Or, as Dr Joe Dispenza tells us so succinctly – “Thoughts are electric, feelings are magnetic.”

This also can be explained as – Thoughts have an electrical charge. While Feelings have a magnetic charge… And, Thoughts are the language of the brain. While Feelings are the language of the body, the Heart… In particle & wave frequencies.

The Heart has frequency waves that project outward into its powerful electromagnetic field & into which the types of Feelings we Feel & put out there, whether positive or negative, good or bad, attract back to us more of the same frequencies, just like a magnet. Like for like. This is how we Manifest & create our reality, whether intentional or unintentional. (See more below). 

The Heart’s electromagnetic field projects out like a circular mushrooming Toroidal field, as this 2nd image illustrates.

‘Feelings’ are SO important as they are the language of the Subconscious mind. It’s how it filters & understands information.

That’s why the Subconscious mind can be so perplexing to unravel, unpack & decipher as it understands the language of Feelings & Emotions – from Heart-space. It does not respond to logical head space Conscious thoughts & thinking, & has no verbal language.

Why is the Subconscious Mind So Perplexing?

It is so perplexing because our Subconscious mind governs over 95% of our life, most of which is hidden from us under the surface, primarily from acquired programs in large part from conditioning during childhood that imprints very deeply. And then further imprinting occurs from significant experiences, incidents & events we have along our life journey that have profound impacts on us. The Subconscious resides in the oldest part of our reptilian brain, at the back of the brain, which has its primary origin role of ancestral instinctual survival.

This leaves only 5% being driven from our Conscious minds, or the thinking Neocortex part located at the front of the brain. Clearly, the Subconscious mind is significantly so much more powerful than our Conscious mind in it’s driving & controlling power over our lives. In fact, 1 million times more powerful according to experts such as Dr. Bruce Lipton.

With such a large proportion of our underlying fundamental issues hidden from us under the surface, that we are unaware of & don’t know about on a Conscious level, this requires us to do a lot of ‘Inner Work’ to unravel & understand, or more poignantly, Innerstand. Until we deal with our deepest core root issues, many areas of our life may not work as we desire.

The Subconscious mind is like a computer hard drive & programmable mainframe where everything put on it has been put there by other people & generations & centuries of belief systems & programming. Humanity has been infiltrated & taken advantage of by these sources of manipulation & dualistic 3D world systems & illusory games, that herd people into sheepledom mentality & keep them inoculated from the Truth. The Truth of who they really are at their core & Higher Self Source.

Programming forms into beliefs we hold & become hard-wired in us so that they play out as automatic default programs within us. Beliefs form our personality, & over time with repetition, our personal reality results…

The Subconscious Mind is the ‘Feeling’ Mind… & Heart-Brain Coherence…

When you realize the Subconscious mind is the ‘Feeling’ mind, the illogical part of who we are, & it feels everything, to unlock the Subconscious mind, to bring it on board, or change it, you need to move even more into your Feelings. Being aware of them in every moment in heightened Mindfulness & Consciousness, & not being afraid or reluctant to ‘go there’, rather than glossing over them & swallowing, squashing them down, & pretending as if they don’t exist. That won’t make them go away & is a sure-fire recipe that will ensure they continue to fester.

‘Going in there’, Feeling & acknowledging your Feelings goes a long way to starting the dissolving, healing, transmuting & transcending process. The painful issues that need resolving are often a gift & a gateway to further Awakening of our human selves, in concert with the guidance from our Souls. It is a choice to see them in that light.  

While the Subconscious has no verbal language, it does function through the creative language of imagery, especially when charged with Feelings. Often speaking to us in our dreams through imagery & representative symbols.

To unlock your Subconscious mind you have to use the power of imagery & visualization, infused with strong, super-charged Feelings. The more heightened & graphic the Feelings, the better the intensity in the exchange.

Be aware that your Subconscious mind takes everything literally. So always be mindful of the words you use. Use words wisely as they have their own powerful vibration frequencies. Recognize that‘Words are wands’…. They can soothe, heal & uplift, or damage & destroy… If the words you use come from your Heart-felt Feelings, they will resonate at higher levels & re-enter your own Heart, as well as enter the Hearts of others… 

Keep in mind also that the Subconscious mind always lives in the present NOW moment, while the Conscious mind is all about the past & future, & the associated fears & worries usually laden there. So, visualize with really strong, amped up Feelings, & attune yourself to the present NOW moment 100%, for the most effective results.

