The great fork in the road… The 2 pathways forming… Which road will YOU choose?… Which way will YOU go?… The Great Reset or The GREAT REJECT of "their" ridiculous Great Reset, & BE part of The GREAT CREATION of BRAVE NEW EARTH, done YOUR way, the PEOPLE's way, without over-reach by authorities encroaching all over YOUR FREEDOMS?…

This bifurcation has been happening for some time. WE knew it was coming, but had no idea it would take such extreme forms & conflicts. 

Will the 2 roads merge back into 1? Not likely in realistic terms considering the psychopaths we're dealing with who will always try to control 'their' world to stay stuck in 3D… The BRAVE NEW EARTH choice takes us into 5D Consciousness & Beyond where WE Ascend beyond 3D & all of 4D's duality & dichotomy… Yes, for sure, WE being the talented, skilled, ambidextrous jugglers WE are, WE will know when to step back into 3D as required to suit needs, but gravitate naturally back to the beauty & Higher realms of 5D

Published: 14 March 2020