Here’s a Powerful Clue To Successful MANIFESTING… It’s All About SELF MASTERY

To successfully master creating your reality, you need both sides or left & right hemispheres of your brain working in sync or balanced at the same time. When both sides are in sync, or aligned & working together, you’ll feel powerful, everything will just flow, as you’ll be in alignment with what you want. You’ll be able to control & create your reality, as if by magic.

(Image via Eddie Sergey, shows what the brain hemispheres look like when in sync & out of sync (as when measured by an EEG or Electroencephalogram scan)

You’ll start to SEE that where you have been diligently focusing your Attention on what you want positively, rather than diving into negative thoughts & emotions, starts to pay off in MANIFESTING & CREATING your reality – right before your eyes, more immediately than previously… 

Moreover, as Dr Bruce Lipton highlights for us – The brain’s activity can be read using magnetoencephalograph (MEG) technology (similar to EEG except the probe for MEG readings is outside of the head), & demonstrates that your thoughts are not contained inside your head but are broadcast into the field expressed as Energy Vibration frequencies.

This does take dedicated Self Mastery of your thoughts, emotions, & a whole heap of other things… Not just simply the usual Law of Attraction hoohah. It takes a whole lot more… Stay tuned for more…

right side – creative, visual, images
Left side – analytical

Many Blessings

Kathy Baker

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