‘Heart-Brain Coherence’ in Balance…

The Heart also has neurons that communicate with the brain. It’s so interesting that it’s being more widely recognized now, with scientific evidence, that the Heart also has brain cells & neurons. Most likely growing as we evolve & ascend progressively further into the 5D, reinforcing coming from the Heart, trusting & following instinct, & ‘befriending’ the mind into secondary passenger seat… Or, WE are just ‘Remembering’ & Returning Home… “As the Heart Thinketh…”

The ideal is to work your way to a balance between Heart & Brain, between Feelings & Emotions & Thoughts. In other words, ‘Heart-Brain Coherence’.

‘Heart-Brain Coherence’ is a huge & fascinating subject of its own, as highlighted for us by the brilliant work of many in the Neuro-Scientific, Neuroplasticity, Epigenetics fields & organizations such as the Heart-Math Institute, & to be covered in more detail another blog post.

‘Heart-Brain Coherence’ is Self-Mastery…

Most of us are disconnected, desensitized & distracted from Our True Power. Society disempowers us. We have been trained & brain-washed to over-analyze everything in our heads – by the school system, & the many other ‘systems’ of the 3D world around us too many to mention, that strip away, twist & deprive us of the Truth of who we really are.

From an early age, this quells, anaesthetizes & pushes down our natural, unique genius & the Truth of who we really are, that does continue to live deep inside us, but becomes buried, hidden, foreign & unknown to us. Until we Awaken & are called, or hard-knuckle prompted, to go back in to recover & excavate who we really are in the archaeology of our deeper, individual True Self.

Self Mastery & Self-Actualization is all about seeing yourself with Unconditional Love & the highest positive regard… & giving yourself permission & moving into how you really ‘Feel’ & allowing yourself to Feel your Feelings. That can only be done through accepting who you really are 100% as an infinite, eternal, sovereign BEing… & in the magnificence of your Multi-Dimensional Self.

Heart-space Focus…

Center yourself, breathe deeply, & focus on your Heart area & feel your Feelings… Feel into your Heart until you feel that quiet sweet spot… BEing present, in the ‘NOW’ moment, helps to connect You with Your Heart-space… It helps to dial you in & anchor you, & reach the zero point field. Zero point is present moment alignment from within you & to the infinite quantum field…

Come to a place in your Heart-space & reach & feel with your Heart-felt emotions & receive the messages that are prompted & come into you. 

Get out of your head-space & don’t succumb to thinking & analyzing with your head, the ‘monkey mind’, but instead take your focus down to your chest area & bring it in through the Intelligence of the Heart. In that way you can be tuned into the Truth which is beyond the linear, logical mind.

When you practice & cultivate this further & anchor yourself in your Heart-space, you will start to feel the difference.

In the Chakra system, there is the Heart Chakra or Anahata. Lately also, the Higher Heart has been Awakening in us to higher levels. It is located around the Thymus gland. This will be covered in more detail soon.

Keep in mind that any ‘NOW’ time incongruence or dissonance you may feel or struggle with is at the Heart Chakra…

What You ‘Feel’ Manifests…

What you ‘Feel’ Manifests, whether positive or negative. That’s just how it works. It is Universal Law, Quantum Mechanics & Physics.

The Universe doesn’t care or respond literally to what you want, it responds to how you Feel, with the intensity of your Feelings… The Infinite Quantum Field responds to who YOU are ‘BEing’. And your state of BEing is how YOU think & how YOU ‘Feel’. Not any falsehoods or who you may be pretending to be, or trying to assume like a persona you adopt…

Thoughts & Feelings have to be absolutely genuine & totally in alignment with what you want & desire, without any hidden doubt or resistance. Absolutely Genuine – no pretenses & masks you pretend to assume. Your Subconscious will not respond to the words you don’t genuinely ‘Feel’ from the Heart. Your resistance & doubt will stand in the way of your Manifesting. That’s often why ‘affirmations’ & vision boards on their own will not work, more often than not, because doubt & disbelief underlies true feelings.

Thoughts are always driven by the Feeling & Emotion behind them, so be Mindful of how you are combining them.

Give yourself permission to genuinely ‘Feel’ your ‘Feelings’ & become a master of the creative language of your Feelings & what they communicate to you.

It’s your Feelings from Heart-space that emit a frequency in wave form, that connects out there in the Quantum Field & where limitless potential exists to alchemize & create the reality you crave & desire.

As WE create & transition to New Earth, it’s all about Heart Feeling, & not about being in the mind… 

Many Blessings…

Kathy Baker

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