Let’s explore the Dynamics, Metaphysics & Pure Magic of Conscious DEEP BREATHING

We can take for granted the importance of
DEEP BREATHING. We hear the advice –
“Just BREATHE – be conscious of your breathing…”  We agree, don’t dispute that, plan to do it, but then forget about it, & it escapes our conscious awareness, as we become distracted & get on with other things… Or we think – “Yeah, yeah, but Nah, I’ll be OK, it’s not/can’t really be that important, eh”…

Listen up, because it really IS that important!… I ask that you keep a very open mind & consider DEEP BREATHING from a very fresh perspective, in a new light, & not write it off as, yeah well, that’s not so important. Because, it’s not just Deep Breathing in the usual sense, & as you’ve heard multiple times over & over in your life.

Let’s now wipe the slate clean for a new level of learning & understanding of its importance.

Just Consider All Those Accumulated Un-exhaled Breaths from During Your Lifetime

Firstly, for a moment, just consider & imagine the many thousands of un-exhaled inhales/breaths in your life that you haven’t breathed out adequately that have been accumulating, building up, & compacting into form & matter in your body… from early childhood pain, disappointments, sadnesses, shocks, tears, shame, etc., as well as during later challenging episodes right throughout your life

Thoughts & Emotions like – “They won’t love me, I’m not loved, they will judge me, reject me, not accept me…”

As young children, you may have experienced problems with your parents & felt like you had done something wrong, & became drawn into trying to prove yourself to your parent/s, & then others, & then it became a pattern… 

… And then with time & repetition, some of these emotions eventually show up as ailments, illnesses & dis-eases in your emotional & physical body.

During those times, we held our breath in & stopped breathing deeply because we didn’t want to ‘feel’ the intensity of the pain of those unpleasant hurtful feelings & emotions. We also came to learn by osmosis over time that withholding or no emotional response was either appropriate, or safe, or preferable, in order to protect our self.

We also somehow came to learn or conclude (falsely or otherwise) that if we did breathe deeply enough, those emotions might just come back up again to be faced, with all the associated pain returning, which we didn’t want to go through again.

So we spent the rest of our lives bravely mastering, suppressing & holding in those emotions, by holding in the breath at shallow level. Trying to be strong & courageous. We thought that it might just all go away… But alas, it didn’t…

Shallow Breathing…

I’m sure you’re familiar with shallow breathing – when you become aware of it, it’s not a pleasant feeling, & you actually do feel deprived of oxygen, & when you realize, then you try to breathe a little more deeply to compensate.

In fact, when you are low on oxygen in your body system, you actually go into ‘Fight or Flight’ reaction mode, & you may even notice yourself feeling agitated.  

All those suppressed, repressed emotions you stuffed down you hoped would go away. Or you thought you’d gotten over them & healed them, but didn’t, & then they continue to resurface unresolved at some future points in time.

And many of these hurts formed during early years of childhood, most likely created by our young self, or even baby self, as at that time we knew no better & were left to ourselves to interpret in our young way.

And hence the wounded ‘Inner Child’ came into being…

Many of these hurts became the basis of our Core Wounds & also were a part of our Soul contract we came here specifically to heal & master in this lifetime.

Dark Shadow ~ versus ~ the LIGHT

Everything you suppress & push down in your life – all those episodes, disappointments, pains, angst – become part of your Dark Shadow self/life, which at points in your life reach a crescendo as ‘Dark Nights of the Soul’, & come up for resolving & healing.

Going in, doing the ‘Inner Work’, bringing out the shadow into the Light is very valuable work – it’s the Light that will heal. It’s worthy diving into that shadow, because that’s where you find the beauty. It’s in the Light where the beauty emerges…

If we resist going into our shadow, it will take us in there kicking & screaming at some point in time. It’s better to go in there voluntarily. Just think of the Zen proverb – “Let Go or be dragged…”

Conscious DEEP BREATHING Assists & Facilitates Healing Emotional Hurts, Pains, Limiting Beliefs, & Ailments

When you actually begin to breathe consciously & deeply & move the associated energy adequately, you will begin to move the emotional ‘stuff’ that has been stuck inside of you for many years, even decades.

