Grief, Setback & Your Life Derailing are the Ignition for Your Renewal, Rebirth & Regeneration…

Pain is the Trigger for Your further Growth…

But it does not define who YOU are…

Change is imperative to Growth. It’s part of Your Evolving Journey to a Better Version of Yourself & Your New Reality. 

Let’s first reflect on some Famous Quotes…


“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding”
~ Kahlil Gibran

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain” ~ Carl Jung



11 Key Guiding ‘Points of Light’ to Help You through Your ‘Transformation Gateway’

I speak from my Heart & have taken these revelations & guiding principles from my own recent experience of having gone through a major life-changing Transformation & Renewal, following a significant ‘curve-ball’ disruption that has led to redirection in my life… As seem many of us have been experiencing who are being called to do more.

Each point is worthy of it’s own Blog post, but I will keep them relatively brief here… OK, let’s dive in… 

1.   Your Life Unravels for a Reason

Everything happens for a reason… Obstacles & upheaval appear when there’s a reason to shake up, question, test your resolve, or redirect Your path.

Ask Yourself – What is the Gift in this happening? What is its Meaning? What is this trying to teach me for My Highest Purpose? What is the Life Lesson for Me? Take the time out & explore these questions deeply. Stay calm & peaceful, & listen in that quiet place to what comes up…

While it may be challenging & even devastating while you’re in the midst of it, be mindful, aware & try to minimize your resistances to the new or different that is most likely assembling into place & attempting to come in. 

You can only Let Go of what may be holding You back & no longer serving You. Trust the Universe & hold on because something better must be waiting for You to ‘Allow’ to come in & receive, so it can assemble & Manifest into full form for You. 

It may be something You thought You really, really wanted, or a particular direction You wanted to pursue… But that ‘thing’ You wanted may actually be limiting or even squeezing & squashing You & Your potential, & Your longer-term overall better good. Perhaps You were even stubbornly hanging onto believing it was what You wanted & was best for You, & therefore You may not have seen, been oblivious to, or ignored & closed off earlier signs & nudges that were guiding & pointing You in other directions. This may be a wake up call to redirect You…

Be open to the New that’s coming in, even if You can’t see it clearly yet…

2.  Take Heart in the Thought & Belief that an ‘Ending is a NEW Beginning’

While one door closes, another one opens. Recognize that Life is certainly about to change. You are on your way to your next adventure in life… Hopefully, that you can steer toward becoming amazing & so much better. Seize the moment & move onwards & upwards.

3.   Look at the Circumstance or Event as an ‘Opportunity’ 

Consider that whatever has happened holds something new, or even better, as the outcome unpacks & unfolds, rather than a devastation or loss. Regard the upheaval as a temporary glitch that holds something better on the other side.

This takes some foresight, courage, faith & Trust to consider all the potential possibilities that may lay within this new crack that has opened up, this this new vista, which may not be reinforced & confirmed until later when you can look back in retrospect at the New that has formed & taken shape.

It takes courage to face the pain & the reasons ‘why’ underlying the circumstance or event. When weighed up, the pain of this Self Discovery & Transformation process is preferable, rather than the dull pain of remaining unconscious for the rest of Your Life. Don’t you agree? Just consider – What is the alternative?

4.   Look Within the Happening for the ‘Aha’ Messages, Answers & Solutions for Your HEALING

Look inside the happening, circumstance or incident for the messages, clues & ‘Aha’ realizations that will emerge. Unpacking will reveal not only the Meaning & Reason ‘Why’ this occurred, but will also point to the Answers, Solutions & ‘Remedies’ you can apply to Solve, Heal, & pro-actively find the pathway to Your New direction.

They ALL will be in there for You to find & make the most of, if you align with as positive a frame, Mindset & Energy Frequency Vibration you can muster, resonate with, & maintain. You will see with growing Clarity over time where further ‘Inner Work’ may be required, things have to be fixed, changes have to be made, or actions to be taken to facilitate & usher in the New.

Your Life twisting & raveling in knots points to & reveals the ‘remedies’ to unravel those knots… This also could be said in a range of Metaphoric ways to highlight this Divine ‘Healing Remedy’ point ‘aha’ connection – 

Your Pain becomes Your PANACEA
Your Hurt & Heartache become Your HEALING
Your Chaos becomes Your CURE
Your Mess becomes Your MEDICINE
Your Problem becomes Your POTION
Your Ache becomes Your ANSWER
Your Agony becomes Your ANTIDOTE

Your Entanglement becomes Your ELIXIR..
Your Realignment becomes Your REMEDY


5.   Let Go, Surrender… & Forgive…

If You have a hard time Letting Go of something you perceived as the setback, or wrong thing, You remain in victim mode. You will not be Co-Creating the New reality You want, & instead continue interpreting & giving life to the mishap or wrong doing around the incident or event.

