To ignite & shift into our full potential as the New ‘INDIVIDUAL’ with MetaHuman or SuperHuman capabilities, the time NOW is also All about REACTIVATING OUR ‘REMEMBERANCE’ that is laying latent & dormant within Us All… after having been suppressed & dumbed down in us over many Eons. 

OUR ‘REMEMBRANCE’ is ready to be Ignited, in fact Re-Ignited, & Recovered… WE DO Know more than WE ‘Remember’ right now… As that was the condition upon which we agreed to come here.

AWAKEN to the POWER Within YOU

In Waking Up or REAWAKENING YOUR HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, Ask Yourself – What do I know that nobody ever taught me & I never read in a book? Quietly in Silence, Listen for the Answers that Emerge from within YOU… Be Conscious of Becoming Aware, & of Raising Your Awareness… AWARENESS is Everything… we choose to see what we choose to see…

Take note & BE AWARE when something just comes up for YOU, or when YOU receive a ‘download’, or pull down a thought, idea, or valid useful information you have no Conscious memory of learning… It’s a Knowing, a REMEMBRANCE coming through.

Look for the signs, the Synchronicities, the ‘breadcrumbs’ – it’s YOU noticing the answers Yourself that are already there within YOU… I love ‘Synchronicity Breadcrumbs’ which is Our Selves noticing & acknowledging the answers, the Truths that are already there within US…

Awaken something YOU already have within YOU. All this info is already inside YOU, it’s encoded within Your Cellular structure & DNA, as it is inside everyone.

Tap into your own TRUTH FREQUENCY – that Truth Frequency that resonates with You – rather than adopting others’ dogmas.

CREATIONSHIPS rather than RelationshipsOr CO-CREATIVE RelationshipsCO-CREATIONSHIPS

This is the time now to also nurture & grow from interactions, conversations, & connections with people. The coming together of our energies creates a greater, multiplier energy effect in our understanding that propels us all forward. We each have a special, unique puzzle piece that is individually our own, that when combined completes the whole puzzle board & contributes to the greater good, making our world a better place.

When Two or More Gather, watch the Multiplier Energy Effect… It’s just Awesome!…

This is OUR OWN WISDOM, & combined WISDOM at play – rather than relying on reading books, & following gurus, or relying on their interpretation. Follow Your Own… There is a greater wave growing I’m observing in the Collective, & this is in line with the expansion of the Throat Chakra among the wider collective of Healers.

Co-Creative, Collaborative Facilitator in the Healing Relationship

There’s also a really nice shift in this for Healing Practitioners with a transition happening away from the expectation that the Healer/Practitioner does it all & just ‘Heals’ in a one-way process – to facilitating & holding space for the person to access their own capacities to Heal themselves. Helping people to access this for themselves, as all the information is inside people already, it’s encoded inside each one of us.

WayShowers & Bridge Builders Show the Way

In recent decades, Fore-Runners, First-Wavers, Early Indigos have been leading the way in the Awakening process. Now more such WayShowers & Bridge Builders are really required to show many more people the way in the Awakening & Ascension journey. To be magnetic as a bridge to those who are searching for another way. As a WayShower & Bridge Builder – to be relatable, loving to download the words, using the language, which all carry codes, & to be the bridge for others who are seeking another, better way. That is the assignment… Develop this sense of Mastery.

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