By breathing in deeply we introduce an inflow of essential extra oxygen into the body, & into our cells, that will assist in creating powerful transformations in your life, & in healing & expelling hurts, traumas, & limiting beliefs.

Your Deep Breath is vital & is the great mass multiplier force. It does the magic by bringing into your body millions & trillions of Light particles – living, conscious, intelligent, sparkling, miraculous, Love-filled Light – radiantly glistening in & out of being & form.

Powerful Inhale & Exhale

With every breath you Inhale, you bring in that Light into your body that then rearranges & dissolves existing structures & creates new shapes…

And, with every Exhale, you breathe out trillions of atoms of living conscious Light particles that were formed as those pains, hurts & limiting beliefs in your mind & heart during your life & held there so tightly by you for many years, even decades.

This is Key -> By breathing deeply, you enable & allow the oxygen to remake your mental, emotional & physical body.

DEEP BREATHING has a Powerful Effect on Producing Photonic Light & Upgrading Our Cells & DNA

Deep Breathing also plays a vital role in upgrading our cells & DNA at this time of accelerated Awakening & Ascension. WE ARE Changing & Evolving as a Human species…

Deep Breathing supports & facilitates the cellular upgrades we are going through – from carbon to Crystalline – bringing in Photonic Light in our transition to a Light Body. As our bodies turn to Crystalline, the crystals make us greater ‘receivers & senders’ of energy, at a much higher tuned level.

With Deep Breathing in the radiant Light, you can raise your Photonic Frequency. As Photonic Light enters your body it stimulates your Pineal gland, Pituitary gland, Thymus, & your DNA to align with the frequencies of Love, Light, Power, & Higher Wisdom. As you raise your vibration to higher Dimensional states of Consciousness, your Remembrance increases, as does your ability to materialize visions & desires into form, more instantaneously in a quantum way. (More on this in another Blog post).


Conscious Deep Breathing is an essential part of looking after your body, along with feeding it naturally & nurturingly. There are so many Health benefits, for example, Deep Breathing can help lower blood pressure, among many others. It supports Brain Health as well as Longevity…

Take care of your body as the vessel of Energy that it is. Make it part of your Mind ~ Body ~ Soul’ ritual or practice.

Breathing deeply takes you to higher levels of Energy Vibrational Frequency. When you raise your vibration, you stay there more of the time, & attract & magnetize more of higher vibration to you also. Deep Breathing is one of the ways to get there, by lifting you out of lower, dense vibration.

Correct Wholesome Conscious DEEP BREATHING Technique & Tips

Here are guidelines for ‘no holds barred’ Inhaling & Exhaling… Breathe in through your nose – & breathe out through your mouth – aim for the same length or duration of Inhale as Exhale as you will get more overall benefit out of your breathing. Make sure to not have pauses at the top of your Inhale, no faltering or unevenness, & no hesitating at the Exhale.

Aim to have a nice smooth cycle going on with the top of your Inhale turning & flowing into your Exhale in a continuous flow. This brings every system of your body back into balance, calmness, coherence, resonance, & takes us out of the chronic “fight or flight” (that most are in most of the time). From the Sympathetic & into the Parasympathetic “rest & digest”.

You can also do this by placing your right hand over your Heart & your left hand on your solar plexus – like holding a baby, or cradling the Sacred ‘Inner Child’.

You can then apply Deep Breathing technique to an emotional issue or limiting belief by selecting & focusing on the emotional hurt you want to work with & heal.

You can also seek the support of a coach to work with you & hold space with you around the issue.

Lastly, as Buddhist philosophy tells us – become mindful of your breathing – because that’s where the Heart balances out the Yin & Yang, the left & the right, the feminine & masculine energies within each one of us (not talking physical gender here) – The Heart is the moderator – Heart Intelligence

Do yourself a big favor & cultivate your conscious awareness of Deep Breathing. You won’t regret it.