We are in extraordinary times. There is so much changing & shifting so rapidly, significantly & palpably more than before. We are Quantum leaping – as Individuals, as Humanity, & Gaia… Are You feeling it too?

One area I’m noticing changing quite significantly is our Communication, Language & use of Words & Terminology. As someone passionate about language & writing, I am observing this with great fascination. There are different words being used, forming a new language that has been emerging & being used in particular circles, groups & tribes.

There are also more Silences, often with reduced need for as many words, & non-verbalization happening. At times due to attempts to describe something that is still formulating & defies explanation, or is still so new & taking shape in the familiarization process. Most likely coming through from Higher Sources. Many are talking about the downloads they are receiving.

Intuitive, Telepathic & Multi-Dimensional Communication…

But way more significantly, what’s happening is that the Communication & Connection with Silences are Intuitive, with an Understanding, a Knowing, a Remembrance… A resonant Remembrance, an Anamnesis, of previous experiences, from lifetimes ago, Our Souls’ cognizance, & Ancient Wisdom returning & resurfacing. There is more Telepathic Communication & Connection woven in.

Communication is more from the Heart space & Multi-Dimensional Consciousness. There is more Heart-Brain coherence in evidence. Those brain cells in our Heart are certainly activating & playing their vital role.

Our DNA is changing. We are letting the Light back in, as we are remembering & shifting. We are the forerunners heralding the way. We agreed to be here at this time.

At the same time, the Schumann Resonance, the Earth’s, Gaia’s heartbeat, has been spiking extraordinarily highly in recent times in major bursts.

There are distinct words being used to describe phenomena & experiences that are weaving themselves into a new language. Including the use of etymology to accentuate & play on the original meaning & value of words. And wonderful new conversations & sharings are taking place, so fluid, yet fledgling in formation.

I am Heartened by just how much I Love, am Inspired, excited & absorbed by these new, evolving conversations of a higher nature. It’s fascinating just how much our conversations & communication have evolved, progressed, elevated & changed even just in this recent handful of years… And also I’m sure there’s the matter of how we hear, see, understand, recognize & appreciate when we are ready, when Our Consciousness is ready, & we elevate & function in Higher Frequencies… It goes beyond our Reticular Activating System (RAS) kicking in as that relates to our current human neurology. This is something that goes beyond…

This highlights how even within the ‘Awakening/Enlightenment’ Communities there are levels of conversation going on. And by saying that my intention is observation & discernment, not judgment.

OK, I can’t resist with my analogies. It’s like riding in an elevator & selecting to open the lift doors at several different floor levels – 3D, 4D & 5D – & as doors open, one finds a varying range of scenarios taking place, & conversations going on at diverse levels on the spectrum scale of Understanding, Knowingness & Remembrance

And NOW in recent times, even higher levels of conversations are opening up & being tapped into. It’s just like the lift doors are opening up at even higher upper levels, revealing floor levels that were previously not known to be there that have become apparent & accessible, opening to reveal even greater Light

Or like being at a theatre in an upper box seat looking down over several stages with different versions of the same scenario playing out…

Moreover, this is so far removed from, & that’s not even to go anywhere near below to the lower floors & the basement level of the wider community still wedged in the 3D world matrix conversations & preoccupations… Where one is met by the blank ‘fluoride’ stare, hehe, LOL 😀 But that’s another story… Oops, discernment, no judgment 🙂

When I myself compare to where I was along my Awakening & Ascension Transition journey this time last year, & the year before, or even around 2012, it is very different to NOW, which feels much further progressed along the cosmic funnel, catapulted further by circumstances that have facilitated the progression.

As we clear out our lower frequencies that have been residing within us, it makes room & opens up a magnificent array of Higher Frequencies.

I ponder & so appreciate just how exceptionally special it is that we’ve found our way to being gathered together right here, right now, as we have. In full appreciation of being able to share with likeminded Souls in these groups & tribes, to be understood, & just how much our conversation topics have changed & progressed compared with years ago…

And also appreciating what a huge part social media has played in facilitating these special new connections, & the phenomenal access to the abundant smorgasbord of information & discussion at out fingertips that otherwise wouldn’t have happened in the same way… No coincidences, or ‘co-operative incidents’, WE have gathered here as WE have…

WE are Transcending from old earth to New EarthWE are New Earth… We agreed to come here during this era, & fortunately so…

Many Blessings…

Kathy Baker

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