Forgiveness may be difficult in the early stages while everything is still raw, but it’s essential to heal, rise above & move on.

The only thing in life You can control is how You deal with the path that has presented before You. By choosing to Let Go & Feel what You ‘Feel’ openly & with acceptance shows you are already half way there & will be OK. It will be what it needs to be for You. Always believe that eventually You will get there & You will rise above & triumph.

Don’t let your emotions anchor You in the past. Hanging onto negative emotions creates resistance. Negative emotion is split energy… Positive emotion is Aligned Energy.

You only punish Yourself by not Letting Go of something that occurred in the past. When you Forgive, you don’t let them ‘off the hook’, You let Yourself ‘off the hook’. And most importantly, You release Yourself from the dis-ease.

If someone hurt you, know that wounded people wound others – “They know not what they do.”

6.  Accept that Life is Constant Change

We are always a constant ongoing ‘work in progress’… Like it or not, Change is the only constant we have.

Just look back to where you were, to say this time last year, & You will see retrospectively, just how much has actually changed.

I’ve found that sometimes, while You’re in the thick of the circumstance/event, You can’t see ‘why’ things have happened until the New experience actually starts taking shape, comes in, takes full form, & becomes Your New chapter, Your New reality.

It’s only then that you can say, OK I can see my way forward now, & why this happened. Until then you have to keep moving forward in Trust & Faith that this was meant for Your best & highest good. That the Universe does & did have Your back all along.

7.    Be Kind to Yourself

During this time, take time out for YOU. Practice Self Love & loads of Self-Care. Make it a priority to Soothe Yourself & to ‘Feel Good’. Whatever it takes.

Don’t blame Yourself. And don’t blame others either. It is what it is. Don’t submit to victimhood.

Make it a priority to address & resolve Your pain… Lingering, unresolved issues lead to potentially further complications, & even possibly physical pain symptoms & ailments… & over time could even lead to dis-ease. Be Mindful & HeartfulKindness to Self is Your utmost No.1 Priority.

8.   It is Only in the ‘Unknown’ that We Can Create the ‘New’

In my own experience, something that really resonated with me, gave me some solace & Heart, & I’ve come to adopt is – ‘It’s Only in the ‘Unknown’ that We can Create the ‘New’… & Be Reborn’

It’s in that empty space of not knowing where the alchemy process begins to create & take form. (Read more about Creating in the ‘Unknown’)

9.   The ‘In Between Time’ Can Be Testing

That ‘in between time’ may feel empty, like a void, or limbo land… It can be testing & confusing, & requires your patience & persistence. Give it time. Practice the pause. Breathe… It’s a critical convergence… It’s a segue… a bridge… a shift taking place… (cross-reference to post on blog)

Sometimes You can’t see why things have happened until the New experience comes in. It’s only then that You can say, OK I can see my way forward. Until then You have to keep moving forward in Trust & Faith that this was meant for Your Highest Good.

10.   You Will See & Fully Appreciate the Reason ‘Why’ & Meaning in Retrospect

While it can be tortuous while You walk uncertainly forward to what is next, You will fully appreciate the circumstances that brought You there eventually in Retrospect.

With the Gift of Hindsight, You may even be glad it happened. Especially when You can see the ‘rhyme & reason’ for it, how it all played out & steered You in a direction You most likely would not have taken otherwise, & Your Life has entered a new, fresh & desirable chapter, where Your Life is even much better.

11.   This is YOUR Transformation

Treat it with special care. Own it. Make the most of this time to rise to Your Higher Level. Do the further ‘Inner Work’ wherever may be required. Find time to be quiet & tap into Guidance from Your Higher Self, from Source… See the Life Lessons this shows You in the ‘big picture’ overview sense, rather than just in the heat of the moment or in the abyss of pain, anguish & sadness.

Be brave. Stand tall. Embrace Life & Trust that YOU can get through anything! Stand strong, & above all, Be True to Yourself. It is only when you hit the bottom You truly find Yourself. Trust the Universe has better things in store for You.

Get Passionate… Make the most of this time when You feel ready, to reconnect & revive Your Passions. Your Passions are the bridge that take You from pain to Change.

All in all, if & when You choose a positive way of viewing the situation, & tune Yourself into a Positive Energy Vibration Frequency, You will find a way to see that Life is working out for You, & this will then amplify Your zest for Your Life

We are Divinely designed to outgrow our current circumstances & move onto the New

Many Blessings

Kathy Baker 

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