The RENEGADE MIND sees through the lies, corruption, hoax, fraud & applies CRITICAL THINKING to Observe, Discern, Analyze & Assess the situation.

During this time, also will hold in Neutrality & then decide position. May even say – “I’ll get back to You…”

If pressure & force is applied, the RENEGADE MIND will say – “NO! I can see what you’re doing, I can see you’re lying & I’m not doing it… NO, I said NO, & I’m still not doing it…”

The RENEGADE HEART has a strong sense of 'SELF'… of SELF-RESPECT, SELF-HONOR, SELF-CARE & SELF-LOVE… & won’t concede their SELF-RESPECT to any agenda-driven, suspicious, sinister, manipulative, "follow-the-money-trail" sources…

The consequences of saying NO are considered, but do not hold sway over what is felt to be wrong – “Why would I even consider doing it, if I know it’s not right, & it feels plain wrong to Me…”

The Power of NO is palpable… as is the Power of Self-Respect & Self-Care… Honor YourSelf / ThySelf… “Self-Respect is the bulwark to Tyranny” – it holds Tyranny at bay. When you concede Your Self-Respect only submission remains.

Don't submit to the illusion of "their" power, because that's all it is – illusion you give strength to by your attention & in obeying.

The word RENEGADE has been misused, abused & blasphemed over time through history, for obvious reasons. It is up to Us to define it, redefine Our way, & reshape it as WE wish it to BE… I Love the idea of the Renegade, Rebel Spirit… And I Love My Tribe of fellow RENEGADES… WE know Who WE are…

WE are the rare ones, but a progressively growing crowd… While most of the rest of the populace are brain-washed-numbed, never question, lack critical thinking abilities, never steer their own course, & are very willing to fall into line & submit to compliance.



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Many Blessings
Kathy Baker

(Published 16 October 2021)