

As we transition beyond the old way of effort-ing, doing, hard work, lots of action-taking of the masculine cycle, & move into the new way which is focused on being more natural, relaxed, feeling good, meditating, waiting for inspiration, not forcing anything, & taking actions that are inspired & feel right, actions may well be fewer, but they are more totally guided. In other words, getting into the right inspired flow will achieve much more than all the misdirected, ‘hit-&-miss’ actions would do. It doesn’t take hard work, it takes Heart work…

The challenge for each & every one of us, female or male, is to combine & merge these energies within us, to rise to a higher level, & alchemize a new human soul hybrid. The Rerise of the Sacred Feminine, the Sophia, rising in each one of us, gives us this opportunity, & leads the way into alchemizing Our New Earth, & the new Sacred Economy that is forming & taking shape.

In all its deep Ancient Wisdom, Lao Tzu was really onto something when he wrote –
“Know the Masculine, but keep to the Feminine.” … 

Many Blessings

Kathy Baker 

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