So interesting… WE keep hearing "them" being referred to as "psychopaths", so I did some research into what percentage of the population is considered "psychopath" & discovered that – "Psychopaths make up about 1 percent of the general population… Psychopaths are typically profoundly selfish and lack emotion."

And, it just so happens "they" gravitate to CEO/leadership positions, & into govt & bureaucracy & climb the hierarchy ladder too. Well Hello! That explains a lot. Don't we see that playing out every day, ho hum…

WE, the 99%, find OurSelves in this "abusive relationship" with the 1%, the gvt, the bureaucracy, those presumed overlords.

For anyone who is a student of, or operating in areas of Human Development, YOU will know exactly what this means…

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Published: 7 March 2022