Why ‘DIVINE’ You may well ask – Well, it’s DIVINE NEUTRALITY in the sense that We are connecting with Our Divinity, Our Inner Authority, Our Higher Self, Our God Self, Our Source…

NEUTRALITY… That place is SO Powerful… And when I say ‘Powerful’, that is in the
sense & Essence of choosing Your
… of choosing to BE

NEUTRAL is a Loving place where you’re not judging, not shaming, nor blaming, not attacking, nor dissing people You don’t agree with (as is happening so much right now right throughout social media platforms, again, just as the dark forces want us to do)…

Neutral is just calmly noting, observing, discerning, not reacting, & saying –
Isn’t that interesting…”

No, it’s NOT being ‘passive’… Not at all… And, it is absolutely NOT Spiritual Bypassing at all…

It’s about BALANCE, merging both negative & positive sides, Awareness of both extremes, but merging them in BalanceZero-Pointing them, where the extremes become Transmuted & Dissolved in the Quantum Field… Visually/metaphorically like the Infinity symbol or Vesica Piscis symbol.

We are being stretched to encompass both & all perspectives, & then come to the subjective combined central position. When We are Awakened & Advanced enough to do that. When We are, We can see good & bad at the same time. In the Higher Mind, in the abstract mind, You can see both sides at the same time.

If you’re reacting from your lower areas/lower chakras/lower reactive states, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can much more easily control you as the deep state is trying to do exactly that. Attacking & belittling – it absolutely makes a person vulnerable to AI.

If you’re stuck or stay stuck in a narrative, You are not Awake, or have slipped off course, & need to take a look at Yourself & what’s going on inside You, & pull Yourself back. Protecting a narrative is protecting the ego.

Neutrality is an effective & powerful tool to help Elevate You back up again, when You’ve been dragged down. As YES, there is a lot of very concerning darkness & negativity around for sure. Neutrality is Your Best Antidote against all the Negativity. It Elevates Your Energy to then enable You to emit/project Your LOVE Frequency out to the Ethers & join with & help grow the Collective LOVE Frequency even larger & further, over & above [[in quelling / dominating than]] the negative dark forces.

Your HEART is Your Tuning Fork...

When You center Yourself & stand there, or bring Yourself into Your Heart space, with hands on Your Heart, in the LOVE Frequency, that is Empowerment

The HEART Frequency range, or Electro-Magnetic field of the HEART, & from where the LOVE Frequency emanates, is 5,000 times more powerful than the Electro-Magnetic field of the Head or Brain. Consider then the much greater & more powerful ~~ripple out effect~~ it has which is also much further & more powerful…

WHAT CAN WE DO During These Times?…

RAISE YOUR VIBRATION I can’t say that enough… Your Personal Power is always determined by YOUR ENERGY VIBRATION FREQUENCY Levels

Just because You can’t see the Energy waves around You with Your physical eye doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Don’t dismiss that as ‘woo woo’… or fluffy, light stuff… or poppy cock. That would be the biggest mistake in Your thinking You could make.

When You RAISE YOUR VIBRATION, You are a 1,000 times more POWERFUL than being in fear, anger, disagreement or discord.

No matter who You are, when You get into that place of NEUTRALITY, HEART Space of LOVE, that is Your answer to get Your Parasympathetic & Sympathetic Nervous Systems all balanced & aligned, & working in Coherence.

Stay in that place of LOVE, think about something Loving. WE Humans need to be together, even if not in physical proximity, we need to be connected in some form of Engagement, Energetically, Conceptually, Connectedly, Telepathically – & anything that separates us like the Deep State Agenda wants & is trying to do, is not healthy for anyone… It’s just outright mass manipulation & mind-control. Don’t let them win.

And, when You get into that Loving space you are literally doing something to help EveryOne, the entire Collective Consciousness – even if you’re not there physically – that’s the level at which Humanity is ONE on a certain level.

Just think about the effectiveness of the Mass Meditations that have been taking place, with over a million People WorldWide. With the Shumann Resonance going off the charts, as high as 76 Hz & above.

Meditation & Prayer is a big help for the positive Life forces & helpful to the wider Collective. Because by doing so, WE starve the dark forces of their vital loosh energy which they need to feed off of Us, & which if WE deplete with Meditation, Neutrality & Love, this means they’ll lose their battle much faster.

Rise Above, Transcend & Dissolve the Duality.

Remember the Higher the Vibration & the more Happy You are, & the more Peaceful You are, regardless of what’s going on in the mainstream media news, regardless of who might be dissing you on FB or social media, & regardless of all of that ‘stuff’… That is How WE Rise… That is How we HEAL ALL this more quickly…

2020 has always been about Clear Vision. Well, that really takes on a significant meaning in the context of 2020 being a Year of Major Great Awakening for Humanity

Many Blessings
Kathy Baker